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  1. Thanks- for some reason installing the program to my C drive solved all my issues.
  2. Hi- I checked your program out and it is interesting, but it caused several issues with my pc after I ran it. Things like launching new programs taking 30+ seconds. Even after closing Emulation Ninja from the taskbar and the system tray, I still had 4 instances of ninja.exe running on my PC. I found that concerning. I was able to repeat the issues on a second launch. It required me to reboot my computer to get back to normal operation. I posted about it in your support forum.
  3. I downloaded Project64 and it makes the games look crazy good at high-res. I ran the same games in retroarch and they looked bad in comparison (although probably more like the originals). Is Project64 the best emulator to make N64 games look good at a high resolution? What other platforms can do this- render the games better than the original system? I'm assuming it wouldn't work for like SNES, Genesis, NES because they aren't 3D? Maybe this belongs in Noobs...
  4. Are you saying Virtual Boy support is BROOOKEN? I'm uninstalling immediately!
  5. From the title of this topic I thought Launchbox was going to randomly delete my Windows drive or something! Glad to see it is just duplicate images in certain cases. OP might want to edit the title of the post.
  6. Just as a heads up, I downloaded Launchbox-9-3-Setup.exe from the Launchbox site just now, using the link that Launchbox sends over email. Windows Defender does flag the file, but I have the option to click more Info to proceed with the install.
  7. Yes. If you notice in his screenshot he doesn't have the option for More Info, or whatever it is that lets you get around the "Don't Run" option. If you run it from outside the browser, you should get that option.
  8. So the way around this is to find the file where you downloaded it, and run it from there. Then it should give you an option to run it along with the warning.
  9. Do you have an Oculus Rift? It's kind of funny, because I made a choice this year to either buy an X-Arcade Tankstick and start setting up a retro machine, or get VR. Ended up playing 80s and 90s games instead of the latest and greatest in virtual reality.
  10. What are the last 5 games you played inside Launchbox? (All->Arrange by Last Played) The Outfoxies Mercs Missile Command Knights of Valour 2 Knights of Valour 3 I've been trying stuff on the Arcade No Filler list that I don't recognize- and I just like Missile Command. Outfoxies is quite cool.
  11. What I did after I added the playlist was create a Custom Field named NoFiller. Then I bulk edited the NoFiller playlist and set a value Yes for NoFiller for all games. I bulk-edited everything not in NoFiller to have a value of Z. Now I can sort individual categories by NoFiller, like Fighting games, and the NoFiller games appear at the top. There may be a better way to do that, but it worked for me.
  12. Ok, so after looking, I'm not quite sure what you mean about a .dat file. I was able to download the playlist Lordmonkus linked and just load it in, and it loaded all the games onto it.
  13. I’ll give this a shot tonight. I need to take a look at the file structure of LaunchBox. I’m new to all this.
  14. Is there any way to take my existing list of arcade games in Launchbox, and add a Custom Field like "NoFiller" and then automatically tag everything in this list on it? Then I wouldn't be making any changes to my set of roms, but still be able to view the list of games you all have picked out. Obviously I can do it by hand, but if there’s some way I can script it, maybe others would find it useful?
  15. That’s a good idea. I’ll look into it, thanks.
  16. The six player rom, you don't select a character, so it's closest to the arcade version. Player 1 is always Cyclops, etc. In the 2 and 4 player roms you can pick a character. I was hoping to get the dual screens like in the 6 player version, but also be able to pick a character.
  17. I've just figured out how to get dual screen working in MAME. Very cool effect for Run & Gun, Punch-Out, Gradius II, etc. The 6-player X-men is dual screen, but not the 2 player/4player ones where you can select a character. Anyone know a way to have the best of both worlds?
  18. I just checked the "Attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown" and now it is exiting properly. I'm not sure if this is related.
  19. I just checked and I am not using any Autohotkey script. I'm using this command to launch the game. mame64.exe -skip_gameinfo "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" Then I'm just pressing Escape to exit.
  20. Thanks, I'll give both of those a shot. I'm not sure if that is the issue, because of what's happening when it exits. I'm currently not using a controller (waiting on an X-Arcade Tankstick to get delivered) so I'm just testing still at this point.
  21. When I exit a MAME game (after pressing escape) it just goes black and sits there. If I click the mouse it seems to fully exit. I don't have the same issue with SNES/NES. It also works fine in Desktop mode.
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