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  1. Thanks all. I can indeed. I made a plugin last year for setting up Youtube videos on games with the ability to play them as if they were an "additional app" for the game - quite basic, but at the time it was fine for my own needs. I have recently felt the need to update the plugin so that it gives a much better user experience, both for adding videos and playing them from BigBox, + gamepad support, + support for the GamesDB video link, + support for videos from other services like IGN and Steam and auto-detection of the original video title etc. All of it would be streaming, to save up
  2. Hi all. I am wondering what the attitude around here is on asking for money for a plugin. I am asking because I have started to put in quite a lot of hours into developing a new plugin and I am thinking of putting a small price on it. Are there any other people here who have done this already?
  3. Hi all. Does anyone know if there is a way to set up my plugin to detect and respond to buttons pressed on the gamepad while LaunchBox/BigBox is running? I have experimented a bit with SharpDX library for DirectInput and XInput but this feels like reimplementing something that already works in LaunchBox. Another thing I noticed is that the button numbers I detect via SharpDX are very different from the numbers that show up in the Settings.xml and BigBoxSettings.xml files. For example, the BigBoxSettings.xml has the following configs: <ControllerSelectButton>1</ControllerSelec
  4. @gzubsc Thanks for the feedback! Most of these are issues that I could fix. I always added videos manually as I was watching retro game reviews on some Youtube channels (e.g. SNESdrunk, strafefox, Game Sack) - that's actually how the need to add the start/end timestamps arised, as those channels usually have videos presenting "best of" lists so I would take the 1 or 2 minute video snippet as a quick review. I'm just glad that someone else might find this useful, so here are some upgrades I can add: I could implement a simpler copy/paste feature. For example, I could add a "Copy" l
  5. Last year I made a Youtube video plugin for LaunchBox. It still works, but it wouldn't automatically import the video link from the GamesDB metadata. However, you get to add as many Youtube links as you want and have these available in the game's context menu in LaunchBox and also in the game's "Additional Apps" submenu in BigBox. You can even use start and end timestamps for the video if you want to link to only a section within a larger video. I could definitely make some improvements to it, but there was never much interest in the plugin. I mainly made it for myself though, and now all
  6. I thought about this, and it wouldn't be too difficult to implement (at least for Youtube videos). But I initially developed this plugin for myself, and the point was to be able to link videos that are hosted online, without the need to download them and occupy a lot of space on the local drive. Tell me, have you used the plugin in its current form? I might add this feature if enough people are interested.
  7. This plugin is now compatible with LaunchBox 10.15
  8. I have updated this plugin, and edited the description in the main post, with new screenshots. What's new: Compatibility with LaunchBox 10.15 New feature: You can type new or existing genres into a new search box, which allows multiple entries separated by semicolon (;) and provides real-time suggestions Direct download: Bulk Genre Editor v1.2.0.0 If you find this plugin useful, BUY ME A BEER!
  9. I have recently done some work on the plugin to make it work with the latest versions of LaunchBox. I haven't published yet, but I will try to do that during the following week.
  10. I can't wait to try this. But if it doesn't work anymore, I can help out with updating it. Is it open source?
  11. @deadfraggle After that conversation I made a Bulk Genre Editor plugin. You can have a look at the posts on my profile if you are interested in it. Recently someone pointed out that it might not work with the latest version of Launchbox though, so I will have to look into that.
  12. I installed this and for some reason, nothing was happening when selecting Launchbox from the menu. But then one minute later BigBox started! I exited BigBox and it did go back to Kodi. I tried several times, and I still have the same issue: it takes 1 minute to start BigBox through this plugin.
  13. This is a really classy startup video, thanks! One thing I'd suggest is having the sound fade out instead of abruptly cutting off at the end.
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