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  1. If I run this command in a separate install of auto hot key run, C:\Users\705 arcade\Desktop\pinballfx\Xpadder.exe it works fine. But when putting it in the AHK script for the emulator it does nothing. Seems like nothing works like AHK is not working at all in launchbox.
  2. tried everything listed. Sometimes it will pick up the command as like I am pressing the esc key and bring me to the pause menu. Using legit copy of fx3 thru steam.
  3. I checked to make sure everything is like the what the op said. And I have the cabinet code enabled but keep getting this error
  4. I want to run android games on my arcade machine also. I have not tried yet but when I do first try will be with bluestacks seems to be the most legit. https://www.bluestacks.com/?utm_campaign=aw-ded-AndroidGamesOnPC-en-ca-s-1&gclid=CjwKCAiA45njBRBwEiwASnZT53jJuTGfovbu4FeO_-y7oc6GldcYELa-bjT2Bx2__3vRQn-fcp4UyRoCLukQAvD_BwE
  5. Thank you DOS76 that was the solution
  6. PS1 games are in rar format. When trying to launch the game from launchbox even with the option selected in launchbox to decompress them just get the working icon then nothing happens. Emulator beetle hw and psx rearmed in retroarch tested working. Anything I should be looking into or tips.
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