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  1. Tried a couple emulators. My results were as follows: MAME -> tried both controller automation and keyboard automation. The Pause screen comes up instantly when pressed. However, when exiting the Pause screen, there is an audio loop and stutter for around 5-7 seconds, and then MAME reloads. Also, when exiting MAME back to BB sometime after using the Pause feature, MAME will just exit to a black screen. It seems like it doesn't load something properly after the Pause screen is used. RA --> works well. Able to go in and out of Pause screen without issue, and also able to exit with automation without any issues. Dolphin --> loads Pause screen appropriately, however I have the same issue as I did with MAME when exiting the emulator back to BB. It just exits to a black screen, and I need to alt-tab over to the Launchbox Startup Screen for it to properly exit. Cemu --> works well, no issues. Mupen64plus --> works well, no issues. PCSX2 --> works well, no issues. Xenia --> works well, no issues. Yuzu --> did not load the Pause screen properly, just hung. Had to restart my PC because I couldn't close out the Pause Screen process and everything hung. RPCS3 --> same issue as Yuzu. Cxbx-Reloaded --> the Pause screen does load; however, you can hear the emulator audio in the background, and the controls still seem to be controlling the emulator. I did not try Citra, but as it's very similar to Yuzu in many ways, I anticipate it will have the same problem. Definitely a big step. Thanks for a huge addition, can't wait to see it fleshed out.
  2. Hey everyone, was looking to pick the community's brain on something regarding imaging priorities. For this example I'll use NHL 94 for the Sega Genesis. I currently have my image priorities set to North America -> World -> Europe -> Japan. Now, in the database there is images for Europe, and then also images in which the region is not specified. Looking at them, they are the North American version, the tag just has not been added. My question is, is there a way to still download images without a region tag if you set image priorities? Ideally, I'm sure the fix would be to add the proper region tags to the database, which I will work on as well. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Jason, I've noticed a bug with the newest betas (can't tell if it's beta 1 or beta 2). I am able to set multiple keys for each function in Big Box, but after closing Big Box, the additional keys don't save and I need to rebind them the next time I open Big Box. The keyboard automation does seem to be saving appropriately though.
  4. Awesome, this would be a huge addition for me. Opened the request in bitbucket, thanks!
  5. Hey @Jason Carr, I've got a quick question regarding controller automation to see if something would even be possible; if so, I can sign up for bitbucket and put in a request. With the controller automation allowing you to select two buttons to exit a game, is there a possibility of adding a "hold" feature, where both buttons need to be held for a certain period of time before the game will exit? The issue I have is that I use several different controllers with the blissbox and it's tricky to find a combo that works with all controllers. I've managed to find one, but there's still certain scenarios where I have to press two buttons at the same time and it happens to be the "Exit game" combo. This also becomes a problem when you have multiple players, and thus more likely for a combo of the buttons to be pressed between the different controllers at any given time. Thanks, and thanks for the ongoing hard work
  6. Awesome theme faeran, thanks for all the hard work. Quick question; any consideration in the future for adding newer systems, like PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, or original Xbox?
  7. My bad Jason, didn't realize that was the case. I do have a question though; it only seems to be very small changes in the zoom level with each press; is there any possibility of adding an option to change the zoom level with each press? Because with some manuals it may take 5-10 presses to zoom to a more readable level.
  8. Hey @Jason Carr, was wondering if anyone else has come to you with a similar problem. I've got my controller bindings set to Button 8 and Button 9 in the PDF Reader to zoom in and out when looking at the manuals. However, when I press either button, the manual just reloads; it does not zoom in or out. I've also tried using the keyboard buttons (add and subtract), and those buttons do the same thing. I'm on 9.6 beta-1, but I believe this issue was ongoing from before. Thanks!
  9. I am having the same issue that ea4492 described above; the first theme in each list in the manager displays properly, but the ones under do not show up, even when I scroll down. I've also had a couple hangs that only seem to happen in the Theme Manager
  10. Have an isolated N64 one if you get a chance; the old one for NBA Courtside 2 Featuring Kobe Bryant was for the wrong game; here's the corect boxart: Thanks for all the hard work!
  11. Hey everyone, Was wondering if what I'm looking to do is already in place. I'd like to further break down my "Consoles" platform category into lists by Manufacturer, such as Sega, Nintendo, etc, and then have the respective consoles listed into these playlists. Is this possible with the current features? Thanks
  12. More great work, thanks again. Out of curiosity, what program do you use to make these? Would love to learn how to do it and contribute to the community
  13. Another hole I found, hopefully an easy one? Maybe just needs a clear background. Guardian Heroes for Xbox 360.
  14. I have this consistently as well. As the others mentioned, very rarely I'll get clean load.
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