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  1. Can anyone help with trying to speed up the lag? The playlists (270+ wheels) move within 1-3 seconds which is fine, but platforms take 10-13 seconds to show their videos. Is this purely down to the amount of games??
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm getting a lot of lag when I'm moving between platforms in Bigbox - it's around 10-13 seconds for each right now. There are over 220 platforms in there and I thought this was the issue but I've just finished over 270 playlists and those videos are fine - click, wait 1-2 seconds, they play. I've tried several things including move them to their individual folders (A, B etc) with changes to the .xml files, defragging, moving the videos to an SSD drive and more. I'm not getting why they're quick in playlists but not in platforms. One of the videos is over 1GB, most are less than 50MB. They all have the same lag time. My system has an 8-core CPU, 6GB video, 32Gb RAM so it's not that. Has anyone seen this and successfully managed to speed these up?
  3. Tweaked, added, removed... final build - I'm stepping away from this for now, need to life for a while
  4. Local. I've had to move my images and pictures to another local drive using symlinks as the main games drive is getting low. I've noticed the videos seem to get slower the more games I add, Once I'm done I'll put in a SSD for the videos and see if that helps.
  5. Sooo... I'm up to 212 systems, 5 of which are Windows VM's. 406260 total games count as of now with a few more to add. I need to stop soon as my wife thinks I'm addicted. Or something.
  6. Love it! I agree, much nicer than Frotz. Thank you, kind Retro Lord of Infocom
  7. I've had *some* success with this. I only have 8 games, I managed to get one working then moved on, expecting them all to but that doesn't seem to be the case... If you find an error, or have something better, let me know. WinArcadia.ini
  8. The delay is due to so many systems and games, it takes a few seconds between clicking and the video / system showing up as it searches through the drive. I'm considering moving everything over to a SSD drive, but I can live with it for now
  9. Thanks! He has some stuff I don't, I'll dig into this later...
  10. I'm not familiar with Craig Anderson, have I used some of his videos or something else? If I have, then apologies for not knowing who he is System emulators; Apple I - POM1 pom1.sourceforge.net Banpresto - MAMEP64 0.160 Brezzasoft Crystal System - MAME 0.168 Coleco Adam - Virtual Adam 1.03 Coleco Telstar - WinArcadia IBM - PCemV14Win Infocom - Frotz 1.1.8 Magnavox Odyssey - WinArcadia Tesla PMD 85 - PMD85v13p Not all games work flawlessly, some do need to be individually 'tweaked'. I haven't played all games to check
  11. This take up around 10TB over 4 drives, I've used different drives for specific purposes, specifically PS on it's own (big files), my local C drive for weird and wonderful roms that need to be near their emulators as well as a couple of other bigger drives for most of the other roms. I don't use a NAS but I expect that may return to haunt me... lol. As for a platform audit, I have a list of all systems and games count breakdowns on the YT page, is that what you're looking for? I don't have a complete breakdown of every system with every game, that would be... difficult...
  12. I just uploaded a video of my collection for your perusal - first time builder, be kind!!
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