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  1. Weird...I'll restart and try again. Thanks.
  2. The configurator is no longer launching with 10.7 (and possibly 10.6, I didn't test it before this version...) - can this be fixed?
  3. I appreciate the confirmation! Up to what platform? Does it handle PS2/ Gamecube? Ps3? Wii-U? all arcade stuff like Killer Instinct, etc.? Thanks.
  4. Any answers on this yet? Anyone using LaunchBox with Nvidia Shield from an external hard drive?
  5. I've never heard of MiSTer - what is that?
  6. Looks like I will be switching to HIGAN once I get my AMD 3700X processor. It's gonna be sweet. So many people excited about playing 120fps on the latest 3d games, and I'm MORE exciting about cycle perfect NES emulation, God I'm old! Haha!
  7. Is this possible? I need to create an initial set on a portable hdd, but I can't set the portable drive to C letter...wanting it to be playable on C after I copy it over to internal C drive on some secindary systems I have. How can I ensure my retroarch and other emulators are relative? I realize this goes beyond launchbox questions, but what about LaunchBox itself?...do I need to change any configs before I copy it over? Thanks for any tips.
  8. It has to be a bug because saving to a new one fails too.
  9. Anyone figure out how to get around Retroarch's bug of not SAVING CONFIGS anymore when exiting or manually once GAME-SPECIFIC bezels are used on a game? I had to go to system specific bezels, not game ones because of this.... Only my arcade MAME collection has game specific ones for this reason.
  10. I do this with my 8Tb collection to preserve it and have tested it a couple times...with Macrium Reflect and it works great, but with my 4TB curated collection, after writing to a drive I get this error, despite being able to navigate the drive fine...I even updated it to 10.5 manually...at first it told me that sony playstation.xml was corrupt and it could not continue, to restore from backup...which I did, now I get this: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. App: LaunchBox Version: 10.5 Type: System.IO.IOException Site: Void WinIOError(Int32, System.String) Source: mscorlib at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1.CommonInit() at System.IO.FileSystemEnumerableIterator`1..ctor(String path, String originalUserPath, String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption, SearchResultHandler`1 resultHandler, Boolean checkHost) at System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(String path, String searchPattern, SearchOption searchOption) at (String , Form ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Root.LoadPlugins(String folderPath, Form splashForm) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.App..ctor() at (String[] ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.Program.Main(String[] args) Recent Log: 8:44:19 AM Exception Help?? 😞
  11. What is the best way? I would use a script in LAUNCHBOX, but I'm not sure how to map it to my joystick L3 which is want I want to use for this....I want to avoid using a keyboard as much as possible in this build I'm doing. Thank you.
  12. Same here, it does exit it at least and gets me back to other games, but Retroarch remains running...hmmmm.
  13. As I said, I can't find where in the Android Retroarch to do this. Did they remove the option?
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