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  1. Unlike Dreamcast and Naomi platforms, pressing ESC does nothing...no AHK script works either...anyone able to exit Atomiswave using Demul? What is the trick?
  2. Okay this is annoying...any PAUSE that I do in Retroarch works fine, I can open manuals too...which is really cool, press ESC and it exits, but then when I choose RESUME game, the game is closed, presumably because I pressed ESC to close the manual before that....what is the best way to resolve this so that ESC on the manual doesn't close the game in Retroarch??
  3. ScummVM / DOS (from the ExoDos pack, using DOSBOX) work with PAUSE, but the screen is broken...when returning back to game with ScummVM game the resolution is whacked out with artifacts from different windows up and the game small in a window...with DOSBOX, it reverts to a window...in both cases the BLACK DOS window comes up first and I have to click the actual game in the taskbar... Is it possible to resolve this for these games using PAUSE?
  4. Nevermind, PAUSE now works in MAME...the feature entires stops working after awhile forcing me to restart LB. 😞
  5. MAME fast-forwards with INSERT...what did you do for that one?
  6. Good advice, but for the record, PAUSE seems to work fine in Retroarch, although as you said, it may not work well with all cores...I shall see...
  7. After restarting LB, INSERT seems to be working for everything I've tried 😄 - Thanks! Going to switch to PAUSE for whatever platforms I can though...are you aware of any that conflicts with PAUSE? (that actual KB key)
  8. No dice, it's just not working at all. Restarting to try again...
  9. No other software...unless Nvidia game popup thing that happens in Win10 is interfering somehow...mine looks the same as yours.
  10. Now even Muper64 doesn't work and P just paused like normal...UGH, I guess I won't use this feature. 😞
  11. I tried INSERT, doesn't work for anything....changed to PAUSE (which would be ideal), same thing....now P doesn't work anymore...I don't know what's going on.
  12. I stand somewhat corrected...Mupen64 works with P...now they all seem too...I downloaded a pack to place into L:\LaunchBox\PauseMenu and now basic ones (retroarch for example) seem to work....but still not pcsx2 or dolphin... Anyone have success with those?
  13. I set it up as 'p' key and I've tried several different platforms, p does nothing...what am I missing. I feel like I need a script or something and need to place it somewhere??
  14. I know this is old, but just got around to adding more Naomi 2 games...all work expect beach spikers. I'm doing exactly what you say above, but still tells me it cannot find the CHD...any ideas?
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