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  1. I need to reinstall over an install I have on a particular drive that locks up a lot, not responding, just to eliminate that being the issue, but will this reset any of the metadata when I do this? Genre, favorites, etc...anything at all?
  2. Do your Saturn games not extend fully vertically as well LordMonkus?
  3. Interesting I want to do that too, how do I change the shader?
  4. I removed -ss.special nn2x -ss.stretch aspect_int and it seems better, but still not FULL, I get black borders on every side, top and bottom still. what am I missing? I changed the CFG as per above, and removed those lines and still isn't using a lot of my screen space vertically.
  5. Mine did not, although I'm still also using -ss.scanlines 40 -ss.special nn2x -ss.stretch aspect_int -video.driver opengl -video.glvsync 0 -video.blit_timesync 0 -ss.input.port1 3dpad -cd.image_memcache 1 -ss.cart auto as per LordMonkus's post at the top...I'm not sure what I'm supposed to remove, but I'm guessing ss.stretch aspect_int - I'll try and report back for future readers.
  6. I would like to be able to change the default generated one without removing and re-adding one...the ALL GAMES default one is AWFUL!
  7. Does this still work with LaunchBox? (Version 7.6)
  8. Actually, I realized this would be a RetroPI only sort of thing...it will only support Linux it appears.
  9. ODROID-XU4 Said to handle N64 - Dreamcast great....I would love some real-world response/feedback about it working with LB/BigBox. https://www.amazon.com/ODROID-XU4-Single-Board-Computer-Gigabit/dp/B0163GEA64
  10. That is exactly my approach now. I have a main massive 8tb collection and then I have a more curated one that fits on just over 3tb which is very similar to yours, from what you're explaining.
  11. Ahh man sorry, I meant: 3D Fighting Hope it's still open, lol, thanks man, sorry to bug ya so much.
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