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  1. digitalpowertrip

    Startup screen interfering with emulator focus

    My issue was that after I turned off the Startup Screen... it was still happening. I restarted LB after turning it off and I'm back to the way I was. Thanks!
  2. digitalpowertrip

    Startup screen interfering with emulator focus

    I'm having this same issue. Even if I turn off the loading screen it still shows and hides the emulator. It also shows 2 different loading screens... the one I had and a new one I've never seen before. (I use RocketLaucher with BigBox)
  3. digitalpowertrip

    Where to put video for playlist

    Figured it out... for playlist videos, you need to make a folder under the Themes\Unified Refried\Videos\ folder named "Playlists" and put it under that. Hope this helps someone.
  4. digitalpowertrip

    Where to put video for playlist

    I'm using Unified Refried and have a custom playlist. I made a video for the playlist and put it in the Themes\Unified Refried\Videos\Platforms folder with the videos I have for other platforms. It won't load, I'm I doing something wrong? Just as an FYI, I did set the playlist to load as a platform. Thanks in advance!
  5. digitalpowertrip

    Tankstick help

    Retro808 - It is now sorted! Thank you so much!!! PS this option works well with LB/BB and RL!
  6. digitalpowertrip

    Tankstick help

    MAME .201 64bit EXE is mame64.exe I really appreciate this. It's driving me nuts and worse, I'm at work and can't test it till 6:00 PM EST!
  7. digitalpowertrip

    Tankstick help

    Do you remember off hand where in the UI of MAME this is... I was in and out of BB, RL and MAME for 6 hours last night and never saw that lol! If I can get this to work I swear I will send you that $20 bucks!
  8. digitalpowertrip

    Tankstick help

    I have an X Arcade Tankstick that I want to use without having to have a keyboard present after running LaunchBox/Bigbox (I'm a premium subscriber). I have Rocketlauncher set as my emulator in LB/BB so that I can make use of fades and bezels. The issue is that with the Tankstick being emulated as a keyboard, I need to bind the P1 and P2 buttons to equal pressing escape. I have an autohotkey script in my LB/BB for: ~1 & 2:: Send, {Esc} Return This tests out in Rocket Launcher's Autohotkey editior and in Autohotkey with notepad as pressing escape on the keyboard. However, no matter if I set this script in LB/BB or in RL or in both it does nothing when MAME is running. I have tried so many script combos, I'm ready to say "F it" and just keep a keyboard handy. Has anyone figured out a way to overcome this limitation of the Tankstick with LB/BB & RL? $20 paypal to the person who can make this work!
  9. digitalpowertrip

    Refresh media option?

    Last night there was something going on with the connection speed at Launchbox, I left my install running (pulling images) this morning there were 19k timed out images... so 19k missing things this morning. I found how to refresh on a single game, my question... is there an option to do a global refresh to search and find missing images? It would be a pain to go through the roughly 400 MAME games that have no media at all and do this individually.
  10. digitalpowertrip

    Extremely slow download speed

    I just ran a google speed test and I'm getting 117mbps. I'm only getting .2 mbps from Launchbox??? Is there an alternative download link? Thanks