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  1. I own non-merged MAME Full Set of roms, i delete from HDD via LB a lot of them, bassicaly now i have only 395 of 1342 games, as we know non-merged roms have around 120GB size, my issue is why after i delete so many games only 10GB less is now from 120GB? How can i delete to make it smaller? I tried also with split roms, the same thing after deleting in LB from 65GB i have 54GB. Is there a way to make it smaller and delete the rest of them?
  2. So...i manage to fix all the things regarding roms, cheats, emulators in LaunchBox, so for the others that have the same issues or want to know the solution is here. 1. For the picture above regarding cheats in Snes9x, first you have to load the game in Snes9x and then you will see the Cheat section enabled. 2. An alternative to use cheats on NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, i manage to find that the best solution is RetroArch, update them and activate them of course. 3. For others that like me import full sets of MAME roms and want to delete them entirely from LaunchBox (remembe
  3. Why on last version of SNES on CHEAT section everything is grey out? How can i enable it?
  4. My god, it took me 3 days to delete...i dont't understand why LaunchBox don't implement an option in the settings, a manager for everything, will be so easy everything...so now basically i have to deal with 60GB just for those 500 roms...i really have a BIG headache now...
  5. I have full set of MAME but split ones, i already check them all and are working properly...now i would like to delete the rest so i can have more space...how can i do that? And to keep the 500 ones that i choose...
  6. So, i manage to delete manually 1300 games directly from LaunchBox, with the option to delete also the roms from hard drive, but before to delete the games i have 65GB roms folder, after i delete i have 60GB, why so big with only 500 mame roms games? the roms was really deleted from hard? of course for sure some was deleted because is less, but only 5GB?
  7. So maybe there is not a easy way to delete them and i'm thinking to delete them directly from LaunchBox, when you delete from there it promt a message where is written that it delete permanetly, so what permanently means? Deletes from ONLY from LaunchBox or also from roms folder?
  8. Yeah, now i have the videos, everything okay. Thank you, man. Now i would like to know if there is a way to manage somehow the roms, i mean to delete the roms/games that i don't want to have. I want to create my own collection, but i would like to see also what i delete, is there a way in LaunchBox?
  9. Ohh, i didn't know that i have to pay for videos...really?
  10. After 6h of downloading things, the videos folder still empty, what a waste of time...what the hell downloaded?
  11. Yeah, is nothing there, only empty folders...
  12. How i scrape the games, and how i download all the videos for my games?
  13. I don't know because when i import the games at section EmuMovies, i put my account test it and i was log in, so i was thinking that automaticaly will download also the videos, there are other steps?
  14. Somebody know why i don't have video previews in BigBox? I already have an account on EmuMovies, and activated when i import games. If somebody can provide the steps for enabling the video previews for games in BigBox. Thank you in advance!
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