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  1. im glad to have found this post I am also having the same problem and running 9.5 launchbox as well hopefully this helps
  2. while being on big box I was trying to select the options to use a controller to control the menu but then after selecting the ability for any controller to control the big box launcher menu it froze and no longer wanted to open it just stays on the bigbox logo I tried deleting the bigboxsettings.xml in the data folder it only stays on the logo when trying to open the program I tried to change the setting on launchbox option tab and it takes a while to open up the options, also I have to make sure I don't click or mess with launchbox after clicking the options tab for it not to crash after waiting awhile I noticed the settings that I clicked are no longer selected in the launchbox settings after it opening the option menu but even now I just let big box stay open until it either closes or actually open up the bigbox menu and after patiently waiting it opens runs a little sluggish and unresponsive at time but Im hoping the community can help me to reach some stability with my setup for i'll being moving the launchbox program to my SSD to see if that changes anything hope someone has encounter this small issue so I can be pointed into the right direction
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