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  1. I am having an issue with VPX. When I load a game, i need to do 2-3 mouseclick to be able to play the game from launchbox or big box. Any ideas? Tha table loads, but seems it looses focus. I saw some scripts for regain focus exitting a game, but noting related to entering it. Ideas?
  2. Hi, I need helpt setting up VPX in BigBox. I am not getting my BigBox to launch pinball properly. The tables load fine from the launchbox, but never from bigbox. I need to use the mous to get it working, then no score is showng up. I know it can be done, but I am not figuring it out. I also wnto to know if anyone knows where I can find this theme from this video: So I need: 1) Properly launch the tables. Tried a lots of different approaches, to no avail. 2) Properly quit the table. I need a way to quit VPX and return to bigbox. Nothing worked so far. I still need to use the mouse, and this is really annoying. 3) Disabled the backglass. Now I need to figure out how to display the scores. Some tables have it built in, most do not. If anyone could help, it would be awesome!
  3. Man, did you managed to get BigBox working? The table launches from Launchbox just fine, but in big box mode, nothing happens. It dispalys the table, but it does not work.
  4. I just want to share a thing that is helping me out. I use a piece of software to keep my folders synced: GoodSync (https://www.goodsync.com/). This one have a lot of features, and I use it to sync with the data on my nas and usb drives, etc. Pretty handy. It has a filter option, so you can set it to sync and select folders/files to exclude, in my case, the Cache-LB and Cache-BB folders. I will use the onedrive folder to keep my cabinet up to date (cabinet will be in my office, in the cafeteria), and to be able to use the files on my Notebook if I ever wish to on the go. So, this is a "workaround". The downside is that you will need to have 2 copies of your Launchbox folder on your PC, and do not forget to use this second copy to run launchbox from. In my case, I am running it from my USB-HD, on usb 3.0 and I am not noticing any difference on speed. I can use the HD on the go, no problem. It syncs with my Lbox folder on my onedrive. The reason I am doing this is that I have a slow internet speed and everythime I change the "boxarts" on my launchbox, it creates the cache images again, and renders the internet unusable as it starts to sync. I have launchbox now on my main pc (where I set everything), some roms on my USB-HD so I can use on the go, I can set the view accordingly to my mood without much hassle. It is a bit pricey, but it works for me and even sync files that are open, handy for my use scenario. If someone use a different software, maybe a free one, let me know. It might help others. Cheers
  5. No rush! Thanks for the reply, appreciated.
  6. I tried. Onedrive still copies the files from the symlink. What I might need to do is to create a second copy of my system, and them use a third part app to sync the files, except the cache folder. Well, I honestly think it would be much faster and easier if I coult tell the software where should I leave the files.
  7. Lots of improvements. Thank you. May I ask for one thing for the next release? Is it possible to allow the cache folder to be stored somewhere else? I am having trouble with it, as I am using onedrive to keep my system up and running without needing to crack open the cabinet and, if I change the view, it repopulates everything. My internet speed is low (100Kb/s), and this make the internet unusable. 3gb is a lot to upload. Thanks.
  8. Just tested the media cleanup tool. It worked flawlessly. It cleaned up the media. 34000 + images to trash. Some files it was not supposed to delete were gone too but, at least I am starting fresh. I am at Miami so I will make use of the fast internet that is available here before going back to Brazil...
  9. Thanks for the insight @deuxcolors. I will give it a try as soon as I am able to.
  10. Yeah, just did. But I had to guide my mom on how to do it step by step and she does not speak English. Never had to use it on her pc, as she lives near me. Now I have it. Question: how the media claenup works? My system holds the gamefiles in a NAS server, mapped on the machine. If I tell launchbox to cleanup, it will need to have access to the games? I am afraid of cleaning up the media and, as I am not connected to my roms, I am afraid of loosing them all.
