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  1. Darn, I like the import, there are some minor changes to it. Like the village people guy and other things. Haha, No way around it? EDIT - Bare Knuckle 2 is loaded in there just fine, I don't understand.
  2. No-Intro Rom Bare Knuckle 3 (Japan) won't import. Even drag and drop. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Everything is the same, nothing changed, but this morning this update did something wrong to my setup. OK EPIC GAMES being added borked me up. Sigh. Ok I think we got it, lemme run it a few times.
  4. No, I have it set for what I want, but now when I highlight a game I get this awful blown up artwork as seen above.
  5. Hi Kool Aid dude, where are you seeing this? This is what's happening now, look at the background.
  6. I think I saw this before, why is this back?? I do not want this.
  7. If there a way to do this? If not what do I do to insure when redoing it that they are certain to be this time? Thanks.
  8. Ok I do think it was something wonky on my end. For some reason the default config file was setting itself to read only. Sorry for that.
  9. Mame64 EDIT: Ok, things seem to be working ok, app apologies, let me keep testing, if I can replicate this I will let you know.
  10. My settings for controls all get erased when using in Launchbox, is this happening to anyone else?
  11. See your point, is there a way to choose them for only boxes and not screens?
  12. I just don't like the way it changes the leveling of the boxes. It just throws off my mojo.
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