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  1. Same Wikipedia issue here too.
  2. Sadly that doesn't help me, but I'm glad it's working for you. Mine has always been named Sony Playstation 2, and I still have the greyed out problem. Everything else works, so it's for sure some conflict with the plugin and my collection/update/system-build
  3. This happens while loading contents of the image folder.....it tells me to check the permissions. The OWNER of this folder is listed as "account unknown" - I need to change this, but I have a couple computers, and don't want to limit this collection to my desktop. What IS the correct default owner of the Launchbox folder? Is it Administrator, trusted installer, or something else?
  4. I agree with you, mine also stopped working and I have gotten no solution for it.
  5. Logically maybe somebody hates a specific platform and never wants to see it listed again in their installation; hence "permanent". I think that's more than reasonable of an assumption given the language used. Anyways, I have my answer.
  6. Logically would be to accept permanent as not permanent? That depends on the definitions of words, doesn't it? Thank you for clarifying Jason.
  7. I don't want to permanently delete it, I just want to re-do it with no games...add my games again from the correct phone folder.... If I delete the NES platform for example, it warns me this is permanent...will I lose that category on my LaunchBox Android phone and not be able to get it again?
  8. @Jason Carr - sorry to tag you on this, just wondering if you get a chance, if you could let me know if this is possible somehow in the current latest version of the Android app. Thanks!
  9. Due to moving the folder my roms are in and re-importing some of them, I have some dupes, some work, some don't...it's a mess...rather than delete from phone individually in Launchbox via press down menu, is there another way to just start over and have LB scan a folder to add only 1 instance of a game? (in this case NES)?
  10. It doesn't for me. It doesn't come up when I right-click a game and choose it. It basically ignores the click. No error. It used to work fine a couple versions ago. I reinstall it, and it doesn't fix it.
  11. Anyone ever figure this out? Nothing it working, reinstalled the plugin, using beta2 (latest), simply doesn't come up anymore.
  12. Thanks, I've been advised via those searches that it's a registry error (too vague) or a video driver needs updated, which is already the case, so I don't know...was hoping someone specifically had the issue with LAunchBox/BigBox and resolved it. 😞
  13. Getting this running every game on one of my builds (see image)...Has anyone seen this before? I hope....
  14. Didn't work for me. Mine was already named "PCSX2 Configurator Next" and just doesn't work. (won't launch)
  15. Weird...I'll restart and try again. Thanks.
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