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  1. It could be the playtime tracker plugin... although I have no idea when I added that vs. when it stopped working. I'll try to remove that and see what happens. Thanks.
  2. Well you would be wrong, at least in my case, as I've freshly installed it several times since it failed, completely RE-DID my collection at one point, and it still doesn't work. (also had bought a new PC, so that's ALSO NEW)
  3. No you're not alone.. this plugin hasn't worked for ages (for me), and my computer is up-to-date and everything else works in the collection...I was also told it was something wrong my collection, but all evidence seems contrary to that; clearly it's something wrong with the plug-in, some sort of conflict with something commonly being used (but not universally?). No idea.
  4. Hated Hyperspin...too unreliable, sticking with my 8TB LaunchBox collection. It's a labor of love, clearly.
  5. This is system I don't have emulated in my large 8TB set...are the roms playabll in this collection? Can you provide any information to get to sap and running? what emulator? Thank you so much.
  6. ^ Tosec packs are very complete but have a lot of versions, dupes and software junk. I prefer my set because it want it immediately useable.. my collection is about 41k games, but containing no dupes or beta/dupe version games...which means only one version of each game per platform, only English roms and translated to English roms, (unless a system is ONLY in Japanese, sharp X68000 of NEC PC-FX for example)...all this just fits snuggly on an 8TB hard drive, ready to play.
  7. How large the drive you have all this one? do you have non-english games, betas, version A, B, etc...like, is it fairly messy?
  8. Also is there a way to PRELOAD the "flip disk to side B" requirement on Apple II games that require that?
  9. You had posted: I couldn't get that working, I got THIS working though: apple2ee -ui_active -skip_gameinfo -gamma 0.50 -flop1 I had to remove -gameio joy Not sure what -gamma .50 really does for this platform...can you explain?
  10. For Apple II with MAME apple2ee -ui_active -skip_gameinfo -flop1 seems to work for the few games I've tried so far...
  11. Yup that was it...odd... I changed it to pressing (clicking) both joysticks down, I think that's better....
  12. What files specifically do I need to copy over to a new drive, to replicate my recent Apple IIGS MAME (made a variation of my main mame folder/emulator settings) and command line settings for all the games I've done on my first drive, to my second one, without having to re-do it all on the next one? These settings ^^ Thanks...
  13. Weird...I never changed that, I would have noticed it exiting long before now....oh well, as long as I can find it and fix it, haha
  14. Looks like I have those in the MAME roms path already, but older versions, I have 0.271 MAME I believe...should I keep the older ones, or overwrite these two files there?
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