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  1. Ah a separate folder would work. Thank you so much for the quick reply! Love LaunchBox and the community here
  2. Unfortunately I won't be able to upgrade this year during the Black Friday deal (from the Regular-License to the Forever-Updates License). When a new update comes, does it update both LaunchBox and BigBox or only LaunchBox? I'm assuming both and I shouldn't update until I can afford to upgrade to the Forever-Updates License.
  3. Here is a slight change. I made this for my raspberry pi 3b+ as using shaders makes it choppy. So I ended up making my own scan lines and put in on the overlay. This makes games run silky smooth. There are two versions here. One with no scan lines so you can use shaders, and the other has scan lines. If you do use the one with scan lines, then in retroarch choose the "retroarch" shader. Its the stock one with a slight blur. I think this version of the game room overlay will be great for smaller screens like your phone or another portable device.
  4. ah sorry Jason...I meant does it work in full screen. Not all apps work in full screen in Dex.
  5. Only change is the very top left, the Title of the game "Turtle Bridge"....you would need to do this to the same layout as mine which you can see in the xml doc. But if you use another layout, just look for the same code.
  6. I love this theme...the only change I made is the font for the Title name. It will change the font to the same as the Time. Its much easier to read the names this way.
  7. Does LaunchBox work in Dex mode?
  8. I would love if when you star a favorite game in big box, that this game would be in two locations instead of just moved to the star location at the beginning of your list. I would like it to also remain in the original place. Metal Slug, if a favorite, is in star at the beginning of the list and also in M. When going through the non-favorite list, it seems weird to have the best games removed and also, seeing games that are not so great, then seeing one of your favorites next to not as good games makes you want to play it. This has been a long time wish of mine. Thought I'd share.
  9. When you favorite a game...its added the the Star in bigbox...but it doesn't get removed from when you are searching through the game list.
  10. Thank you so much! This is a much better solution. Camera pans around the play field. Definitely more interesting. Thank you!
  11. My videos play in landscape and thus look sideways. Is there an option in launchbox to auto rotate? Looks stupid in BigBox
    Thank you! Merry Christmas!
  12. Still not finished, but wanted to share and ask if I can make a new thread dedicated to "Game Room Overlays?" Would anyone be interested in making some more console overlays?
  13. Merry Christmas! Added Christmas lights for the Christmas Holiday season. I'm currently making a Genesis overlay.
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