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  1. Thank you yet again Retro I'll give the thread a read and see if it has any answers
  2. I spent the morning setting up Rpcs3 with the intent of playing demon's Souls When the game started up the audio would skip for a half second about every 2-4 seconds The audio skipping wasn't horrible so I just ignored it... but once I got into the game this is what I saw as you can see the gui works fine but you cant actually see anything in game. The game is running fine my character responds to all controller inputs, I just cant see anything. here are my settings If anyone knows the reason for the problem any help would be appreciated
  3. Wow thank you for the insite, I've been using emuparadise for years and had no idea that they had a forums section. Also I've never even heard of the Internet archive. I'll check them all out, and I'll refrain from requesting download links in the future.
  4. Never mind guys fixed it my self I just needed to change a few configurations in the emulator and it started working again The iso wasn't the problem after all. That'll show me not to make assumptions like that I guess.
  5. Does any one have a working iso file for god of war (usa) ? I recently got the file for it off of emuparadise but the file is ether broken or is bogged down by some kind of piracy protection. It plays normally until the area in the tutorial where the flying enemies are introduced. These flying enemies can't be hit for some reason making advancing past this point impossible. Also the chests in the game are missing some of their textures for some reason. (Some are missing chunks of their 3d models and others dont have the glowing lights that they are meant to have) And during
  6. I have two games in my launch box that disappear seemingly every time I close the program and open it again. I have to re-import them both every time I start launchbox back up. The games are "silhouette mirage" for the ps1 and castlevania lament of innocence" for the ps2. If anyone has any idea why this might be happening I would appreciate any help.
  7. I recently set up Pcsx2 in Launch Box and it is working beautifully. I used the tutorial titled "LaunchBox Tutorials - Emulating PS2 with PCSX2" on YouTube to get it all set up. Great video but I have encountered one wired issue so far. When I launched a game of devil my cry I got this strange video effect where parts of the video overlap itself (See Pictures below) Also this doesn't happen during the first pre-rendered cut scene or in the menus only in the game engine stuff it would seem. I have no idea what is happening or how to fix it so any help would be we
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