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  1. Do You create videos as well or just a static image? I would more than interested in videos.
  2. Any help in pointing me what file and what string of text to search?
  3. I try to tweak my bigbo build after I saw CoinOPS frontend. What I mean is when I scroll thru the games list and I stop on specific game there is a delay before game video appears. I would like to shorten this delay so the Video appears instantly. Is there an option for this? I use colorfull theme right now but from what I check its the same with other themes. Any comments?
  4. Yes, I missed Amstrad GX4000, thanks for pointing that out. I just want to say your work is flawless, keep it up.
  5. Hi! No love for Commodore? Where's Commodore VIC-20 and Commodore Plus 4? Lol I'm kidding but it would be nice if someone made below videos that I'm missing in my collection: Commodore Plus 4 Commodore VIC-20 Acorn BBC Micro Amstrad GX4000 Microsoft MSX Turbo R Nintendo Sufami Turbo Philips Videopac+ Pinball Arcade Pinball FX3 Sega Genesis MSU Texas Instruments TI99-4A Thomson MO5 Thomson TO8 Zaccaria Pinball
  6. Yes. Program do not look at extension at all. If there is no "(" in name folder name is the same as filename. If I know before that you work like that i would send you this program earlier. I thought im the only one stupid enough to spend so much time working with files before addin them to LB
  7. I'm working with the same pattern. I could speed up a little Your work. Times ago I made file2folder alternative called files2folder. By using it You will get one folder with all the roms that varies by what is after (. So basically it will put in one folder called for example: Metroid all below roms: Metroid (USA).. Metroid (EUR).. Metroid (Hack)... Metroid (Beta)... I add this program as attachment. feel free to check it and good luck with Your collection. Files2folder.bat
  8. vahacris

    eXoDOS v4

    a lot of stuff is going on on forum but from what i see nobody notice that eXoDOS v,4.0 is already out !!! great work eXo. thanks a lot for that
  9. Thanks for the info man.
  10. Hi guys. Please clear that for me a little bit. After downloading I end up with separately 5 volumes. Do i have to setup.bat all of them and after that move and copy folders to my original launchbox folder? Or first move files and then run setup.bat? Maybe someone could give me a little help?
  11. Thanks man. I try to put your answer to google translator. Hope it will translate it good.
  12. Thanks guys. I will check your clues. Salute.
  13. Oh i have to check it. Thanks man.
  14. Thanks anyway for the answer. Maybe someone plays sega cd and give me an answer.
  15. Hi. Is there a way to run mame games clones in big box? I had them in mame collection as additional apps.
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