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  1. Hello, I'm running Unified Refried, haven't tested this on other skins with star graphics. When displaying star graphics, the command line CommunityStarRating properly displays graphics for 5., 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5. The bug/glitch is for the command line StarRating (to display your personal scores), which only displays graphics for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In other words, it does not show scores ending with .5. If you select 2.5, it will display 2. If you select 4.5, it will display 4. etc. (it's not an issue of my custom graphics, half coins do display when using community ratings) I'm pretty sure this is a bug of Launchbox/Big Box, because it's calling directly a command line. Shouldn't be an issue of Unified refried. Has anyone else had this problem? Any testers wanna check out? Just replace CommunityStarRating with StarRating in xaml files, you'll see. bug.MOV
  2. radicalblues

    Help with Clear Logos

    Oh my bad, thanks!! Just curious, how do you even get the default ones for Big Box? I like most of Unified Refried better, but also like some of the default ones (like the ones regular Unified uses on youtube videos). Noob at this Having a blast with unified refried, best theme ever!! ❤️
  3. radicalblues

    Help with Clear Logos

    Where did you download the clear logos for unified refried? I can't seem to find the option
  4. So, this is how my Big Box looks. I have NES and SNES logos and that's it. I can't remember if I downloaded them manually or if that's automatic. Where do you get other clear logos? Is there an option to auto download? Cause mine aren't downloading. I like the look of the console clear logos for the Unified theme, seeing from YouTube videos. Is there a place I can download these manually? I'm just adding manually consoles like Famicom and Super Famicom manually by typing them in when exporting games, since they don't appear on the list. Am I doing right?
  5. radicalblues

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Thanks for your previous help! I've been doing some tweaks and I almost have what I want. I'm running into a really weird problem. I'm using Unified + Unified Refried themes. So I've replaced the default stars pngs with some of my own creation. They're working nicely, but the weird thing is that ratings with .5 are not showing. I get 4 instead of 4.5, 3 instead of 3.5, etc. Also to be noted, I've replaced CommunityStarRating for StarRating on my screens, so I see my own user set scores on big box, instead of depending on community ratings (most games aren't even rated, so it's kinda boring) My 4.5 stars graphic is in the proper folder, too. It's just loading the 4 stars graphic instead, for some reason. Example:
  6. radicalblues

    Big Box Cinematix Theme Video

    Necroposting to clear a question that was also asked here... Can I download the cinematix videos from a website instead of from Launchbox? Are they in emumovies or any mega or anything like that?
  7. radicalblues

    What collection do these videos belong to?

    They're gorgeous but I can't find them for download anywhere, where are they and are there more for every platform? please say yes
  8. radicalblues

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Apologies for double posting... I'm tweaking Unified Refried just a little more, and I want to add Developer and Publisher before Genre in the lower bar. So I find this string: <!-- GENRE --> <TextBlock Text=" Genre: " FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontSize="50" Foreground="Red" DockPanel.Dock="Left" TextAlignment="Left" /> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.GenresString}" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontSize="50" Foreground="White" DockPanel.Dock="Left" TextAlignment="Left" /> I'm guessing I'd just have to copypaste the same thing, replacing "{Binding Path=ActiveGame.GenresString}" for something besides "Genre". Anyone knows the proper strings to call for Developer and for Publisher? Tried the obvious names, but not working
  9. radicalblues

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Well duh, that was it of course. Thanks!
  10. radicalblues

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    I'm trying to do a very simple change to Unified Refried, trying to display months and days (default is just years). I'm trying this code: Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.ReleaseDate, StringFormat=yyyy.mm.dd}" But for some weird reason I don't get months to display. All days are fine, but months are always 00, any ideas guys?
  11. radicalblues

    Unified Refried problems

    Changed the box priorities in Launbox and it worked beautifully, thanks! Where do you switch off the games detail screen? I can't seem to find the option. So many things to learn, but love how versatile this is!
  12. radicalblues

    Unified Refried problems

    If the alternating theme is working as intended, no worries, that's fine. It just seemed weird to me that it was switching all of sudden. Here's how it currently looks, below. On normal scrolling menu / on pressing play game screen. I'm just having ONE thing I'd like to change... I don't like 3D boxes, is there an option to change them for normal flat boxes? If it's not an option, I'm guessing I'd have to edit the .xaml files. It should be a simple line of code or something. Anyone with experience on .xaml files can point me in the direction of this change? 3D box arts are just not my thing.
  13. radicalblues

    Unified Refried problems

    Attatched down here is what I'm looking right now. I have installed Unified Refried and Unified Refried SNES addon. Edit: I was having trouble switching view. Just figured out I hadn't set my "switch view" key, duh. That got rid of the samus down there and sent my game covers/carts flying in. However, my theme still seems to revert to the "no addon" version of SNES when accessing the game, how do I fix that? The jump just seems weird. Problem: I have the SNES addon when browsing games, and when I press ok to play one and the side menu comes out, I lose the addon. How to fix? Extra question: is there a way to set flat art boxes as default? I don't fancy 3D boxes very much. Just like the one below.
  14. radicalblues

    Doing some minor changes (publisher, dates, star graphics)

    Yeah I made a copy and I'm editing that, but probably I'm just not even in the right file. I see no lines to control things like individual text lines... My OCD is killing me and I just wanna fix these little things, lol.
  15. Hey all, just bought the premium version of LaunchBox and I'm really happy with it. Mostly. It says it should attend all of my OCDs, but there are some obvious display changes I want to make. So, here's the current info tab: Nice, but I want the following changes: -Make separate lines for platform, publisher and developer. -Also make a separate line for release date, with yyyy.mm.dd format (master race). -On star ratings, I wanna remove the last 2 lines, to only show my own star rating on text. Don't care about the others. So, end display should look like this: Arkanoid Platform: NES Release: 1986.12.26 Publisher: Taito Developer: Taito Rating: Not Rated Genres: Action; Breakout Play Mode: Multiplayer (Stars graphic) Your Star Rating: 3 How do I go around editing this? I've found GameDetailsView.xaml, but editing this file doesn't seem to affect the look of the final thing, at all. Any help?