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  1. Hi sorry to bother but where can I find new version? I think I'm good enough with google search, never had problems with findings but after a few try I decide to ask question and stop loosing time ;] If You can't give direct links please tell me what should i put into google search...
  2. Hi! Please help me with mz problem. After exporting UUID files to LB i trz to run them using launcher_uuid.exe but when i try the below error is occured: Maybe someone knows what this error mean (black window, in white window it is said in my language that program stop working, and i can closed the program or try to find the solution in internet and close the program). EDIT--> solution find! I just read previous post and find the solution. salute!
  3. If theres someone who got this problem (hundreds of missing photos) and find the solution please let me know. salute.
  4. Hi I got same problem. Like You write in tutorial I DID NOT download any metadata at the when I add bat files to the collection. I DID download metadata in the second step after backup my data file just like in the instruction, or maybe this means something different :
  5. Amiga - best setup guide that works

    Thanx a lot for the answer. I don't know why but i was pretty sure they must be in one zip archive to assigned all discs (in multidisc games) to one game automatic. I will unzipped all my adf games and scan them by FS-UAE. Thanx again. Peace.
  6. Amiga - best setup guide that works

    Hi all! Zombeaver first of all big thanks for the tutorial. Amiga was my second computer after C64 back in '90 and i was crazy about it. After one year of using LB and checking the posibilities right now i'm building my collection from the scratch paying attention to all the details. I'm finishing my C64 collection right now and next one is Amiga. I was importing amiga games before using your tutorial but i can't remember one thing concerning ADF files. I knwo you dont mess with them too much but maybe You or any other user can help me. Problem is that theres a lot of WHLoad Amiga games but not all of them, there are some that are only avalible in ADF format that I want in my collection. Last time I got some problems when I add ADF files, I had to add them again and there was some issues and I lost bunch of time reinastaling FS-UAE and doing everything from scratch. It was connected with the ADF files - finally my question ;];];] - i do not remember if i should zip them in one files (multi disc games) or leave them separately in ADF format when scanning with FS-UAE ? I remember one method works and after scanning FS-UAE 'sse' them and add to collection and second option do not work and FS-UAE do not add them. Which method is correct - one zip files with multiple disc for one game or multiple discs in adf format? Salute man and thanks again for the tutorial - truly the best tutorial for LB for me.
  7. Hi! I got question - could I name new platform different from "eXoDOS" ? I've got my own platform name convention that I want to maintain.
  8. AUDIT Function do not work correct

    Props man. Problem solve. Thread can be closed. Salute.
  9. Hi guys! I'm testing Audit platforms function right now (Audit option from Tools menu) and something is wrong (at least for me). I'm working on 7.10 version and when i audit lets Nintendo SNES console it shows incorrect information about images for specific games. LB shows that I got 2 pieces of 3D box images for game - but when I check it by clicking it shows box front (2D) image and 3D box image. For 3D cart images it show 4 images and when i checked them it shows 2d box image, 3d box image, 2d cart image and 3d card image. I delete all the images for one of my game and add them again to see if problem dissapear. i download one image for : box 2d, box 3d, cart 2d and cart 3d - and audit function still shows wrong information - it shows that i got 2 pieces of 3d box, 4 pieces of 3 cart, etc. etc. Am I doing something wrong or this function is not working correct for other user too? best regards
  10. Thanx for the answer. Waiting for new version with videosnaps 😎
  11. Ok it works now. The problem now is that many of my media pictures do not have the exact same name as the game (many of them got "(USA)" or "Europe)" text in file name after game title). They are connect to game in launchbox but when i click "Filter missing items" this games are shown in the list. Other question - it is possible to add videos, manuals and music samples to the listing? Any help will be apriciated.
  12. Hi I got below error when try to use Your aplication. It seems like it search for xml file not in folder I choose but in folder that You got xml files. The highlighted text is in polish language but it says that program cant find xml file in specified path - as you can see its different path from what i choose
  13. Hi I got question - is there a way to filter games without videosnaps? I would like to spend my vacation on upadating games media but its hard to check every game if they have videosnaps, back cover, etc etc. It would be great if theres an option or tool that show me a list of games from selected platform that do not have videosnaps or back cover or music sample. Awaiting Your comments. Any help will be aprriciated.