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  1. Works a treat - no tweaking needed. Thank you so much - saved me a couple of hours!
  2. That’s a Great tip. Much appreciated. I’ll give it a go tonight. i don’t know if my not having to focus the 'other' window is a result of using Xbox game pad or it was because I tested all the analogue controls in the game test menu? Might have calibrated in the game or something when I did this tested. I assumed maybe people thought it just had to be in focus all the time when, as i've found, i only need in focus to access the game's test menu settings. Weird. It’s the only thing I can think that I’ve done differently - otherwise I just lucked out. Might be worth trying for those still trying to get it to work full screen without the 'other' screen in focus fuss. I just hope it carries on working this way when i shift it all over to my cab (or if I ever have to setup again form scratch). Thanks again.
  3. I’ve recently acquired a broken F355 twin cab (well, half of one at least) so I set about with renewed vigor trying to finally get this game to work full screen using the Demul emulator. If you intend to play F355 with a standard controller - stop reading; The Dreamcast version is so accurate the difference isn’t worth the effort, it’s easier to setup and the sensitivity of the controls will work far better for you (ditto the PS2 version probably). If, however you’re also doing a racing game arcade conversion or are similarly ‘insert coin’ inclined – read on. I've cobbled together a number of pointers I’ve learned along the way for getting the Naomi version of F355 to work in full screen while also being somewhat integrated with Launchbox. It’s work-in-progress, hacking together bits of information I've stubbled across from AHK scripts to the correct settings (or at least one's I got working) in Demul emulator and in Launchbox. Often drawing on these very forums. A big thank you to this community and everyone who has unknowingly helped me out in my various projects over the years. I’m very keen to get pointers from anyone who’s achieved this a better way but info is scarce so i thought i'd share what i've managed so far. Hopefully the following might prove useful to someone: A couple of assumptions to bear in mind: I'm using an older version of Demul v0.7 from April 2018 that allows you to select ‘GPUDX11old' plugin. I assume the same works on the new version Demul v0.7a but hasn’t been tested (that's the version that forces you to use the new GPUDX11 where you don’t get to change things like internal resolution). For some reason, my experience running F355 and F355 2 doesn’t require the second (first???) Naomi bios window to be the active window in order to control the game (but I'm unable to access the game test menus to change settings unless I make it so). This is something I regularly heard had to be done - but I’ve never had to, so your mileage may vary. Get your game test menu settings sorted first then hopefully you won’t have to worry. I’m using an Xbox control pad here – but intend to move the PC into my F355 arcade cab using Ipac board or some such device. I've got an Auto Hotkey script that automatically forces the main window to full-screen on launch, without boarders or windows titles displaying. So, you'll need AHK installed if you haven’t already (maybe it can be done ‘natively’ within LB’s emulator ahk settings but I haven’t tried yet). My work-around works on both F355 twin (F355twin.zip) and F355 2 twin (F255twn2.zip). It would have to be amended to work with the deluxe versions, which have 4 Naomi board windows open at the same time instead of just 2. I haven’t yet devised a clean way to exit F355 from LB/BB - but I have some thoughts on how it might be achieved. But the following steps I hope will be helpful even if you’re not using LB. My PC is I7- 7700k, GTX1080TI, 16GB RAM I’m running Demul emulator at 5X internal resolution and it’s working fine for my setup. Remember Demul has to cache graphics and wot-not while it runs a game for the first time so your initial play through will stutter but when you go back to the same track again in should be fine. Finally, I don’t really know what I’m doing. But I’m persistent enough that once I’ve got something in my head I usually manage to get it working in a way that is (almost) good enough for me. Hopefully it’s helpful for the one other person that might be trying the same thing 😊 Step 1: Get the game working in Demul first. Worry about LB integration later. Check, double check and triple check all of your paths and plugin paths within the emulator, setup your controls and display setting etc, and you’ve got the right ROM and bios files in the right place Set your ‘window display’ in the video display to match your screen’s native resolution - and disable launch full screen (it doesn't work anyway for F355). V-sync works quite well with no noticeable input delay and definitely helps with a consistent frame rate on my monitor.. There are other tutorials showing you how to setup Demul and run Naomi games, however specific to my work around you'll need to turn-off VMU display in the Maple plugin settings - otherwise for some reason they continue to display: (If you need your VMU displays for other games, you can always have separate instances of Demul in different folders and they can have their own separate settings – you’ll just need to set them up as separate emulators in LB): When you set the controls in Demul, make sure you remember what you've set for the Naomi arcade board test menu buttons - but also the default key for