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  1. @neil9000 Perfect! Thanks alot! And if I wanna play other consoles, they will never end on .exe? They will also end on .(whatever console the game is)?
  2. @neil9000 Oh Thank you for the warning. Where do you usually download the ROMS from? I am such a noob. So Sorry.
  3. @neil9000 Yes I did that. I downloaded the Cores in RetroArch, that I need. And it starts a Window but the game won`t start. It is just a white screen. These are my settings for example.
  4. Good Sunday from Switzerland everyone! I am basically new to the world of emulators and LaunchBox and whatelse there is out there. But a friend of mine had Ninendo games on his computer, what triggered me to try it myself this weekend. So I ended up downloading RetroArch and Launchbox this morning. I followed the steps of a Youtube tutorial. The next step was to download some games. I just went on Romsmania.cc and got the first game they recommended just to try it out. I downloaded and imported the game. Everything seemed to work. Now there is just one huge problem: The game won`t start. And I have no clue where I went wrong or which settings aren`t the right ones. Is there any one or any thing that could help me?
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