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  1. Pigbacking off what Mr. Laor mentioned, the ability to label what the screenshots are too would be beneficial (gameplay vs title screen vs game over, etc). Great release again LB team!
  2. It's mentioned in the settings section that RetroArch doesn't work with the auto screenshots, but LB will take any screenshots you collect while in RA (using the quick menu/hotkey).
  3. Hey everyone, Has anyone had any luck running Amstrad CPC using RA? I've got a combination of .dsk and .cpr files. According to the libretro files, the games should autorun when using the Caprice32 core. However, it just boots into what looks to be the bios/gui for the Amstrad and I cannot get the game itself to load. Does anyone know if there are settings that need to be changed? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey Jason, thanks for explaining the process. With regards to the importer, any chance it can remember the location of where your MAME roms are?
  5. Just an FYI, doubt it has to do with the beta itself, but when I try to download Nyny77's Platform video for Amstrad GX4000, LB just gets stuck importing the video and I have to close LB and restart.
  6. Hey LB team + all, had a quick topic I wanted to run by you. I remember when the Pause Screen was being implemented, the LB team was able to implement having any additional application that was a PDF be seen on the pause screen and it could be pulled up with the PDF reader, which is an awesome feature. Works great for game guides and articles. I do remember during the discussion some talk about trying to save the location in the PDF when the file was opened again, so when someone was referencing a guide from time to time they could keep their location. As I remember, Jason looked into it and said it looked unlikely to be done. This also seems to be what another topic on another board came up with as well: https://superuser.com/questions/313666/how-to-save-scroll-state-of-pdf-file-in-chrome Out of curiosity, when it comes to the PDF viewer, would it be a licensing issue to use something like Adobe Reader's free PDF viewer, or perhaps a couple other free PDF viewers? Was looking around at some of the suggestions at this link: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-free-pdf-reader. Genuinely curious, as I'm not privy to the semantics of the licensing. There was a couple points on that discussion in Superuser that mentioned chrome's PDF viewer is limited in scope and seems unlikely to be updated. Was hoping to get some general thoughts from the team and other users. I'm also sure this would be a big undertaking if ever implemented, and want to say the setup now works very well and doesn't need any changing. Thanks all in advance
  7. Thanks LB team, Origin games are importing well now for me. On a side note, is there a way to have it so that the Origin Client doesn't stay open when you exit the game? I notice that when I quit an Origin game, my Origin page is open and I need to close it in order to get back to BB. I've left the option unchecked to Launch game with Origin Client in options
  8. Thanks for the response Christian. For me it's not showing any games in the list after I signed into Origin and tried to import the games.
  9. Thanks for the great additions LB team. Question for you guys: for Origin, if the games aren't installed, should they still show up in the list when you go to import games through Origin?
  10. You lost me there at the end. Are you saying you made the changes by hand so that all games work with RA, including the additional apps?
  11. This really is a great collection, thanks to the uploader and those sharing the links. Technical question, maybe someone who has more experience can help. I've got the collection working using the PUAE core in RA without issue. The only problem I'm having is that the additional apps for the games are set up to use the emulators that come with the package. Now I know LB doesn't yet support bulk editing additional apps, but I tried myself to edit the XML for Amiga. What I did was change the emulator ID's for each additional app game to the ID for my RA emulator. However it doesn't appear to be actually changing it, because when I go into LB the additional apps are still looking for the wrong emu. Does anyone have any experience editing the XML's to change an emulator in bulk?
  12. You are right, mine is at 300%.
  13. Attached a screenshot. I'm on the far right option but can't see the header.
  14. Great additions. I've noticed that on the new High Scores window, the far right option is not visible on my screen, though I can scroll over to it. Looks to be a list of usernames but I can't see a header.
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