System boards (F2 and F4). You wouldn’t believe how long this had me stumped where F355 wasn’t starting because it was always looking for a network - I could not find a way to access the game’s test menu to change it because i was using the keys i assigned in the 'Arcade' controls but didn't see the defaults for 'System Boards' that i should have been using! Step 2: Run game and configure Test menu settings With the game now running, enter the test menu and make any changes to the game settings that you require (remembering the test buttons you set above). To enter the test menus, make sure your black Naomi bios window is the one in focus, hit the key you assigned - then navigate to the test menu. For me, I had to change ‘Link ID’ from Master to Single and Cabinet set to 'Twin'. Go to Game Test Mode > Game Assignments and you'll find these settings. That's it you can exit the settings, bring the main game window back into focus and play the game! Or is it...? The windowed view really sucks; the window title and Demul options tabs always displayed even if maxamised... and horrible boarders. Before you close the multiple windows, make an exact note of the window title displaying on the window the game is actually running in (also make a note of the most common SPG and GPU fluctuations that are also contained in this title). This will make sense in the next step. Mine looks exactly like this: gpuDX11oldhw | spg: 60 gpu: 60 | Multiboard Slave Step 3: setup new AHK script file: You'll need AHK installed. Setup a script by editing in Notepad for your .AHK file and save to an appropriate location so you can point LB towards it later. If you’re not using LB, you can just manually run the script before launching Demul and it will still work. I cobbled together the following script from various sources - and no doubt there’s a much more efficient way of doing this but essentially, when the script is ran it then waits for the 'gpuDX11oldhw | spg: 60 gpu: 60 | Multiboard Slave' window to display (until my GPU reaches 60 it won't trigger - so your number might be specific to the performance of your system running Demul). When this window generates, the script forces Window’s to focus it on top of the pile, then removes the boarders, title and menu of the window and forces it to full screen. The script then stops and the window is left in full focus and the game still playable. Copy the following into notepad then save as .ahk file: Loop { ifwinexist gpuDX11oldhw | spg: 60 gpu: 60 | Multiboard Slave If (ErrorLevel = 0 ) { WinActivate Winmaximize WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, A DllCall("SetMenu", uint, WinExist(), uint, 0) ; Remove menu bar of "last found window". Break } Else Sleep 1000 Continue } #SingleInstance force You can use the same script for F355 and F355 2 as the Slave window title is the same for both. 4: Launchbox setup Import the rom files and setup Demul as an emulator in LB, if you haven’t already. These are my LB emulator settings: Add your Associated platforms on the second tab in the wizard as normal but also key a default command line – type it, don’t copy and paste as I think that causes issues: -run=naomi -rom= Startup and Pause screen - I think you can set to however you want to hide mouse etc - but I probably wouldn't suggest enabling any of the aggressive window hiding start up options due to the multiple widows required to run this game. Running autohotkey script - I add the existing one to close down emulator using Esc. Again an issue with F355 is that there are (at least) 2 windows open when the game is running. Exiting the game via LB, shuts down one instance of the emulator but not the other (by now the game freezes as the Naomi bios has been removed) and you’ll have to ALT+F4 out of it. I've not solved this problem yet - but something added to the 'press esc to close emulator' AHK available on these forums (or a fresh script), to follow with another instruction to wait a second then auto apply a single press of ALT+F4 to force the remaining Naomi slave game window to close (the theory works, I just need to remember the correct AHK script to achieve these automatically). With the emulator setup, edit the F355 game settings in LB by right clicking on the game and selecting 'edit'. Then select ‘Additional Apps’. Add the AHK script file you put together earlier and tick ‘Automatically run before main application: Save, and should be job done. You might also need to add the Demul emulator command line here too: No idea why, but sometimes I need it here, sometimes it’s just fine using only the line I added in the emulator wizard setting (I’ve got at least 5 instances of Demul setup for various games/platform preferences – horrible way of doing things but it works for me for now). Here’s command again just in case: -run=naomi -rom= Now, when you select F355 from LB it will tick over as usual while it loads, then switch to full screen, no boarders, still controllable! IMG_5008.MOV If any one has any idea on how i can streamline the 'maximise window' AHK script - and help with a script that will combine the existing 'Esc to exit' script with a delayed Alt+F4 command to cleanly exit the left-over F355 screen - that would save me a job. No doubt far easier to achieve this end result using Retroarch - but it's the one emulator I can't get on with because of it's playlist/rom name requirements no matter what i do. It's a shame as i love a lot of the options some of the Cores provide but where i have managed to get it working on certain systems, it's been more by luck - so have always avoided it where possible.
