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  1. Hi @Jason Carr, I've noticed that when I have my image priorities set and subsequently import a game with Advertisement flyers, it only pulls one, even if the game has multiple. I think Ads would be an exception because they are often times different, even if they have the same region listed. However this could just be a bug with my setup. Was wondering if you could take a look into it. Thanks
  2. That disabling of the triggers and right stick did work Jason; I can bind my Xinput controllers even when I have DInput controllers plugged into the blissbox
  3. Makes sense. I appreciate you looking into it, fortunately it's a minor inconvenience and just about everything else still works. To add to this, I figured out a fix for my problem. I had a GC controller plugged into my blissbox. I unplugged it and then tried the mapper, and it works well. An easy workaround!
  4. Ah, so you're right. I unchecked it and set it to Xinput. It now works with the input mapper. But when I recheck it, it doesn't. I have a device called Blissbox (https://bliss-box.net/) which has 4 separate ports ("4 PLAY PORT.1, 2, etc.) and I was under the impression it functioned as a DInput. Guess I'm a little confused why it's interfering. The device has always worked with LB/BB to this point.
  5. I'm using Use All Controllers. In terms of what is showing up, it shows descriptions number 1 and 3 like you stated above.
  6. Still not accepting any inputs with DS4 on Beta 4. Was I supposed to change a setting somewhere?
  7. I'm still not getting any inputs working for when I try to remap the controller with DS4 in Big Box. Using DS4Windows.
  8. Hey Jason, thanks for the big controller overhaul. Just gonna toss a thought out there that I've mentioned before since you've been working on the controllers. I was hoping for some way to avoid when you have multiple people playing, and between the multiple players the button combo is pressed to exit or pause. Either like a hold time or something along those lines would be extremely helpful. But regardless, thanks for the big time additions! Also to add, my DS4 isn't working properly with the new input mapper. I use DS4Windows as well. I can navigate to the controller screen in big box and select a button to change, but it just doesn't register any input from my DS4 when it says "Awaiting Input".
  9. TheNewClassics

    eXoDOS v4

    Thanks for all the hard work eXo and team. Hey @Jason Carr, was there any possibility of making Pause Screens work with DosBox? The package eXo and the group put together has a lot of extra helpful materials, would be great to be able to access them mid-game. I tried pulling it up and it didn't seem to cooperate.
  10. Those are awesome, great job Pademonium. Hope to be able to download them one day!
  11. Hey pademonium, you do great work and thank you for all the quality uploads. Have you ever thought about doing a Big Box Cinematix style video for Nintendo Switch, Original Xbox or Xbox 360? Those systems in particular seem to be missing them. Thanks again for all the great videos.
  12. Great work as always seaview. If you get a chance down the road, had another couple requests for some old PC favorites. First one is Aaron vs. Ruth - Battle of the Big Bats. Second would be Lords of Magic: Special Edition.
  13. Got an obscure one, one of my favorite PC games from back in the day. The game is Grant, Lee, Sherman: Civil War Generals 2 for Windows. I attached the box art. As always, thanks for all the great logos!
  14. For whatever reason, my startup sound still hitches at the beginning. Not sure if it's something specific to my config
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