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  1. hrmm, this is pretty awesome looking. Any chance I could get in on some testing?
  2. Hexxxer

    FutureState Neon Deluxe

    Honestly, I don't recall. I built the plugin before community stars or partial ratings were a thing. Maybe I'll have a look at it and add a few features in the coming days
  3. Hexxxer

    Futurestate Neon Deluxe (Coming soon)

    This is looking pretty good. Looking forward to the completed project
  4. Hexxxer

    Mr. RetroLust's new man/game cave

    Alright, this looks great!
  5. Hexxxer

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    I would also like to see this added
  6. Hexxxer

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    It's a start!
  7. Hexxxer

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Is there a Routed Event that gets launched when the TextGamesView switches from TextGameView to TextListView? I am attempted to pause animations depending on if TextGameView and TextListView is active.
  8. Hexxxer

    Theme Genesis

    Nice Job on the theme. Gotta admit I was never a fan of that box template though. Who ever created it was obviously not as skilled in Photoshop as they are now.
  9. Hexxxer

    Genesis State

    this looks solid, you should upload the video for other to download.
  10. Hexxxer

    Genesis State

    Thanks for the love. I hate to say but I may be awhile just because my vacation ended
  11. Hexxxer

    8.0-beta-1 Released

    Bigbox does this already. Each theme determines the set resolution in their themes configuration file.
  12. Hexxxer

    Genesis State

    Added a 16:9 Game Art Horizontal view Kind of a strange view, I am not 100% done itbut I think it should be serviceable for anyone looking for a view that does not use video. Its pretty unpolished (not all controls are implemented, no animations yet) . There is an added custom control to put in some default art if the game does not have any. I meant to remove clear logos from the art it cycles through but have not completed that yet. This maybe my last update for a few weeks. When I have time to update I will add the following: Implement a text list view Implement a very minimal view for slow systems Create a super detailed view Box Art, Game Disk, More Text Implement # of player Icons (Art is done) Implement updated community rating controls (if made available in API) Implement Retro Achievements (if made available in API) Spruce up views and animations At that point the Theme will be done. From there I will create a Megadrive version and then look at extending the theme to other systems. * I am reading comments (even if I dont respond often) and will consider them all as I progress on this theme
  13. @Jason Carr Another question concerning Max Players, Cooperative and Play Mode. I notice the games DB no longer references Play Mode but instead has Cooperative and Max Players. While Launchbox contains Play Mode only Is the API going to be updated to reflect those DB Fields?
  14. http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com/html/b33d2055-e2be-3f42-12c6-adbc5668f454.htm