  11. I have no emumovies account. All the duplicates are from the same file and it happened on 2 different instances of launchbox. I tested it with brand new installs in 2 different machines. Also tested it over a windows 10 machine over a vm on my pc, clean install without any programs except launchbox and all of them downloaded the files in multiple copies. The more updates, the more copies. I added 1 system (eg snes), ran the update media option, then added a second system and updated the media again and so on. I already had 10 systems and proceeded to add more than 50 systems at once, and decided to let the pc downloading everything and working with the crashplan install to backup my files, with a timer to shut it down after 10 days. All the files sync to onedrive. 1 thing: if the update fails, it starts all over downloading everything. The files do not match the creators timestamp on files, always reflecting the time they were downloaded. @Jason Carr Sorry if you feel my post inadequate, but I have a pretty slow internet connection at home. I let my system running on my arcade as I was travelling on vacation. After some days I got in touch with my mom, who is not computer litarate, and she is complaining about not being able to store her pictures on her laptop. The laptop shares the onedrive with my launchbox install (when she wants a file, I can "magically" put a copy on the desktop, and all the extra space of the cloud is not wasted). I had to stop my vacation to try figuring out the issue thru phone until I got in Miami. As soon as my laptop (256 gb ssd) connected to the internet, it started to download frenetically at 100mbs all the "brand new" images of launchbox untill my ssd got filled and the system dirty slow. This is quite frustrating to deal with, specially when you are thousands of km away from home on an expensive trip... If you have facebook and decides to dig, in the biggest batocera/recallbox and arcade pages on facebook from brazil, I have advocated for launchbox/bigbox and I am even recording some video tutorials for some features, in brazillian portuguese (not ETA prime quality, but some tricks and tests about arcade frontend organization for friends) and so on. I loved the product the day I was able to test a full version, that is available on internet, and then I bought my copy in December because I want it to continue growing. Saving for musicbox if I ever have the oportunity to try the full version. So, I may have been rude, but I was really frustrated. I just told my mom to delete everything and I will try to recover the stuff later on as my arcade was shutdown before my mom deleted the launchbox folder. My original files might still being there. Peter.
  12. No. After all the hassle I am afraid of having it even more messy. The point is: launchbox re-downloading the media, when you specifically tell it not to do! So I am supposed to download it again for every system? Then re-sync all over again on my cloud backup and onedrive to find thousands of copies of the stuff to delete it all over? The media cleanup tool is not clearly designed nor explains what it does and how. My system is not connected to my NAS where I store my roms, as I am away from my country (visiting USA right now). So I am afraid it migh delete the media from the games that are not detected... Waiting for an official position. I have sent a bug correction request on the git...
  13. There is a HUGE, and I mean HUGE bug in the software. If you set it to update media files from your installation, selecting the option to not download nor replace the media that is already present, IT DOWNLOADS IT AGAIN. I let it updating and I did it twice (the main install and in the test install to double check) and what it does is simple download everything all over again and then rename the files XXXX-1, XXXX-2 and on and on. If you do this 3,4,100 times, it creates downloads the files AGAIN from start. That was a disaster as my main install was on my one drive and it simple rendered my system ssd unusable on my laptop. One of the mais purposes I`ve bought the software was to get the media beautifully organized. I am now having to delete all the extra files manually and it is giving a lot of hassle. Please, fix this issue. It is not working, so remove the feature for sake until it is really usable. Big advice: do not ask it to fetch the media that is missing. You will have deep trouble with that. Sorry, but I am really frustrated about this. Some images have 1megabyte in size. Imagine thousands of them, for boxes, art, etc etc.
  14. I am using onedrive for it. Got that family subscription so I had one account free, so I created a dedicated user for gaming purposes. So far, it is running smootly, but keep in mind that the way I did, (all the emulators in a folder inside the launchbox folder), the Emulators are syncing configs. This can give headaches as my cabinet has a different GPU (both are using i7 7700k as base system - 8gb on the arcade side)... I am in the process of creating a share to hold my emulators and point launchbox to this as a drive letter. So, I can create a folder in the NAS (EG: emulators). Then I can create a subfolder for each machine (laptop, Arcade, desktop) and let each one have its own emulators config. All I have to do is to map the drive letter accordingly and keep everything else the same. (EG: I can tell launchbox that the emulators are in the "Q" drive letter. The Q would be a drive map to the "Nas\Videogames\Emulators\Arcade" for my cabinet and "Nas\Videogames\Emulators\Laptop or Desktop, you got the idea). All the listings, and configs would emais the same. I will need to have all of it reconfigured for some systems on each machine, but at least these problems will be solved. Or Nvidia could sponsor me and give me a pair of 1070Tis for my arcade and desktop hehe. Keep in mind also, while using onedrive, you can only open it on another PC after it have synchronized the changes. If you open it and launch a geme it will alter the counter and if you have the system opened elsewhere, you can get some trouble. For you guys in the 1st world this wont be a problem, as your internet speed is good. Here, I have to copy them to my usb and seed them to onedrive to speed up the process sometimes.
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