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  1. Yeah, it doesn't impact performance on everything but when it does, it 'really' does (Goldeneye runs like a snail in sand if its on....or off, N64 Emulation on RA is still kinda odd) Only MAME problem i got (Aside from a problem on beat em ups but thats not huge) left is with certain games like burger time or moon patrol, those load but have this horrible static sound, sometimes followed by a crash if i exit but not always, this happens with Double Dragon as well but it wont do that on FBA (Burger time sadly doesn't run on that), it did that with games like truxton too.
  2. I got it running (Sexy Parodius anyway, still got the others to test)....and i feel like the biggest idiot in the world It ran.....when i disabled rewinding XD
  3. Thats very odd, I looked at lists and they show the games as part of a compatibility list and apparently others can get it to run, but I don't know whats going on (Something similar happened with The Simpsons, That refuses to run in MAME 2003, but it does run in FBA, though the two player rom mixing has not been working but thats a different problem) I know of a 2010 set and my attempts to run it in the 2010 core hasnt ended well but I could try it again. EDIT: That didnt work either
  4. I just did that now....and the rom ran. it ran fine, The screen resolution was off but I doubt it has anything to do with the rom. But that still doesn't explain why it crashes RA though
  5. Ah my apologies, I'm still new to this. And maybe? I did cross reference to make sure that I could find the correct relationships between the different files. (made sure to look at every file i could need, looked at guides showing what files are needed and so on) I also am using the MAME 2003 Core and with its corresponding romset (0.78)
  6. Long story short, I've been trying for ages to get a set of games to run and I have mot been successful, I try to run them, they start, and it crashes. The games that crash are Goku Parodius Sexy Parodius X-Men (Konami) Bucky O Hare Theres also Simpsons but that runs in FB Alpha Note that I picked and choose the games cause the full romset download is 13 Gb and i don't have any external storage yet. Im running these via RetroArch and the MAME 2003 Core, cause my Surface Tablet system can't handle the strong versions, with a 0.78 Romset. They all show up as compatible so it doesn't seem like its that. I have no idea whats wrong, i have looked at guides, looked at BIOS, placed the BIOS in several folders for pathing, used various utilities like romvault or clmamepro to find out whats wrong, and nothing. They just refuse to run. (Crash log doesn't show much either). Does anyone have any answers cause I cannot for the life of me figure this out, Other MAME roms run (some have static sounds and a couple don't run but run in FBA)
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