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  1. Hey all. My brother is having issues on his PC with saving games, and gets other wierd issues I believe are related. who should the OWNER be on the drive? Is user ID, SYSTEM, or something else? Right now it's just a long sequence of numbers...
  2. I've decided to go with the DS1621+ instead, it has an AMD CPU rated at double the performance of the previous Intel Atom processor models. I'll be adding 16GB of ECC memory to add to the existing 4GB ECC, to make it a total of 20GB I will be building a LB collection larger than 8TB on it (starting with that as my base), and will be testing performance of how this works over a 1GB LAN network to my WIRED desktop as well as wireless computers upstairs in my home. If anyone is interested on updates on how this goes, I'll make another thread after I spend some time with it.
  3. So...finally going to get this NAS after months of an unfortunate delay. Hoping to have it within 2 weeks of this post unless something else goes wrong... I can't wait to test Games & Media on NAS connected over LAN to my main system, and WIFI to the rest of my house. I get the idea from other posts that WIFI may not provide the performance needs, but hoping I can upgrade/tweak that somehow, if not I'll have to figure something else out...I just really want my collection to be able to be shared across the home, and to grow in size too...having everything be uniform would be amazing. Is anyone else using a Synology NAS for this? What did you need to do in DSM to set it up to work? This is my first NAS, so any step by step/tutorial advice for setting up my Launchbox share would be most appreciated. It's currently on an 8TB hard drive but will be moved over to the NAS to live ASAP. (errr copied I guess, I'll keep the external in a closet) also, if the delay is mostly in BIGBOX causing issues with NAS/WIFI, then I'll just use LaunchBox view on all systems...however that would be done....fine with me...if that really improves it.
  4. So renaming that one title to 1943 The Battle of Midway (USA).zip instead of 1943 - The Battle of Midway (USA).zip resolved it, LOL
  5. Okay, so images are importing fine (Wew!), but 1943 is still having issues, likely because of the colon in the original title. I fixed this in my desktop 8TB collection....the filename is actually: 1943 - The Battle of Midway (USA).zip Funny I would have chosen the only game in the entire NES collection I have, the title with the problem, as a test.... Suggestions for renaming this?
  6. No it's correct, I have it exported from my large 8TB collection, as named and that is scraped perfectly for that platform. I'm importing all NES games and we will see soon...
  7. Unless 1943 - *The Battle of Midway on the NES is no longer in the database, it would appear it didn't download (at least via this platform)... I'm going to try several games next, just wanted to get one working before I bothered... * Fixed title, I typed attack on midway earlier, oops
  8. The only drawback I see now with using the existing paid app, is it does not download from the LB database for box art.... 😞 How do I load front box image art at least for these titles without that? Do you know? Thanks.
  9. Ahhh yes I do, thankfully...but I enjoyed the wizard/interface and working with it on my PC, but at least it will work... Is there a Patreon to donate to? Perhaps Jason would be willing to pick this up again if people are willing to pay for it? Would love to see this improved more and more as time goes on....
  10. DAMN...I just got a S20 Ultra Note, and was looking forward to exporting to Android from my collection and building a nice set on my 512GB MicroSD, and noticed it didn't have that feature in tools anymore (in 11.6) - DARN IT!
  11. You should make a huge video of your LB...would help others like me know what direction to aim for... I have 30 PS3 in my 8TB...games are too big, lol... What is PS3 Arcade?
  12. Of those 4, I only have Fujitsu FM Towns running okay. If you need settings, let me know. (msg me)
  13. Yours is probably the closest collection to my own collection from what I see in this thread. I'm at 44,857, but that includes 2,344 vide game related magazines/comics.
  14. It could be the playtime tracker plugin... although I have no idea when I added that vs. when it stopped working. I'll try to remove that and see what happens. Thanks.
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