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  1. Temp

    What Kind of music do you listen?

    Cool video and retro game vibe.
  2. Temp

    Proposal for removing bible verses from launchbox

    I may or may not have the authority to respond to this but Jason Carr, has this description of himself posted here and although it may offend you he is Christian. That being said we do understand your point of view and it will be completely up to him whether or not the Bible verses are removed. LaunchBoxPortable Box-Art-Based Games Database and Launcher for DOSBox, Emulators, and PC GamesMenuSkip to content Author LaunchBox is developed by Jason Carr. He loves roller coasters, fried pickles, and skydiving,writes music, plays with Raspberry Pis, is incredibly blessed despite being a tremendous idiot, released an Android app, is embarrassingly lazy, occasionally sings hardcore, rarely takes his own advice, quit college with two classes left, knows the meaning of true freedom, and lives in it. But very little of that matters. What matters is that I am a follower of Christ. The Lord has brought me from extreme depression to humbling amounts of success. As a result, I am adamant that everything I do, I should do for the Lord. LaunchBox is just one testament to what the Lord has done in my life, and could do in yours. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27 (NIV) Copyright © Unbroken Software, LLC 2018. All rights reserved.
  3. Temp

    StarWars Playlist collection

    I this. Thanks for a Star Wars one.
  4. Temp

    Launchbox folks and/or their pet.

    One of our fearless mods DOS76
  5. Please feel free to post images of yourself or your pet so we can all put a face to you or meet your furrbabies. My cat Sebastian/Bash.
  6. Temp

    GPD XD Review: Handheld Emulation

    Thank you for the detailed review. Seems like a great little handheld. It got my attention for a future Christmas gift 😉
  7. Temp

    Stutter/mini freeze every 5-6 seconds

    Ok so I don't normally stick my nose in stuff like this but since I am not a mod and do not have to remain civil or politically correct, what is seriously your deal? Obviously if this was a significant problem someone else would speak up about it. My question is why is this even a major deal for you? This little program continuously works great for me and I have no complaints whatsoever. If you are that displeased with whats going on ask for a freaking refund.
  8. Temp

    My concern is piquing

    So just a quick response to this, @Kirsten Marie let us know on Discord a few days ago that Jason has been a bit busy with vacations, his kids and what not and is not going to stop his Dev streams. It is summer and folks with children like to spend time with them. Don't worry guys, Jason im sure isnt going anywhere.
  9. Temp

    I am leaving LaunchBox effective... well right now

    Although I understand this is Jason's business and what not but I am highly disappointed and I truly believe you were and still are an asset. I appreciate all the help you have given to me and all the help you have given to everyone else here. I am still going to pester your ass on Twitch though! Love and hugs sir! Temp