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  1. I would love development on this again, that would be great... Even if the file organization has to be messy, as long as I can get it on there, and Launchbox can make it look good...
  2. It's merging the files fine into one game in Launchbox, and prioritizing the US release, which is great, but then when I right-click many of my Game Boy games I get a TON of repeated/duplicated "Duplicate Apps" in the right-click menu... HOW CAN I CLEAN THIS UP EASIEST? I obviously only want one option for each. There is physically only the x1 euro and x1 Japanese rom in the folder, as per this example, so I have no idea why it's creating so many duplicate entries...and it's going it for MANY games... Thanks for any help....
  3. Awesome. What batch file did you use?
  4. Fantastic, any chance of a Hacked Wii and Hacked GameCube Clear Logo too to round out the Nintendo hack stuff I have? Thank you!
  5. My understanding when I converted my PS2 ISO library to.GZ (using max compression setting of 9) that it was completely reversible/lossless too, but Is there a utility out there to go from .GZ to .CHD?...I would want to consider this in order to simply test which one results in better space-saving...
  6. I can't find anything there, but it's an ocean of technical documentation; who knows....I'm just glad that LB works on the actual Desktop; just wish I could figure it out. I guess I'll gave to try a new remote software and see if it does the same thing; for example, with TeamViewer.
  7. This only occurs when remotely connected to my PC at home from work to manage my collection (yes I'm THAT dedicated to Launchbox). At home it works fine and displays as expected. I'm using Connectwise Control to remote connect (fabulous program BTW) (Windows 10 both directions) - any way to fix this so I can do this stuff while I'm slacking at work? Would be so nice....thanks.
  8. Did you ever figure out how to exit? Thanks...will be trying to set up what you wrote here shortly...
  9. …that I can buy for $500 or less that will allow him to enjoy it; obviously he won't be able to play PS3 on such a system, but something that handles PS2 and below really good would be awesome. I can build my own if it comes down to it; but looking for an easy buy before I go that route. Thanks. Any advice...needs to be an actual PC running Windows 10. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for this. I just ended up just going with MAME to emulate it and it loads them up full screen, ready to go...should I be using Wataroo? Does it provide a superior emulation experience with this platform in your experience?
  11. Would also like to know what script to use to CLOSE CLOSE duckstation and avoid the exit UI and prompt to close....
  12. That sounds amazing, but I can't imagine keeping that all running in a JBOG configuration. What if you suffer a hard drive failure? Are you backing this collection somewhere? That cannot be cheap!
  13. Ahhh the flashpoint I have is v9.0 of Flashpoint Ultimate which I will add later to my larger NAS build I'm creating, but not this 8TB one, that makes up most of the "computer" games I think...I have just over 20k in that category, so I'm still short of a supposed 30k...hmmm... I only have 1k hacks. Not sure where to get more. To create a list of what you have, you can go to VIEW up top, choose LIST VIEW, then right click columns and remove ones in the view you don't want on the spread sheet....then ctrl+A (will take awhile) and press CTRL+C to copy it (this will lock up LaunchBox fo
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