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  1. Yep, I'm surprised that I'm the only one asking lol One can only dream, thank you for all the time and effort you put into this Jason!
  2. Bezel management would've been awesome.
  3. Thank you Lordmonkus! The good news is that it's fixed. Still a bit confused about what was going on, but I think I know what may have caused the issue. After reading what you said, it made sense; the extra command line was creating a conflict. But when leaving it blank didn't work, I deleted my roms and reloaded them. And walla, it works now. I think the issue was that when I first created the individual NeoGeo platform, I didn't set the proper core. That wasn't covered in the video tutorial. I loaded the games and when they didn't work, I went back and noticed I missed the core. So even after setting the core, games wouldn't launch. Now that the core was set, I reloaded the games and that fixed it. I'll leave this thread up in case someone else runs into similar issues. Thanks again!
  4. Hi guys, So I have exhausted all methods and I think I've found what the problem is. I used ETA Prime's method in his Youtube tutorial to no avail. Emulator Details Associated Platforms Note the extra command-line parameters. I am unable to enter the full command line: -L "cores\fbalpha_libretro.dll" I enter the command line and click OK. But when I come back to check, the space is blank. The only way I can get it to save is by removing the "-" And that's what you see in the screenshot. I gather that this is a bug? I'm using version 8.5 of LB. I'm able to enter the full command line in the edit game section of any given rom. And the line saves without a hitch, the games run fine this way. Please see below: Anyone else run across this issue? Is there a fix other than editing each individual rom? Thanks in advance!
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