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  1. Hi guys, I have a full MAME 0.205 split set (all ROMs, all CHDs and all samples). When I try to rebuild the set as non-merged, I get around 14 errors (shown below). Now, I realised that these errors related to samples, so I had a look in the samples folder and found that I have all the parent samples e.g fantasy.zip but I’m missing the folders listed in the scan window In searching for an answer, I came across some older samples online for the errors associated with the NES cart stuff, which basically just involved adding blank directories that related to the missing folders.
  2. Edit: ignore me, I have been using the bat on a split set and wondering why some games weren’t working Guess I’ll have to convert the set to non-merged and re-import.
  3. Hi guys, I've got a quick question about the "add to" path in Clrmamepro. Currently all my update packs e.g. 0.202, 0.203 and 0.204 are in their own directories. Can I move these in to a parent directory called "Update" and point Clrmamepro to that using the "add to" path? My logic is that once the settings for the “add to” path are defined, I can simply drop in the 0.205 sub directory and run another scan. In theory Edit: It doesn’t work. From what I can see, you need to have each update directory defined as its own line in the “add to” path. 3 packs, 3 lines etc
  4. I've built a 2-player arcade cabinet based on an older Dell Optiplex 7010 with an i7 3770 and added 1050Ti. I've never had an issue with snes9x and just haven't found the need to change to Higan... maybe I will. To be honest I only chose Demul because I kept seeing it mentioned everywhere but I'm always looking to compare options. I've been looking in to a Retroarch dreamcast core vs standalones, so I'll take a look at Redream and see what it offers
  5. Looking through the thread and my setup, this is what I use. Anything obviously amiss or new cores out there that I should consider? NES Retroarch Mesen SNES Retroarch Snes9x GBA Retroarch mGBA GB/GBC Retroarch Sameboy N64 Retroarch Mupen64plus Mast/Mega/CD Retroarch GenesisGX Plus Saturn Standalone Mednafen Beetle Dreamcast Standalone Demul Playstation Standalone Mednafen Beetle PS2 Standalone PCSX2 PSP Standalone PPSSPP GC / Wii Standalone Dolphin Wii U
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