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  1. Please help. I dont understand. I have 135 systems on my setup. For some reason running this one using mame, I cannot access the mame menu to set controls. I tried a fresh download of mame as well. Games boot up but controls arent functioning.
  2. Damon pro works great with ps2, is there the issue of getting it to boot from lb why we dont have this emu an option?
  3. Any chance we will get support back for ps2 (damon pro) and sega saturn (yaba sanshiro) ... not trying to nag, but they were there a few updates ago and now gone... thx
  4. @Jason Carr attatched is a list of systems ive tried so far.. if anyone wants to update or share to this, feel free to edit and repost with your findings.. Not sure if this will help or not LB Android.xlsx
  5. I'm not sure either are pro, both bring me to the play stores free version. I own the pro version.
  6. Also, Neo Geo Aes just opens the emu.. doesnt load game
  7. @Jason Carr Issue with PS2 Damon.. both emus available are the same free version.. the pro version isnt there
  8. NEC Turbo Graphx 16 works with PCE emu... but NEC Turbo Graphx CD wont show me any available emulator to choose
  9. Damon is an android emulator working for Sony Playstation 2 (roms have to be extracted though in iso format).. but it works
  10. Fmsx is an android emulator that runs microsoft msx and microsoft msx2 systems
  11. So if I have super famicom on my PC with artwork and all scraped with snes and running retroarch.. then shouldn't it show retroarch as a emulator when exported to android? Or am I missing something?
  12. I kinda think I know what u mean. Although when I set it up on pc, nintendo super famicom was an option. I didnt have to scrape as.. hmm.. I can keep testing
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