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  1. Cool...thank you. Where is this zip file located at? I missed it somehow.
  2. cleverest

    Does Launchbox Support Nested Genre or Series Tags?

    I would love thr ability to be that specific! As long as it remained optional to use.
  3. Sorry, i've been away i'll look into how I got it and get back to you.
  4. Same with me! Unz and daemon tools is where it's at.
  5. I'm using ugly modified ones currently for these or ones from the Silver Clear logo which are nice but don't fit this theme... I would love if someone had the skill to make any of these and make it look nice with this theme - anyone willing or already have some of these that work well with CityHunter 2? I have probably less than half total of all the ones I need... Action Games Adventure Games All Comics All Magazines American Laser Games Apple II Apple IIGS Atari 800 Atari Lynx Atari ST Beat 'Em Up Games Colecovision Commodore 64 Commodore Amiga Commodore Amiga CD32 Commodore CDTV Doujin Games Emerson Arcadia 2001 Fighting Games First-Person Shooter Flash Games Flying Games Fujitsu FM Towns Marty Future Pinball Gameboy Color (Translations) Horror Games Light Gun Games Locomalito Games Microsoft MSX Microsoft MSX2 Microsoft MSX2+ Nintendo Entertainment System (Hacks) Nintendo Famicom Nintendo Gameboy Nintendo Gameboy (translations) Nintendo Gameboy Color (Translations) Nintendo Super Famicom Nintendo WiiWare M.U.G.E.N MS-DOS OpenBor Platform Games PS3 PSP Minis Puzzle Games Role-Playing Games Run & Gun Games Sega Game Gear Sega Genesis (Hacks) Sega Genesis (Translations) Sega Genesis (Unlicensed) Sega Model 2 Sega Naomi Sega Naomi 2 Sega CD 32X Sega Triforce Sharp X68000 Shooter Games (no images of shmup games on this one, as I have separate one already for Shoot 'Em Ups) Sports Games Strategy Games Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Hacks) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Unlicensed) Taito Type-X Visual Pinball Watara Supervision Wonderswan Wonderswan Color
  6. cleverest

    Apple II

    Note: This command line also works with (fixes the loading of) many games with ActiveGS emulator too.
  7. Thanks. It's only those two categories. I have many in GENRE and SERIES too, but I guess those others are considerably larger...it actually shows not responding AND turns whited out for me if I let it sit (eventually) or click anything, and becomes difficult to end task away, so I think it IS actually crashing in my case. Or it's more or less the same result, lol...Thanks for having it on the TO DO list.
  8. cleverest

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Thanks everyone for all the contribution! Any chance someone can make one that reads: SERIES COLLECTIONS I have one that says COLLECTIONS, but it's not matching the content/name well... Also as per an earlier request: Chronological X-Men v2 Marvel GraphicAudio DC GraphicAudio :-)
  9. @Jason Carr - Sorry to tag you like this, just wondering if anything can be done....would love to see a SERIES/GENRE/DEVELOPER overhaul, but I'd be happy with this just not crashing when clicking the drop down...any fix I can try to correct this? Thanks Jason.
  10. For example, every time I tag a game with a genre Shooter, I would love it also add Action. Or every time I tagged a game "First-Person Shooter" it also adds the genre's "Shooter" and "Action". this would make managing these fields so much easier/faster. (as long as they could be manually over-written for a specific quirky title that failed to conform to sub sort of usually core genre. Does anyone have any tips and trips for this? I really believe these fields could use an overhaul/upgrade.
  11. This only happens in my large (43k games) collection, anytime I click those arrows for the drop-down...launchbox stops responding, have to end task and it's messy, takes awhile to close out...every time... I know I must have some huge Publisher and Developer lists and that's what crashing it, but I'm wondering what I can do to fix/reset this? ....Some way perhaps to have LaunchBox recreate those so I can start using the drop-downs?...I want this functionality to work to compare similar company names, see what it there, get rid of dupes, and to organize things better. Any suggestions?
  12. cleverest

    ExoDOS Import

    I had to turn them off myself, some DOS games start slow enough as it is. :-)
  13. cleverest

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Is someone willing to make some nice Clear Logos for a couple very specific things? I've never seen these around: they would be exactly this: Chronological X-Men v2 Marvel GraphicAudio DC GraphicAudio Thanks!
  14. cleverest

    Pinball FX3 setup

    My FX3 used to work, it was set up to just boot to the main GUI, no command lines being used, but now it boots black and stops responding, forcing me to END TASK in task manager...anyone else ever have this issue? Any fixes?
  15. cleverest

    Auto-generating playlists

    I agree! This is sorely needed!