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  1. Any chance I could get a logo for this one? It's Virtual-On Force for the Xbox 360. The logo only appears to be in a square shape; I attached a couple of the highest quality pics I could find. Thanks in advance
  2. @C-Beats I dont' have the URLs because unfortunately all the messages says are 404 Error: Please sign in. I'll run it again with debug logs to see if I can get it to replicate.
  3. That makes sense, thanks for the response. Though I always have Steam running in the background, and it's still happening currently as I'm logged in. Maybe if it got interrupted at some point it starts throwing that error.
  4. With the download metadata and media tool, I'm getting a lot of 404 errors. It doesn't specifically say what I need to log in to. Could you guys clarify?
  5. Thanks for the big update LB team. I noticed when I add a controller on the Manage Controller screen, the delete button doesn't work if I try to get rid of that controller.
  6. I can confirm I'm having the same issue as well; I use the horizontal views but it still used to work the same way before the most recent update. It might also help to make a bitbucket ticket so the team sees it
  7. Apologies for the stupid question, but what view do I have to choose to get the first image you uploaded (text on the left side, wall on the right)? I've tried different view options and can't seem to find it in the theme. Thanks for a great theme!
  8. Sorry to necro an older topic, but I'd like to make sure I understand correctly as well. I replaced an image in the database a couple months ago; in this case, it was Fight Night Round 3 for the 360. I uploaded a new Box - Front with the proper ESRB rating on it to replace the old one (had an RP rating). I went to update my metadata and media using the middle option/recommended option and it did not download the newly replaced box art. My understanding from @Jason Carr earlier replies on this topic was that it should download the replacement image, and I would still have the old image as well.
  9. Hey seaview, got a favor to ask. I submitted a clear logo for TMNT Arcade HD (Windows), but for some reason it didn't submit with a clear background, and there's a little bit of blue around the letters. Any chance you'd be willing to clean it up? I also included the original banner if it's easier to make one from there. Thank you again!
  10. Great update LB team. One small thing I noticed; on the MAME set importer, the option "Skip Mechanical Games" is listed twice.
  11. Thanks for the update. I noticed when I went to import Origin games, the window title says "Epic Games Import". But it does seem to work properly
  12. Awesome. Thanks for the info djr
  13. Thanks very much Koroth. Wonder if it's possible to batch convert
  14. Could anyone go through how to convert an xbox game folder to an iso using XDVDMulleter? I'm not seeing the option anywhere in the program
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