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  1. We did this by adding a new platform under a different emulator. This allowed us to maintain the Neo Geo MVS under MAME and Neo Geo AES under Retroarch's Neo core. We may have manually populated the descriptor sets under the platform (then again the devs may have made this easier by now) So now we have two separate platform lists. One recognized under Arcade, and the other under Consoles.
    This is a simple and fantastic tool that helped us identify missing media, identify duplicates, and prune media that was not required. Thank you
  2. Might be resurrecting a post already resolved, but recently gave up Zinc in favor of PSXMAME. It is pretty old as well, but allows the use of PSX plugins. Believe it is currently configured with GSdx (Yes..the PCSX2 graphics plugin). Launchbox points to all the compatible 3D games as the primary emulator, and using reg MAME for all others.
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