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  1. Hi, what (or where) is your tutorial on uploading the images? Did it work for you with eXoDOS? Thanks!!
  2. djarthur78

    Games Missing

    OK, so I tried to add Mega Man 2 and it was laready there in the database (of course it would be for such a classic) When i Scan for Added ROMS it didnt get picked up So I re-imported the platform and they picked up. So not sure why Scan for Added ROM's didnt pick them up? But I have them in now. Thanks for any assistance
  3. djarthur78

    Games Missing

    I currently have 716 NES games added, but only one of those Mega Man games made it into that 716? So it seems that NES is setup correctly and that having them as ZIP isn't a problem either?
  4. djarthur78

    Games Missing

    Hi, Fairly new to all this and having some problems with some ROMS. I have all the NES and SNES Megaman game, but they arent showing up when i add those systems or when I run an audit. Here is a screenshot of the names of my ROMS in the NES folder. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks