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  1. I have a game in my launchbox called HOME, which is a free indie game released on Steam this year. I submitted it to the database back on the 4th of July, where it was promptly accepted later that day. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/116646 Usually after this happens it'll be a couple of days before it appears in Launchbox when searching for metadata. It's been over two weeks now and it's still not appearing. The only "Home" that appears is a horror game from 2012. Other games I submitted at around about the same time appear in launchbox perfectly fine, so i'm confuse
  2. I'd rather not uninstall Malwarebytes. Instead i'm gonna try reinstalling Launchbox and just sticking to the stable releases for now.
  3. Malwarebytes deleted it from quarantine as soon as I opened up the main window to see what file was quarantined. I do wonder if maybe the "Add Games to DB" plugin might've set it off, as it works by automating Chrome into doing a bunch of stuff, and maybe I did it too many times in the space of one hour and Malwarebytes thought it was suspicious? According to Malwarebytes, it was a "Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic". The only other thing I can say is that at the exact moment it happened, I had right clicked on Autumn Park Mini Golf in Launchbox and clicked on the Steam scraper to make su
  4. So I was using the latest beta build of Launchbox which just came out, and was uploading a bunch of games to the database using the "Add Games to DB" plugin combined with the Steam Scraper plugin (both of which i've used for a while now). Uploaded about five or six games over an hour with no issue, when suddenly Launchbox crashed and Malwarebytes claimed it had automatically quarantined ransomware. After restarting my PC to finish the deletion process, turns out the file in question was Launchbox.exe, which is now gone. So yeah, for some reason Malwarebytes thought that Launchbox was ransomwar
  5. Unfortunately it doesn't work fine for me. The only option that appears in the context menu is "Add new images to...", and never "Add Game to..." or "Update game in..." (regardless of whether the game is in the database or not).
  6. Hi, i'm trying to use the latest version of the plugin for Launchbox v.next, and I just noticed on the page it says that this only works in Chrome. I have both Chrome and Firefox installed, but Firefox is set as my default browser, so when I try to use it won't work. Is there any way to force the plugin to use Chrome without having to go through the faff of changing my default browser? Also, despite the game (Tower Unite) not being in the database, for some reason the context menu option reads "Add New Images" rather than "Add Game".
  7. Hi, I heard that you could replace the version of DOSBox included with Launchbox with a different version supporting long filenames (LFN). I've copy-pasted the files from the LFN version over to Launchbox's DOSBox folder and tried loading a DOS game within Launchbox. However, i'm still getting that error message about "limitation(s) with DOSBox's command line usage" due to an apostrophe being in the filepath (it's one of my top-level folders, so changing the name of the folder isn't possible without screwing up a lot of other programs). Is there any way to disable this error message and f
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