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  1. Thanks Jason. I installed a second LB on my SSD with 1 emulator running and the loading times were good, so I think my spinning HD is the problem. I boucht a 2TB SSD, so tomorrow I'll try it out. Thanks for helping
  2. Yes, is there another way to do that? It would be easy if Big Box had the option to start at windows startup but I don't know if that is possible? Maybe in the future?
  3. My windows is installed on a SSD, but my Arcade folder with LB is installed on a spinning hard drive. I have disabled everything to load on boot except BigBox. I don't know the actual speed of my spinning HD. I can't place LB on my SSD because I just have 150GB left. I use it just for Win10 But the strange thing is that if I load BB from my desktop it starts fast, and that black screen?
  4. I want BigBox to start when my computer starts with a startup Video. Here is a list of startup times for BigBox on my computer: PC Boot to desktop: 00:20.24 BB From Desktop: 00:15.39 BB From Desktop with Startup video: 00:16.96 BB From Startup Folder: 00:55.48 BB From Startup Folder with Startup video: 01:17.84 That last one is what I want to use but takes way to long. Here is a detailed list what happens when I load BB From Startup Folder with Startup video: Boot to desktop: 00:20.08 Black screen: 00:36.69 Startup video: 01:03.40 BigBox: 01:17.84 As you can see when my desktop is loaded it takes almost 17 seconds before I get the black screen, and that black screen stays for almost 27 seconds before my startup video begins. Result If I start my computer and start BigBox manually it takes about 38 seconds to load from shutdown. If I do it automatic in the startup folder it takes 78 seconds to load from shutdown. My Question Why do I get that black screen? It takes 40 seconds more to load BigBox from Startup. Why is that and what can I do about it? My Specs Windows 10 Intel i7-4770 3.40GHz 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  5. Ok it is solved. I reinstalled PFX3 and changed the "Emulator Application Path" again to "Pinball FX3.exe" instead of "steam.exe". It works perfect, and for some reason I don't get the extra window "Allow game Launch?" anymore. Strange, I tried that before. Anyway, Thanks for the help guys!!!!
  6. Ok, thanks. One more question, if you open the AutoHotKey.exe in your Launchbox Folder, should AHK start? I get the Message: Script file not found: C:\Users\MyComputer\Documents\AutoHotKey.ahk Is that normal?
  7. Yes, but that is mame, RetroArch and Demul, They don't need AHK to exit
  8. Nope still goes in the pause menu 😞 When I start launchbox shouldn't AHK be running in my task manager? It doesn't show up there.
  9. Still no Luck. The computer I use has got a fresh install of Win 10 and is up to date. I installed LB, a few emulators and Pinball FX3. Just to be sure, there is nothing else needed to make AHK work? That script needs to be placed in "Running AutoHotKey Script"?
  10. Still not working. I think my computer is missing something or I'm doing it all wrong.
  11. I tried everything I found on the forum but nothing works. When I press Esc PFX3 goes into pause menu. I use a legit version of PFX3 with Steam. I can load single tables with cabinet mode. I only use my keyboard for now just to setup my arcade cabinet. In LB my Emulator Application Path is set to Steam.exe, setting it to Pinball FX3.exe a window opens "Allow game launch?" In "Running AutoHotKey" I typed: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } I've set AutoHotKey.exe to run as administrator Nothing works for me, Can anyone help me please?
  12. Can't get rid of screen tearing with hlsl I'm using direct 3d to render and have recently started using HLSL but I cannot seem to get rid of screen tearing, even if I enable triple buffering, verticle sync, ect. The only way to get rid of the tearing is to disable HLSL and then it seems to work properly again. Does anyone else have this problem at all? I'm using the latest version of mame with a 660gtx
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