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  1. Jason had mentioned in another post at the difficulty in implementing this. Even if launchbox could read the NAS share, there is no guarantee the emulator launching the ROM will be able to.
  2. Hey Jason, the network attached storage does not pop up as an option on importing.
  3. Glad to see you have not thrown in the towel on this one.
  4. I am pretty interested in seeing the network mount options functioning. +1 vote for me on this getting added if it's achievable.
  5. That is correct, not really sure what google calls the feature
  6. I would love to see the Android TV "Quick Launch" ability added. Any plans for this feature?
  7. oh man, I just bought an shield and was looking for something like this. Awesome!
  8. hrmm, this is pretty awesome looking. Any chance I could get in on some testing?
  9. This is looking pretty good. Looking forward to the completed project
  10. Is there a Routed Event that gets launched when the TextGamesView switches from TextGameView to TextListView? I am attempted to pause animations depending on if TextGameView and TextListView is active.
  11. Nice Job on the theme. Gotta admit I was never a fan of that box template though. Who ever created it was obviously not as skilled in Photoshop as they are now.
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