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  1. Ok so i heard that the latest xbox (original) emulators are actually fairly decent at present. I was up in my loft and got my old xbox games out of storage and wanted to see if i could put them onto my pc and play them via the emulators. However when i put one of the disks in the dvd drive all i got was.....nothing..... The disks span and span and yet nothing would show up. I read up abit on the matter and some places said in order for me to get my games OFF the disks and onto my pc as an ISO file that i need to have BOTH my xbox switched on and connected to my pc at the same time + have custom fireware installed on the xbox in order for me to access a menu were i can copy my game files onto my pc.......................... Is that right? is there SERIOUSLY no easier way for me to get my games off the dvd disks onto my computers hard drive in an ISO format an easier way?
  2. I recently downloaded the latest UOYabause (windows) and now nothing works anymore...…... no matter what I try and boot (cue,ccd,disk image) it just boots upto memory manager I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the older version (which worked) but now that too does the exact same thing Does anyone have any idea what the hells happened here and why its no longer wanting to work? All I did was just update to the latest edition like what ive always done and now its just completely bricked
  3. i have some in CCD and some in CUE and some in disk image no matter what format I have them in mednafen of bios in order for it to work like what the Saturn version does?
  4. ok so I'm trying to emulate ps1 games in retroatch via mednafen but no matter what i do nothing works.. i downloaded the mednafen beetle core i googled the ps1 bios mednafen needs and put that into system told retroatch where the bios is. Tried to boot a game and it just doesn't boot up at all.... Did i miss something? How many files are meant to be with the ps1 emulator? It said i needed the USA sch....i forget the exact number - but i know i got it seriously what am idoing wrong
  5. I cant find an answer for this bit - is there a way to turn scan lines OFF-ON? my mame seems to have them switched on automatically and I want them OFF if at all possible is tyhere like an F1 button I can press to switch them on-off at all?
  6. is nothing meant to happen? i downloaded the file, extracted it into a folder , put the fighters mega mix bin and cue file into the same folder, double clicked cueTOgdiTochd a menu opens up and closes and then nothing.
  7. i just noticed though that my PD2 is in cue/bin format and loads in mednafen. So why is that loading but mega mix only opens in Kronos?
  8. is there a way for me to change the format from bin/cue to CHD/cue?
  9. bin and cue. Basically the same as PD2 which is also bin/cue. I wasn't aware any of the emulators ran any of the games in zip format
  10. an odd question but im curious if anyone has an answer. i installed retroatch, i installed Saturn beetle (mednafen) i installed the beetle bios required. Now here's were it gets confusing.... i select beetle core, open panzer dragoon 2 and it works fine. I try and do the same for fighters mega mix....refused to load...instead opens up with Khronos? anyone got any ideas why it's not opening with what i told it to. also has mednafen got NO options to improve things such as AA or MSAA or anything else? The games look utterly terrible by every other emulators standards that I've used. I know the games DID look that bad originally but even my ps1 emulator has options to try and improve the looks. Don't any of the Saturn emulators have this basic feature?
  11. I've read blue stacks is one of the worst for running games. I've seen it struggle to even play sonic cd.... Most people keep telling me MEnu or LDplayer are the best for games but then others say there full of bloat ware
  12. Ok guys I need some help here Im wanting to play these games on my PC EPIC SEVEN NEPTUNIA AND FRIENDS however these are android/ISO only games....so in order to play them on my PC I need an Android emulator. Ive heard a LOT of bad things about android emulators though such as they are filled with bloat ware and and that it downloads crap without asking u to ur hdd. Ive also read a lot of android emulators are actually rubbish at playing these games aside from MEnu-Player and something called LDPlayer?? Any advice would be good because I REALLY want to play and review these games for my youtube channel
  13. has or does anyone know what configs/video settings to adjust for these games Sega ages virtua fighter 2 and fighting vipers no matter what setings i use the games look a total mess. I've tried forcing the driver as my 970, using opengl, dx9 and 11. Practically everything I can think of yet they just look a mess. i switch it all off and use native settings and even that appears to run badly (the vf2 characters are all black, vf runs slow) and I'm not sure what's the issue
  14. if I can run a game like Mario kart 8 perfectly, gamecube resident evil code veronica x perfectly and various others....yet this Saturn emulator cant run fighting vipers while my am2 emulator can...…….Christ..... just like when I actually owned a Saturn back when it first came out its disappointed me yet again. I literally just wana play 2 games off it and that's it. If mednafen really is the best emulator for this console then someone needs to go back and start again because its awful if its this badly made. Thanks for the help guys but im just gona leave this alone. Its not worth the hassle to just play 2 average games at best. Ill just stick to my other games or focus on emulators which can actually work properly
  15. since when? dolphin uses my gpu to run the games, redream is using my gpu to run games, nulldc and demul seem to be using my gpu to run the games, my n64 games seem to be running off the gpu, cemu while it does take stuff from my cpu its using my gpu to run it Even my psx emulator is using my gpu to run stuff. This is practically the only emulator ive used which has been a nightmare to get to bloody run anything Your HONESTLY telling me there are no settings in this emulator to change things to run off my gpu? I cant do things like add AA or change the resolution to a higher setting? this emulator just isn't worth it if that's the case
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