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  1. Launchbox has always been blue for me but suddenly in the last couple of days it turned black? I tried going through settings and changing it back but haven't been successful. I tried changing it to old theme and I actually like the old theme but it's still black. However with old theme I don't like that there's game details below the image and title of the game. Is there any way turn off the details where it just says game name, and turn it back to blue background? Probably obvious but I have free version.
  2. I like my roms to just be the name of the game and nothing else and that was always but I haven't messed with Launchbox much lately and I go to look and now my roms are renamed with something in parenthesis after it. Here are a few examples. Banjo-Tooie (U) (!) Baseball Stars (NGM-002) Beast Busters (World) When I hit edit and go to title it only shows the name game i.e. Banjo-Tooie, Baseball Stars, Beast Busters. How do I fix this? I didn't make any changes so I don't know how this happened.
  3. According to this But that was five years ago. No changes? But
  4. Windows has a horrible setup for controller numbers but Windows doesn't actually change it, It's MAME that does. And it does work to use read only I've done it for a year and I have a steering wheel, arcade stick and regular controller and all still work.
  5. I figured out on my own a way easier way. Just make default.cfg read only, or if you have specific cfgs for each game make each one of them read only. If you ever need to make changes just uncheck read only make the changes and then make it read only again. Works very well.
  6. I'm only going to update Windows 10 every 18 months. That's when they pretty much force you to or you don't get any virus protection or anything. It just happened to me I went from 1903 to 20H2, and I won't be updating again until the end of 2022. This is just another of many examples of how Windows updates breaks things instead of fixes them. https://www.maketecheasier.com/stop-windows10-forced-updates/
  7. I notice a problem with games that have the same name example there is Need For Speed Most Wanted that came out in 2005 and then they did a Need For Speed Most Wanted around 2011. I only use my own images and I have them set with the appropriate image, but I'll start Launchbox and it'll change one of them to match the other one and even remove the one I had set. Here is what I mean Notice the green box highlighting Need For Speed Most Wanted, and to the right of it is the newer Need For Speed Most Wanted appropriately imaged. But I just turned on my computer which boots Launchbox at start and it looked like this It has happened a bunch of times too not just one time. I realize I could just rename one to something like "Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005)" I just like the actual names of the games to be as they are. However I had the same problem with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 1, but I renamed the first one to "Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit" but I would rather know a solution.
  8. Nope I just load the entire game that way Just the way I've always done it, The reason was at first I only wanted Lightgun games and they required an app called Demulshooter that only works through scripts. I started collecting other types games but I didn't learn until I was doing it for like a year there was a way to load it as an emulator in Launchbox, and I already had a bunch of scripts loaded in LB so no reason to take the time to redo it all. You load the game in Teknoparrot and save your settings first and it makes a UserProfile .xml of the game. So #SingleInstance Force SetWorkingDir, <path><to>\Teknoparrot.exe run TeknoParrotUi.exe --profile=IDZ.xml exit But I don't know any of this is relevant unless you tell me loading the emulator into Launchbox prevents the additional windows from coming up, I'm pretty sure the games always launch with those windows regardless of launch method. Still asking my original question for a way to hide them.
  9. Nah I don't use any startup screens in Launchbox, with Teknoparrot I just make an ahk of the game and compile it to exe, and add it to Launchbox. It made no difference running the exe seperate from Launchbox, so it's not really a Launchbox issue at all. I only have free Launchbox anyway.
  10. I never realized that was an option but I just tried it and still get those windows. Unless there's another setting I checked the box "hide console windows" saved, even restarted Teknoparrot and tried again, and tried through ahk script.
  11. I use an emulator called Teknoparrot it emulates more recent arcade games, but when it launches games even through ahk it launches the teknoparrot gui and a command window called OpenParrotLoader.exe, I want to hide these but haven't been able to. In task manger the windows are called ElfLoader and steamchild. I tried WinHide ahk_exe ElfLoader WinHide ahk_exe SteamChild WinHide ahk_exe "<My><Path><To>\OpenParrotLoader64.exe" I also tried adding SetTitleMatchMode, 2 and with Ifwinexists but nothing seems to work although it's very possible I'm doing it incorrectly.
  12. Nevermind, posted a script to reconnect internet automatically because it worked perfectly until I rebooted then it didn't work at all.
  13. I was able to make a script that constantly checks if Launchbox is open and if it's not, reopens it. This could be helpful to other people for different reasons. Just change the path of my Launchbox to your own, and throw it in startup then you have a guaranteed always running Launchbox. #SingleInstance, force Loop { Sleep 3900 ; Process, Exist, Launchbox.exe If (ErrorLevel = 0) { Run, D:\Jayinem\LaunchBox\Launchbox.exe } Else { Sleep 5 } } Return
  14. Ok so this may not be helpful to everyone, but I kept having Launchbox closed because I had a super escape key that I combined escape and alt+f4, and I would escape games and it would close Launchbox, so this constantly checks if Launchbox is open and if it's not it opens it, but if it's open it does nothing. Change my path to my Launchbox to your own and throw it in startup and you have a guaranteed always running Launchbox the entire time your computer runs, and the first part makes sure all your games show in playlist instead of a different playlist, but if you want you can remove that. #SingleInstance, force Sleep 8000 SetKeyDelay, 0, 50 Run, LaunchBox.exe Sleep, 10000 Send {Tab 4} Send {Home} Loop { Sleep 3900 ; Process, Exist, Launchbox.exe If (ErrorLevel = 0) { Run, D:\Jayinem\LaunchBox\Launchbox.exe } Else { Sleep 5 } } Return
  15. So far from my testing, which is preliminary, !F4::Return does seem to solve the issue. Some of the same games that my super escape key (which again yes also has alt+F4, or did) caused it to escape, doesn't anymore. But I was able to use alt+f4 in at least one other game, but I think it's because that game disables all changing of keyboard keys. So most likely the script does disable alt+f4 in general but I haven't found that to be an issue yet. Do you know of any emulators that will only close with alt+f4 and not escape? I would like to test it on one.
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