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  1. Nvidia GTEForce GTX 1650 16 GB Ram 4.10 Ghz I am simply trying to edit a game path and Launchbox non-responds until I close it. Happened 4 times in a row now.
  2. I figured out if the directory is already there it will not overwrite it it just won't work. So I have to make sure the Game folder inside GameLaunch gets deleted each time. Anyway it's probably a waste of time overall due to the time it takes to copy to C : drive. DragonBall Z FighterZ takes awhile to boot normally. But I just tried it with this it took about 90 seconds, tried just booting directly from an external that isn't SSD about 80 seconds. Anyway I appreciate the help in trying. It's still a pretty cool proof of concept. Small games like SUPERHOT it seems to work fast and well, but obviously those type of games aren't going to take long to boot anyway. I'm thinking next gen PC games though it could benefit the overall quality of the game as more games are going to depend on SSD and I'm sure one day it will be a requirement even on PCS as PS5 and Xbox One have them.
  3. It has lots of problems. Sometimes it won't create the directory, sometimes it won't launch the game, sometimes it won't erase the directory. I can't find any rhyme or reason for any of it. For the game Samurai Shodown it took 5 minutes before it launched the game. So it's not exactly worth the time it saves on loading to wait 5 minutes. Tekken 7 I cannot get it to launch at all.
  4. Not exactly. I am trying to force games to C : Drive where my SSD is so they will have faster speeds, better loading times etc.... I was able to accomplish this and even figured out how to remove the files from the C : Drive upon hitting escape key. So in essence I am "mounting" games on C : drive to get the benefits of the SSD while not having to keep them all on my SSD which I have limited space. #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. #SingleInstance Force FileCopyDir, E:\SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE, C:\GameLaunch\Game run C:\GameLaunch\Game\SHMCD.exe Return $Escape:: Process,Close,SHMCD.exe Run,taskkill /im "SHMCD.exe" /F FileRemoveDir, C:\GameLaunch\Game, 1 sleep 100 ExitApp return This is tested and works. Now I can "mount" any game I want on my other non-SSD Internal drive or even games from external to the SSD which is on C : I need to make a similar script to this for a lot of games and that will take awhile. What I did here was create the directory on C : C:\GameLaunch\Game and I will use this for every game and wipe \Game where the files will be each time. That way every time I launch another game the space is not adding up it's resetting it. Only bad thing is at least one game I'm trying Persona 4 Golden takes awhile to copy all the files over to C : before it will launch. I assume this will happen with other games as well.
  5. I was wondering if anyone could come up with a script (if even possible) to change the location of a game's drive it's on when launching then it's gone when the game closes? It might sound crazy but there was a game I played recently that did that it used the W: Drive. I didn't think anything of it at the time but now that I need it I can't find it. The reasoning for me wanting to do this is I only have 256 GB drive of SSD and 1 TB regular HDD, and several TBs of regular external hard drives. This would allow me to hopefully mount any game on those other drives to the SSD which would improve performance.
  6. Simple enough. Thank you!
  7. I have my Launchbox setup like I want and my philosophy is if it's not broke don't try to fix it. is it possible to block future updates of Launchbox? Nothing personal I block Windows 10 updates too. thnx
  8. It baffles me that here we are in 2020, and recent PC games make it difficult to exit the freaking game. Even PS4 you can hit the PS button and go to the PS4 main menu, and easily close the game same for Xbox One. But somehow on PC, it's difficult.
  9. Go to settings > configure joysticks > advanced settings select the device and choose the number you want it to be and it should work. But I've found JTK to be buggy lately myself where it will just stop detecting controllers all together until I reboot even if I right click on the icon and hit detect joystick.
  10. Is there any autohotkey scripts can can change the controller # that Windows sees? The reason is I have a steering wheel that takes over player 1 always, and that usually works fine I can usually still assign my controllers to emulators even if they aren't player 1. But when I try to play some PC games, they will only read player 1 or you can't use a controller. So I'm just seeing other than disconnecting the wheel is there a way to change the controller #?
  11. Koroth: thanks I will look at it later today.
  12. Since you seem pretty good at this do you know how to kill the AHK script when the process you're running closes? I end up with a bunch of AHK scripts open.
  13. Thanks for the input. I am by no means a script expert, I'm pretty much the opposite. My problem is a little more difficult to solve though I know I didn't explain it in the first post. The reason is I'm not adding pcsx2 as an emulator in Launchbox because I have a Lightgun for Windows but it takes additional scripts. So I just load everything including pcsx2 and the iso and the script all in one and make it an exe and load it in Launchbox. But the problem was not exclusive to scripts though I tried launching a game directly through PCSX 2 and it was the same esc was not working. I will try your suggestion tomorow most likely. Honestly everytime I read the autohotkey documentation it never helps me. Because there's always some quirk that I don't feel is explained good on their site. Even their examples for whatever reason rarely give me what I need to make the script. It helps me to see someone make an actual script such as you did then I learn from that, I even keep examples in a document I have that I go back to. From other people's scripts I have been able to do things like get my lightgun to work in games, get my gaming steering wheel to work in games, change displays on my laptop/TV, make mouse cursors stop showing up in my games, turn off game controllers through keyboard shortcuts and even more than that. But in this case I tried the scripts I know to exit using escape, and they weren't working but the one I posted from pcsx2 did work. Since these are lightgun games I'm using pcsx2 I'm not too concerned about not closing it correctly or losing saves. I don't really have a reason to pause the screens either. Just as long as it closes or the script does what I want I am happy. Edit: had a minute to try your script and it works. Thank you
  14. I had to search the PCSX2 forum and found another script that works incase someone else ever has this issue. SetTitleMatchMode,1 $Esc:: Process,Exist,pcsx2.exe If ErrorLevel { IfWinNotActive,GSdx | Send,{Esc} } Else { Send,{Esc} } Return
  15. It doesn't matter if I do it through Launchbox or through PCSX2 itself. Escape key doesn't exit. But as far as a fix I am running scripts for the PCSX2 games in Launchbox because of a lightgun I have that requires them for it to work. So the entire game is run through a script in Launchbox like it's a PC game .exe after I compile the autohotkey script. So I cannot add anything into the running scripts section or exit section. I would need a script that I also make outside of Launchbox that I can add to additional apps. thanks p.s. I tried to add this script to the script I'm making outside of Launchbox ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } But it still doesn't work. I'm hardly an expert on these scripts though where it says StartupEXE should it say StartupEXE or do I change it to pcsx2.exe? I just tried this also Escape:: Exit() Return ;Exit Game procedure Exit(){ Process, Close, pcsx2.exe ExitApp } Still won't exit the game.
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