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  1. Hate to necro a post, but I renamed Ninja Turtles 1 to "Teenage Ninja Turtles - The Video Game and that fixed it. Just have to be creative.
  2. Ah aha Worked, thank you. They are all fabulous, do you suggest anything overall? I like the Platform Theme myself.
  3. Haha to quote the movie Casino... "I want an equal amount of blueberry's in each muffin." "Do you have any idea how long that's going to take? LOL, just kidding, thanks man, I really appreciate the help and don't take it for granted. EDIT: Weird, I went into the arcade folder where I found the old one, replaced it and it's still showing, is it some kind of cache thing?
  4. Hi I placed them into LaunchBox\Themes\Default\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo Is that correct?
  5. Might be the wrong place to post, but I really love classic black and white films and TV. I was wondering since I have been using some overlays that are fun but they cover so much of the screen, it there was a way to shrink the film inside the TV overlay. Or even better a smaller TV overlay, but that still has that "GIANT BOX" look from the golden age of TV. Sorry if I' a railroading the wrong forum. Thanks fells!
  6. Some systems such as Microsoft MSX had a plain white font, where can I possibly find someone or even get started on my own logo? Thanks guys!
  7. Got it working, watched Brad's second tutorial and I think it was just the emulator, I am using the pce_fast_liberto. All is well, thanks though for looking out.
  8. Retroarch opens them fine with Beetle PCE Fast every time. How is your emulator setup in LB?
  9. If I load them manually in Retroarch they work fine, in RA Rondo of Blood's cue won't load at all, and funny enough, Godzilla's cue file just open's it as a text file. Using Windows 10 Launchbox.
  10. Sorry about that, have never been the patient type. Duly noted. And thanks, saved me having to deleted then re add roms.
  11. I posted in noobs but I haven't gotten a response. I need to know how I can update from time to time movies and screenshots for roms.
  12. Sorry to bump, but I think I confused you guys, now that I add movies, how can I update my files?
  13. How is this installed, I assume you name a playlist "Batman Collection or something and said video is added into a folder? I seriously need this in my life.
  14. I just said "to hell with it" and got the lifetime sub to Emu-movies and it's great. Question is, how do I update some of my rom types at once or do I update a game one by one to add movies and such? Thanks!
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