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  1. Ok thanks I'll give that a try. Will it also export the roms as i would like to avoid that and use the network share?
  2. Amazing! Thanks for fixing this so quickly. If we let launch box on the pc do all the hard work and scrape the images and videos are we able to copy the exact file structure onto the shield?
  3. Awesome. This is great news
  4. Unless i'm missing something i am unable to navigate to a network share on android to scan for roms? I have a network share that both nvidia shields and my pc load roms from. The shares are mounted on the shield and retroarch can load roms but unable to view in android launch box. Any ideas?
  5. Hi All, So as i know i'm never going to play everything i have imported i have been looking at the gameplay videos and deleting anything that looks rubbish. Are you able to delete when in big box? If not is there an easy way to see video previews in launch box? Thanks
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread just thought it would be better to contuine this one. Total n00b question but what images are require to make the games look nice in bigbox? I don't need the excess stuff like pcb images
  7. Found a work around. 1. Rename your current launch box folder so you have a backup. 2. Install a fresh copy of launch box 3. Open Dirlinker and choose your local launch box folder and the destination you would like to copy it to. 4. Once the copy has completed open launch box to test it will open. 5, Close launch box, Go to your original lunchbox backup folder and copy it's contents over the top of the newly created network folder. 6. open launch box from your desktop shortcut and enjoy. For some reason it still won't load if you navigate directly to the network share but it will working using the symlinked shortcuts https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=dirlinker
  8. i have tried setting the share to public and private and it still won't work. steam will play games out of the same network file share with no problems. When setting the debug log to true launch box doesn't create a file in the log file.
  9. any ideas? other apps installed or copied to the network drive work
  10. Launch box will load from a local drive, it won't load from a network drive
  11. Hi all, My launch box folder is rather large so i've moved it to a network drive. When i attempt to open launch box it starts loading then disappears. any ideas?
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