  4. Good point. I’m Just running on my bog standard Sony TV - at 60hz I assume -but have never set any specifics computer side. Will also try with a proper monitor too see if that helps. Still strange the using the keyboard works flawlessly regardless. i would try other controller types too but Windows has a habit of reprioritising all my controllers and crapping up my emulators if I plug anything new in or change the very specific routine I have to reconnect all my devices (controllers, wheel, gear stick etc) so I dare not go down that route again!
  5. No - unfortunately the priority resets back to ‘normal’ again in task manager when you close and reopen the application. After some more testing I’m pretty sure I’m getting better results prioritising my controller (I.e the UCR keyboard to controller app) rather than prioritising the BigBox app itself. I’m sure Both have given me better results though - but does make me wonder what all this other shit I have running on my computer is! I’m Gonna play around with my nvidia control panel settings tonight and make a BigBox specific profile (make sure there’s no vsync or other ‘enhancements’ running by default). Most of the time something is running bad I find it’s an nvidia GPU setting that’s causing the grief.
  6. I've tried instead just setting the BigBox application to 'High' priority in Task Manager (obviously BigBox needs to be running in the background to show up in Task Manager) - and returning my UCR controller application back to 'Normal'... Probably too early to say for sure, but I'm still not experiencing any where near the same lag I once was and it also seems to have survived a system reset. Positive signs perhaps for those using physical xbox controllers plugged in... Hopefully someone will be able to verify on their setup. As an aside, I very rarely login to forums, but the work you guys do on this front end is remarkable. I've tried a few alternatives down the years and never got on with any of them - but Launchbox has proved to be the most worthwhile purchase I made in a long time and rejuvenated my gaming interests (even if it is now mostly dicking around with the perfect emulator settings rather than playing :-). Thanks for the hard work.
  7. I had this problem but think I've managed to finally resolve it for my setup. I'm doing a bit of a weird arcade build so my steps are more than likely going to be a bit different to yours, never-the-less I thought maybe this might help some of you or maybe put you on the right path... One difference in my setup is that I'm using UCR to emulate xbox 360 contollers (but I do also have the same problem with real ones plugged in). I tried all the steps mentioned in this thread and while I think some might have had a minor impact, I never felt satisfied with the outcome - especially since the 'true' keyboard (when I switched UCR off) was absolutely fine the entire time. My system: Intel I5 6600K GTX 1080ti 16GB DDR 4 RAM I was clicking around 'Task Manager' trying to see what else might be causing this lag. I came across the UCR application that I use to emulate 360 controllers in the 'Task Manager > Details' tab. When I right-clicked on this application I have the option to 'Set priority'. The default setting seems to be 'medium' for everything so I changed it to high (could have gone up to 'Real Time', but decided against it). This has completely resolved it for me after a couple of hours testing (changing it back causes the same problem). I couldn't however see any physical devices in this list, but perhaps if you know what your looking for you'll see something similar that you can change the priority you computer gives to it. I did notice BigBox was also shown and I had the same option of changing the priority on that too. Haven't tried that yet but might be worth a go if your still having problems with a physical controller and BigBox lag.
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