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  1. I found out that mesen core in retroarch newest build works for nes. I havent tried any other system atm
  2. Any updates on this topic? I just got my aimtrak gun working in mame but having a struggle with retroarch. Thx
  3. Have you ever figured this out? I just got my gun and could use help with retroarch
  4. Hey Guys... loving these but a few im looking for I cant seem to find... any help is mad appreciated: Pinball FX3 Doujin Soft Commodore Amiga CD32 Trackball Games Best to All
  5. Oh shit.. thank you for helping
  6. Hey guys. I have bigbox all setup and running unified refried theme. I'm missing some system clear logos when in the theme, so they are just showing up as text. I found the logos I need but when I put them in with the others they still dont show. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks for any help
  7. Hi guys. I'm trying to add additional "systems" to my bigbox setup, as in (lightgun games and trackball games). Is there a guide into doing this. I tried to search but couldn't seem to find any help. Thanks
  8. sorry, im using FS-UAE through rocketlauncher. i get the games to load up but just with that error. my roms are .ipf
  9. for commodore amiga, im getting a floppy disk image when loading games and an error stating that ipf support (capsimg) plugin not installed.... i downloaded this plugin and put it in the plugin folder but still wont work. .. has anyone encountered this?
  10. Kmetz7547

    Joypad mapping

    I'm not sure but I could give that a try. Very much appreciated
  11. Kmetz7547

    Joypad mapping

    For emulation in windows. I use dual shock 4 with input mapper. When I map controls (ex. Mame) they get assigned a joy #. But after a couple reboots, the joy number is changed so I have to remap again. Wondering if anyone here can help me
  12. Another noob question. In mame playing a playchoice 10 rom. How to you select channel and start game? These are different then just add coin and start.. Thanks for all the help lately
  13. Kmetz7547

    mame high scores

    how do you get mame to save high scores?
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