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  1. Is this plugin not working? I loved being able to append the genre list. I recently had to reinstall launchbox, so I need to get all my old plugins. I still wish I could append the custom fields as well.
  2. This doesn't seem to be working anymore. It worked on June 9. But now, it doesn't add the tags I know are missing from steam games. And when I try to use the steam url to scrape games I got from other systems, I click yes to overwrite what is already in launch box and get this error message: Has there been a launchbox update that isn't compatible?
  3. That would be great! The only other field I can think of that would be nice to have add/remove is the play mode. But as it only seems to have around 5-7 possibilities, it wouldn't be as troubling to enter those mostly individually. Thanks for looking into it.
  4. I hope that I don't sound pushy, or that it sounds like I don't appreciate the effort you put in for this plugin, I do. . .but I was wondering how easy it would be to adapt this plugin for other fields? I need the bulk edit append feature in at least two other fields. After using the steam scraper plugin, I have nearly 300 tags in custom fields. Many of them could be consolidated and put into genre. For example, there are four different tags that are terms for turn-based combat. Some tags also need to go in other fields, like multiplayer. However, I'm having trouble remembering wh
  5. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've barely been using Launch Box as my genre and tags are a mess. Now I can at least clean up the genres.😁
  6. First, I want to thank you for making this plugin. I have many GOG games and this plugin makes it very easy to get them into launchBox. However, like the steam import, I am unable to get a few games. I cannot seem to get 4 of my GOG games and I get 4 errors when I use the plugin. So, I was wondering if you had made any progress on the error handling? If not, it's still a great plugin.
  7. I'm having the same issue. A few of my games are not being imported. I go through the steam import, use my api, and it says there are no new games to import. I just retried importing the missing games and one came through (Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji Combat), but the other four are not being found. I first noticed this problem back in early November when I bought "Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story!" They all seemed to have been released in 2018. The games are: Kitrinos Inside the Cube Release Date: Jun 19, 2018 Youropa Release Date: Jun 27, 2018 Heavy Dreams Rele
  8. Recently, when I try to import my steam games, the steam import looks for steam games but reports that "No Additional Games Were Found". I have at least two games that I bought recently. I even deleted the last game that was found and re-imported it. The steam import was able to find that game. However, it could not find the other game I had bought at the same time. Nor can it find the one I just bought. I even used the audit feature to check if the games had been misnamed, but I couldn't find the game id. I have the latest beta (9 beta 12, I think). Any one else having issues
  9. I love that I can have a random startup video when I use Big Box. However, all the videos are too loud. I played around with the sound tab in options, but nothing seemed to affect the startup video. Does anyone know how I can change the volume? - Jade Aislin
  10. Looking at the different Big Box themes, I noticed that the trailer was able to have a video for the platform you were on before you chose your game. My games are all windows, so viewing by platform doesn't work for me. I tend to view my games by genre. I thought it would be great if I could do that with genres or any other view I wanted to use. Is this even possible? - Jade Aislin
  11. I have recently bought a premium license after advice from this forum. Now I am trying to get all my games set up in launch box. I find myself getting tired of trying to edit each game individually, especially the genre detail. I have my own genres that I like to add to my games. Is it possible to either bulk edit/append my games genres or import a list of my games with their genres? I know there is a bulk edit feature, but it erases whatever was there to begin with. So if a game has a genre 'adventure', but then I bulk edit genre 'action', the game no longer has that 'adventur
  12. 1. I meant either LaunchBox or Big Box. I'm not sure which I would want to use. While it is nice that I could determine which details I want shown with premium, I would still like to make sure the details I include are listed the way I want. I was thinking I could make a custom field to desiginate a game's number in a series, but I would then want that field near the series field. Am I right that you cannot choose where each field shows up in the details screen? Also, can you have as many custom fields as you want? On BigBox themes: Are they easy to find and implement? Or is it easy to
  13. I'm new to LaunchBox and I am trying to determine whether it is right for me. I had a couple questions about features and how to do things. 1. Is it possible to rearrange the information on the details page? I prefer to have series near the title and don't care as much about the publisher. 2. In a series, can I indicate what number in the series a game is? I have a number of games that do not indicate where they lay in the title, even though the series follows a chronological order. It's nice to know that a game is in a series. However, without knowing whether the game is 1st or
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