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  1. Here's my specs. I'm also running 2 graphics cards, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB and AMD Radeon HD 6570. It's home built by myself.
  2. I have considered that and may go down that path. I think if I leave the max games to around 150k it'll fly.
  3. I did notice a slight increase in speed by moving my cache folders to my SSD using junctions, but it wasn't significant. Navigating in BigBox without video themes is flawless and fantastic.
  4. I could take a look at scaling back on the themes, etc. to make it less visually appealing but I like how I have it now, just my personal preference. I do know that when i was sitting around 150k games it was pretty instant. My issue is with lag on videos for each platform, which you're not showing here, you're only showing the video for Sega Genesis? I only started having noticeable issues with BigBox platform videos around the 200k game mark as well. I have no issues with videos for the games themselves.
  5. Thank you everyone for the feedback - it's great and humbling to know that there's others who feel as passionately about this as I do. My main aim at the beginning was to find out exactly how many games COULD be collected for as many platforms with emulators I could find that were out there. I'm over 400,000 now with around 230 platforms and will continue to add more as time allows. I can live with the lag and LB is and will remain my front-end of choice.
  6. I'm not most My initial and still current need is to collect everything. The question of only having the games i'll play is a moot point as no-one will ever play even 20,000 games. That's not the point of my collection.
  7. Have you tried all of these other front ends with this many platforms and games?
  8. Agreed - if you want another front-end, go for it. LB is my front end of choice.
  9. I've combined most of these in LB already, there are just too many for either LB or my system to handle.
  10. Yes - my collection is too big. My cache is redirected to my SSD which takes a second or two off but not enough. As for region clones, yes there are loads. My intention was to find *everything* and put them in one place, they're not useless to me
  11. Can anyone help with trying to speed up the lag? The playlists (270+ wheels) move within 1-3 seconds which is fine, but platforms take 10-13 seconds to show their videos. Is this purely down to the amount of games??
  12. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm getting a lot of lag when I'm moving between platforms in Bigbox - it's around 10-13 seconds for each right now. There are over 220 platforms in there and I thought this was the issue but I've just finished over 270 playlists and those videos are fine - click, wait 1-2 seconds, they play. I've tried several things including move them to their individual folders (A, B etc) with changes to the .xml files, defragging, moving the videos to an SSD drive and more. I'm not getting why they're quick in playlists but not in platforms. One of the videos is over 1GB, most are less than 50MB. They all have the same lag time. My system has an 8-core CPU, 6GB video, 32Gb RAM so it's not that. Has anyone seen this and successfully managed to speed these up?
  13. Tweaked, added, removed... final build - I'm stepping away from this for now, need to life for a while
  14. Local. I've had to move my images and pictures to another local drive using symlinks as the main games drive is getting low. I've noticed the videos seem to get slower the more games I add, Once I'm done I'll put in a SSD for the videos and see if that helps.
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