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  1. Just checked my pc. I remember now, I couldn’t get on with G-hub and used Logitech gaming software 9.02 instead. Was a lot easier
  2. Hello mate. Off the top of my head I just created a profile for each emulator, mame, demul, model 2 & 3 then individual profiles for Teknoparrot arcades. Each profile needs linked to each emulators exe so it opens automatically when you launch the game from launchbox
  3. Here's the theme if anyone wants it http://www.mediafire.com/file/rx5jkda4buaspj2/Racing_Time_Big_Box_Theme.mp4
  4. This worked for my mameui64 bloody awesome. Thanks!! ?? actiononion’s gonna be all over them high scores.........(maybe) lol
  5. set up a profile using Logitech software so that when bigbox is running the pedals are combined then setup another profile so when the emulators are running the pedals are not combined it works perfectly and my arcade is now complete with bigbox and 72 arcade racers using different emulators
  6. Tick the combine pedals in the Logitech software. That will stop it scrolling down. If u look for my video a few posts back u can see me using it. Hope that helps
  7. Yes it works. If u download the latest beta of launchbox
  8. https://youtu.be/dR8lMJYUNz8 finished adding games and mapping controls
  9. I just had to combine the pedals using the Logitech software because it was scrolling down. This is a Logitech G920. So happy about this.??? THANK YOU!!! ?????? IMG_6292.MOV
  10. this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. thanks!!!!!
  11. Hi Bernard Of course, anything for a blue rinse racer
  12. My mate made this song for my arcade.? Does anyone know if I can control big box with the steering wheel D pad?? I can’t get it to work at the moment because it only has Xinput available https://youtu.be/cJHIYhhU5kc IMG_6198.MOV
  13. hello I have launchbox setup and everything works fine, 10,000 games, lots of different emulators and platforms. All good! But when I try to launch some games in Big Box I just get a black screen, the game is running cos I can hear it and I can hear sounds from pressing the buttons. its fine with arcade emulators MAME, model 2 etc but its consoles (SNES,NES etc) and handhelds any help would be great thanks
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