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  1. It's not showing up, and it's not in the video directory either
  2. Unfortunately no. It basically just says game updated/imported successfully. I'm not sure if there's a log I could send you that might help?
  3. Hey everyone, was wondering if I could pick the brains of the theme creators here for a fix. I'm using CriticalZone - Blue Box, specifically the CoverFlow with Game Details view for my theme in BB. What I'm wondering is if there's a way to modify the theme so that the leftsided details, such as Star Rating, version, Developer, could be modified so that it would scroll down like the right sided game overview does. There are some details that are not shown due to how the theme is set up, and was hoping maybe a simple mod would allow it to scroll through them. Also figured this is a good opportunity to help me learn some tricks with themes. Thanks in advance
  4. English. Yea definitely seems like a weird bug, there's several games with trailers that aren't downloading. Some of the initial entries I imported have the trailers; I wonder if the api blocked downloading trailers at some point for me
  5. My bad, should have clarified. I'm using it primarily for Steam games; the example I can use is Yakuza Kiwami. It has a trailer on the Steam store and it's launching through Steam when I use it. For whatever reason it's not pulling the trailer. I'll try a few others but haven't had much luck.
  6. I used the update metadata and media on all my windows games, and made sure the Steam Trailer was checked. Videos don't seem to be downloading though
  7. Hey guys, should import of Steam trailers be working now? I tried updating all my steam games and I'm still not able to get Steam trailers
  8. 10.7 beta 4, and Windows 10. Ok, I'll try a couple. Should a file be created after the first playthrough? I'll try running a couple different games. EDIT: Tried a couple, still nothing in the Playtime Tracker folder, and nothing showing up in LB/BB.
  9. Thanks for making this, appreciate it big time. For some reason, it doesn't seem to work for me. I extract the file to the Plugins folder, and check properties; it's not giving me any option to unblock (it's not there). When I go into LB/BB the Playtime stat isn't there. When I right click on a title, at the bottom the Reset Playtime option is grayed out. I've launched games and noticed there's a folder for Playtime Tracker in the plugins folder created, but it remains empty. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  10. Hey everyone, I just recently updated to MAME 0.215. I noticed that now I have a filter on over several of the games, mostly the ones without premade bezels. I don't see any options in the Video Options to disable the filters. Anybody have any suggestions?
  11. Sounds like that's the best fix. We appreciate it Jason
  12. What's happening more or less is that old games (Genesis era, etc) are being changed from, example, E - Everyone to Not Rated because they were originally rated GA (approved for all audiences) and that isn't an option.
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