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    eXoDOS v4

    Thanks for all the hard work eXo and team. Hey @Jason Carr, was there any possibility of making Pause Screens work with DosBox? The package eXo and the group put together has a lot of extra helpful materials, would be great to be able to access them mid-game. I tried pulling it up and it didn't seem to cooperate.
  2. Those are awesome, great job Pademonium. Hope to be able to download them one day!
  3. Hey pademonium, you do great work and thank you for all the quality uploads. Have you ever thought about doing a Big Box Cinematix style video for Nintendo Switch, Original Xbox or Xbox 360? Those systems in particular seem to be missing them. Thanks again for all the great videos.
  4. Great work as always seaview. If you get a chance down the road, had another couple requests for some old PC favorites. First one is Aaron vs. Ruth - Battle of the Big Bats. Second would be Lords of Magic: Special Edition.
  5. Got an obscure one, one of my favorite PC games from back in the day. The game is Grant, Lee, Sherman: Civil War Generals 2 for Windows. I attached the box art. As always, thanks for all the great logos!
  6. For whatever reason, my startup sound still hitches at the beginning. Not sure if it's something specific to my config
  7. To all the creators, First off, a big thank you for all the ongoing hard work and awesome videos you guys have made throughout the years and continue to make. A couple quick questions I had for you guys. Does anyone know if a BigBox Cinematic was ever made for the Turbografx CD? I saw in the past what looked like one floating around, but it's not available thru LB's downloader. One other older system that looks to be missing one is the original Microsoft Xbox. Anybody know if there's been any entries geared towards Big Box Cinematix for it? It's also very exciting seeing emulation continue to progress; a couple of the more recent systems, such as Xbox 360 and the Switch, seem to have generic videos at the time. Was wondering if anyone has had some aspirations of tackling those. Again, big thanks to all you guys. All the videos give LB/BB such awesome appeal.
  8. Hey Blazing, thanks for a great simple theme. One issue I'm having. I'm on a 4K Monitor, and the bottom of the Now Loading Text is cut off, and the Times Played isn't displaying properly in that the number is actually being placed over the Times Played text itself. I assumed it was the resolution but is there any other possibilities? Thanks
  9. Success. Thanks! FYI if anyone else happens to have this issue, Yuzu has the same hotkey for closing too.
  10. I'm using canary builds. Didn't touch any of the control hotkeys. Just exiting to the GUI, no confirmation. Just tried it with keyboard. Alt+F4 just freezes it; I took a look at the hotkeys you mentioned and it does say F4 can pause emulation. But the good news is that Ctrl+Q closes it perfectly. So I just need to put a script together for Ctrl+Q and I bet I'll be good to go. You're the man Retro! Would it just be Esc:: Send, ^q
  11. I appreciate you troubleshooting it with me. It must be something with my setup, because I tried just taking out the script altogether to start. That will close the game window, but obviously the GUI window still remains. Every script I tried just causes the emu to essentially hang when I exit. At this point I almost need an extra script that would run a few seconds around the initial exit in order to close the GUI separately.
  12. Same issue unfortunately. What I've noticed is that I need to press Esc twice, and then the emu exits properly (though this only works with the keyboard). I can't figure out why that is tho. The first one just seems to freeze the emu, and then I have to alt tab back to the GUI screen.
  13. Where do you place that script? Is it under the "Exit Autohotkey" spot? It's not working for me, it just essentially freezes the emulator.
  14. Hey guys, has anyone had any luck with being able to exit out of Citra or Cxbx Reloaded with AHK scripts? For a long time this script worked: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } But now neither one properly exits. I'm not sure if it's secondary to updates to LB or the emulators themselves.
  15. Does the exit citra script still work for everyone? After recent updates to both citra and LB, it's not closing properly for me.
  16. Hey Jason, should Swap Disc be showing up on the Pause Screens now for multi-disk games? EDIT: Nvm, I reread the beta release notes and saw the new spot for Swap Disc AHK in options.
  17. Have a couple updates from my setup. Citra, which previously worked well in the early betas, is now not functioning properly with the Pause Screens, or with Shutdown Screen. Im on beta 14. The startup screen does work properly and the emu does load. Emu version is Citra Canary 1354. I hadn't updated the emu until today, so I believe the issue was more so with a change in the beta's versus the emu itself. Along with that, Cxbx Reloaded works with the Startup screen and pause screen, however with closing it just minimizes the emu and doesn't work well with the shutdown screen. Both citra and cxbx reloaded have separate GUI screens that load prior to the game loading, so maybe that could be part of the issue
  18. Thanks for the continued work on this. This is purely personal taste, but I actually liked it more when the box/arcade controls/cart weren't obstructing the background image on the pause screen; for me I would see it as more beneficial to have an option to cycle through the available media, or an option in the menu for "Controls", etc. The control image is pretty small on the screen, and would be nice to be able to view it fullscreen. I imagine this can also somewhat be done when Pause Screen themes start becoming available. All the same, great work!
  19. Great job on the Pause Screens Jason. To echo what user Mike Stewart posted earlier (and it may not necessarily have to do with the Pause Screens as much as adjusting the built-in PDF reader), but the ability to return back to a certain point in a PDF file when you reopen it is a great idea he had. It would be especially useful when the user is going back and forth with a game guide. Going along with that, what also would be great would be adding controller buttons for page up and page down in the PDF reader. Thanks again, the screens work great!
  20. Hey Jason, on a related note: is there a way to use the built in PDF reader to view guides that are in PDF format?
  21. I've checked just about all of mine, and have had good results. I can confirm that on my setup the following emulators work with both Startup Screens and Pause Screens: Cemu, Citra, Cxbx Reloaded, Dolphin, MAME, Mupen64plus, PCSX2, RA, RPCS3, Xenia, Yuzu
  22. What's even weirder now is I'm testing with the original MAME I was using, and it's working well and consistently. I'll keep playing around with it and see if I can pinpoint what might have caused it, but thanks for the suggestion and support EDIT: One utility I do use that might cause some issues is called Arcade Guns Pro Utility. It runs in the background and helps calibrate arcade guns for use with MAME. In the past it has caused issues because it does have a utility that can change MAME's ctrlr file depending on the settings. I'm not sure if it has any correlation, but I can think of a time where it has caused me a headache or two.
  23. Tried with a new download of MAME. I think you might be right, I was able to get into and out of the Pause Screen properly. Guess it'll come down to figuring out what is throwing my setup off.
  24. Hey @Jason Carr and LB community, wanted to float an idea and get some input regarding other people's thoughts on it. As LB Pause Screens are coming along nicely, one of the nice features I used to use with RocketLauncher was the ability to pull up guides, maps, etc. from the pause screen. It was both helpful and convenient in the sense that you didn't have to exit the game to view them. While it's probably a big undertaking to include every single option for these things (I actually love how straightforward LB is with many things), I'm curious if there would be a way, or even just an option, to pull up a Game Guide/PDF you have loaded on your system. I'm putting together a collection of old guides, and being able to somehow integrate this into LB/BB would be very cool. I know there's been talk of using the additional apps feature for this, but the problem I could foresee happening is that the user would have to go through each and every game individually and assign the additional app/guide. Maybe a folder, or location in LB which houses files like this, and selecting the option could pull up whatever pdf's are in the folder? Thanks again for tackling such a huge feature with Pause screens!
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