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  1. Hey mrcleen74, finally got around to trying your fix of adjusting the delay to around 1 second instead of the default. Has worked with several MAME games that I tested. Will further test with other systems as well. I just upgraded to 9.3 before tryin this, so it works there too. Nice find, thanks!
  2. thanks mrcleen74, I'll give this a try this weekend. I'm running several emulators through RL so I'll post which this does/does not work for if there are differences, as I noticed some quirks with this as i was working on my system over the holiday. Agree, great community that has helped me immensely with my build.
  3. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. The Startup screens in LB do work if you are not using bezels in RL. Might also be an issue with overlays, but I haven't tested that independently. I've decided to go with bezels and no startup screens for MAME and no bezels and startup screens for DOS.
  4. Hi, I've been setting up exodos games in LaunchBox via Rocketlauncher. When running a game directly from RocketLauncher, dosbox opens, launches the game in fullscreen, and the bezel displays correctly. When launching from Launchbox, the game launches, but it is hidden behind the game startup screen. I've tried the individual and combinations of startup override settings, but nothing works other than disabling the startup screen, which is a shame as that's a pretty cool feature. Looks like its some sort of window focus issue. Would be glad to try any other tweaks/settings if anyone has any ideas. I'm running Windows 10, Launchbox 9.2 Thx!
  5. OK, interesting. I'm using a GGG GP-WIZ 40. Windows does not recognize the rotary stick as a mouse. MAME recognizes the stick movements correctly, but not the rotation. Can you provide your ikari.cfg settings?
  6. Hey NJDave71, what settings are you using to run SNK games with the Happ rotary stick through launchbox? My arcade machine recently crashed and I've had to rebuild from scratch. Got everything working except for the rotary part of that stick. I've been trying combos of roto-x settings and MAME sensitivity/speed controls with no luck. Any details on your config would be appreciated.
  7. Hey folks, thanks for the replies. lordmonkus: this only happens with some games, and extract rom archive is unchecked. belgarath: Launchbox is pointing to rocketlauncher and launching most games fine. However, for some reason some of the more recently added roms did not pick it up. I checked the emulation tab and sure enough, it was not configured. So that is fixed now. THANK YOU! Not sure why that happened since most of the games applied that config when they were added. bundangdon: I hear you. Ran into that same issue when I was first setting this up, but figured that one out. Thanks everyone for the help! Nice to know this is a really active forum!
  8. Hi, I'm having issues with some roms not running correctly from LaunchBox, although they run fine if run via the RocketLauncher UI. I'm using the default command line parameters provided by Launchbox when selecting Rocket Launcher as the emulator. Basically, instead of the game launching, the rom file opens up in 7zip. Other 7zip roms work fine from Launchbox. The ones that don't work in Launchbox do work when run from the Rocketlauncher UI, so I know the rom is good. There's nothing in the RL log, so it looks like the command isn't getting that far. it looks more like its just trying to open the archive file as if double-clicking on it in the file system. I've removed/re-added the rom, shut down/restarted Launchbox and the PC, but no luck. Any ideas? Thx!
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