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  1. vahacris

    eXoDOS v4

    a lot of stuff is going on on forum but from what i see nobody notice that eXoDOS v,4.0 is already out !!! great work eXo. thanks a lot for that
  2. Thanks for the info man.
  3. Hi guys. Please clear that for me a little bit. After downloading I end up with separately 5 volumes. Do i have to setup.bat all of them and after that move and copy folders to my original launchbox folder? Or first move files and then run setup.bat? Maybe someone could give me a little help?
  4. Thanks man. I try to put your answer to google translator. Hope it will translate it good.
  5. Thanks guys. I will check your clues. Salute.
  6. Oh i have to check it. Thanks man.
  7. Thanks anyway for the answer. Maybe someone plays sega cd and give me an answer.
  8. Hi. Is there a way to run mame games clones in big box? I had them in mame collection as additional apps.
  9. Really no one playing sega cd 32x games? Im sure the same problem is with sega cd multiple disc games. Any help?
  10. Hi. I see many of you guys had SEGA CD 32X in your collections, but I wonder if you play those games or just have them? I have question how to change disc in those games? I use retroarch to emulate SEGA CD 32X but can't find option to eject disc 1 and insert disc 2. Four of sega cd 32x games had multiple discs so its a problem. I wonder if any one can help me. Another problem is controller setup for Corpse Killer game. All other games work well but in this game gamepad not responding. I can go to retroarch, fastforward key is working but d-pad and buttons are not working and i can't leave the menu. I read in orginal instruction that the game can be played with light gun or gamepad, so i config lightgun in retroarch too but it still don't work. Any help will be aprrciated.
  11. Last question ;] I understand that the new edition will be Launchbox compatible like v3.11 ? If Yes I will patiently wait for it ;] Salute
  12. Oh. If you said many changes i understand we should wait for it for a while... I dont know if i can 😁 all those games really seduce me. Please let me know if its a matter of weeks or months before droppin it? Im not bitchin for accurate date, just want to know if i can wait that much 😎 Again big props man. If you ever conduct your plan with win 95 games collection you should get some official medal or something.
  13. Hi exo. I just want to ask if nothing change in your plans of releasing full v3. 11 with all volumes in one download. If this still in plan i just wait because it would be easier to grab them and import to LB that way. Props for your hard work as always man.
  14. Ok thanks man. I dont know about ini file. I will check it. I can map controller in mame afer launching a game and go to setup. But im still Wonder whats the deal with exe file.
  15. Hi all. I've got some problem with MAME recently. Maybe someone have the same experience and can help me with this. I can't start MAME exe file. When I start specific games from LB MAME works correctly - games starts without problem, but when I try to run MAME64.exe only black screen occurs and after 10 seconds it dissapear and nothing happen. So emulating games works perfet but I can't run MAME to change options. I try with other versions of MAME from internet but all of them behave the same. I made two changes recently - one of them is that i change graphic card - from XTX radeon r9 270 to MSI radeon r9 270 (the old card stop working). I change drivers to the newest. Second change is that I start running old platforms like coleco, rca studio II, etc with MAME and in one tutorial (to coleco) there was a suggestion to change video options. so i change video mode to opengl. that was the last time i run MAME exe file. I think it is some problem with graphic card but the strange thing is that arcade games works correctly. I think it is not problem with opengl video mode because when i download other version from internet it should start with default options. or MAME had some ini files with settings somewhere on the drive c? Please let me know if there is some command lines that i can start MAME with default setting or maybe i can go to mame options from game (when i push tab i know i have options but only for this game). Maybe someone had the same problem and can help me? ps. sorry for my english ;]
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