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  1. Could you post what font you used for the WiiWare logos ? Theres a few things I'd like to add myself. Thanks, love this set btw.
  2. It looks great, thank you so much ! Was it just a change in a value on the xaml or did it involve more than that ?
  3. I'm currently using the theme Critical Zone V2, with the Horizontal Wheel 3 view, and I've finally found a set up I really love for Big Box, but I would really love to remove the light border around the main game images, is there an easy edit to get rid of them? I've tried changing some of the values in the XMAL for the view through trial and error with no luck. Many thanks for reading!
  4. Well the thing is it doesn't really run through an emulator in the traditional sense. As far as I can tell since the Type X is based on Windows the games run sorta more like a PC game, which is why I figured maybe there was a way to just force it to open on another monitor. Launchbox is really only launching an batch file to run the game it doesn't go through another emulator like with most platforms.
  5. I have almost gotten Taito Type X games to work alongside the rest of my Launchbox library but have been having some display issues. I have Big Box set up to play on my tv as a second monitor which has worked fine so far, but for the life of me I cannot seem to get any Type X games to start in the second monitor, or even manually move them over. I've tried switching via Dual Monitor Tools and trying to set up Borderless Gaming to move it over and neither has had any success. I was wondering if maybe there was a way to force it to open in the second monitor via the command line or if there's some other way I overlooked. Much thanks !
  6. Actually turns out the second controller DOES indeed work, just not within the retroarch menu (i have it set to allow all users to control the menu) and dolphin core in particular for whatever reason (which is fine since I launch from the dolphin standalone in launchbox) but still odd that it wont detect in the core. Maybe it has something to do with being loaded as Controller port #1 instead of 2 ? (my P1 controller is at port#0 instead of 1, not sure how to change that). And the analog stick still not detecting at all in the retroarch menu for whatever reason. Either way this is workable, just a minor issue. Thanks again for your help !
  7. so this REWASD program fixed exactly my problem, can't thank you enough. However oddly enough now im having another issue. Now retroarch doesnt detect my analog stick in the menu (a minor problem I can live without but weird that this happens now) and more importantly my second controller, a wired usb hori-pad for switch, wont work in retroarch at all as a player 2 controller. Both seem to work fine in other platforms (Dolphin, PCSX2, Steam, Mess/Mame, etc.) just not in retroarch oddly. It responds to the inputs I give it when binding controls, but wont actually work in any games or in the menu.
  8. I downloaded this program before to set up another game a few weeks ago, but for some reason it didn't work the way I wanted it to, though as it wasn't for emulation Ill try it it again today and see. If I recall correctly for whatever reason it would map everything except the d-pad and the two triggers but that could just be that I didn't re-configure it for steam properly. This other program looks interesting and if I can't get x360ce to work I'll gladly pay for a program to fix this issue, thanks a ton for the heads up on this and for your help. Hopefully if one of the two programs can start automatically in the tray so I don't have to worry about reconfiguring everytime I want to play a game, this will fix all of my controller woes. As for your question, as long as you connect it with the sync button to your pc it should be fine, I have the two fairly close and haven't had this problem. However it is a bit annoying to have to resync everytime I want to use it for my switch.
  9. Hope this is the right place to put this, I don't post to fourms very often so please excuse if this is out of place. Basically I have had launchbox running perfectly for pretty much everything I want it to which has been great, but with a major exception with things that are MAME/MESS exclusive. See I use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller w/bluetooth and a wired hori pad switch controller for gaming. Annoyingly, these don't seem to work with most emulators, and just non-steam programs in general. The work around for me has just been to use steam big picture mode, which has exceptional support for my controller, and I would just open launchbox (or anything really) through steam to get controller support tacked on. However whatever is converting my controller to a readable input in steam isn't recognizable within mame/mess. I can run MAME/MESS games with my controller support if I start BigBox/Launchbox/Mame/Mess outside of steam, but then I can't get like 90% of my other emulators to recognize my controller inputs. Ideally I'd just like to have a uniform way to play games, and hopefully I'm not the only one with this issue. I'd much appreciate any input or suggestions you guys might have, as I've been wanting to explore some of these more obscure platforms for years now, and the added convenience of a universal frontend with my controller to play them would be perfect if i can just manage to set this up. Thank you for reading !
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