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  1. Has anyone had any luck with having future pinball and buttons staying lit? When i launch a game, the pinball buttons light up correctly, but then immediately change back to the front end buttons. I've tried searching elsewhere on the forums but haven't had much luck to other people having this issue. According to the debug log, it starts up and then immediately quits [10/30/2019 22:46:16] Event Completed: GAME_START [10/30/2019 22:46:16] Received Event - Queue:[1] Msg:[4]. [10/30/2019 22:46:16] Event Started: GAME_QUIT I followed this post in setting up future pinball and having the command line.
  2. I wasn't sure if i should create a new topic for this, but is there an option for all the single player games for the console systems (NES, Genesis) to only have the player 1 side light up by default? I'm currently going through and setting up each game 1 at a time, but it seems like being able to pass in the play mode (single player, coop, multiplayer) would be possible.
  3. Wow. Thanks for this Theme. Just installed it and will be using it. Wish it could be installed via Big Box though
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