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  1. Hey, thanks for getting my attention. @sqlallstar Yeah, I don’t know if there is an API for the games database now, but at the time, there was not. Bulk updates were also intentionally not supported. Using UI testing tool, Selenium, I wrote a plugin that opens the browser and does some work. Unfortunately, Selenium relies on drivers whose versions have to be kept in sync with their respective browser versions, and browser versions can update frequently. That aspect was problematic. At the time, I was going to look into phantomjs as an alternative to Chrome to resolve that issue, but phantomjs is no longer supported. Selenium does have a headless experience now, but I think it still requires the driver and has the same issues. It just makes testing more performant. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to look at an alternative to Selenium, and hopefully it doesn’t carry the same issue. I’ve also been going back and forth on whether it would be better served as a separate app instead of a plugin. I don’t know if I have the latest code after the laptop crashed, but I’ll grab the latest version I have and get it posted, and update it if I get a hot minute. I would like to bring it back for the community if there’s interest.
  2. This is the something I would *love* to do. I just moved to another company a few months ago, so it’s too early for me to move again. If you do need someone part-time, however, I would definitely be open to it.
  3. Hi Tanuki, It was only compatible with Chrome at the time, but this plugin is unfortunately outdated. I’m thinking through ways to keep it up to date, and what the new functionality would need to look like to prevent duplicate or incorrect submissions. I would recommend uninstalling it for now and, if there’s enough interest, I hope to have a rewrite available soon. Thanks!
  4. I would love an API-driven approach. Any crowdsourced data is going to have varying degrees of quality and require a manual review mastering process. That’s just the nature of the beast at the moment, even wikipedia has manual editors. Around the time I had to step away, they were working through implementing multilingual support in metadata entries. As I get up to speed, I’m interested to see what approach was ultimately taken there as well. I do know that when I complete it, it will only be text data. I’m leaving out image upload support as that ended up causing a lot of duplicate images to be uploaded. I can add some image comparison logic, but those types of algorithms aren’t 100%. I should be able to focus on it toward the end of the week, and am definitely open to any feedback on what people would like to see from it. One thing I am considering is to only support adding new games to the database. The previous version allowed modifying existing entries, and I imagine that is where the majority of the junk data originated. At the very least, I think I need to highlight the differences between the user’s data and the games database’s data, with an “Are you sure” button before the user can submit the changes to the database. Maybe even a Visual Studio-esque diff tool to indicate which differences should be selected for submission to the database. For example, the user may select a game to review its metadata and say, for this game, the description in the database is better, so replace my description with the one from the database, but my genres are better, so submit the genres to the database for consideration. It becomes a more manual process in that case, but it can still be done within the app instead of having to go out to the database web interface, so I think it’s still a better user experience. The added step should help curb bad data from being submitted haphazardly just because the plugin says you have additional or different metadata for a game than the database.
  5. It’s true, it stopped working back before the LaunchBox redesign and I was working too many hours to address it. I’m currently working on a rewrite, hopefully I’ll have time to finish it soon.
  6. Hey, I appreciate it, thanks! I've been thinking it's time for a rewrite to bring it up to date. I'll have to remove the image upload functionality for now since there were issues with duplicate images getting added to the database, but I can at least get the metadata upload working again and then look into images in a future update. Thanks for reaching out about it, I'll pick it up this week and see if I can get something out to the community.
  7. Probably because I really need to update this plugin. I should have enough stuff off my plate by next week to take a look and rewrite this a bit.
  8. Hey all, been away again with qualifying life events. I should be able to take a look this month, maybe later this week or next week, and get some much needed updates on the way.
  9. Hm, the context menu should be updating. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, I’ll have to check it out. I need to update it to compare existing database images to make sure no duplicates get entered as well.
  10. Sorry for the long delay, all -- moving, new job, lots of changes, but thankfully positive. I've updated this plugin to work for the new LaunchBox v.Next -- I haven't made all the changes I want to yet, and I have only tested a few games, but the plugin ran successfully throughout the submission process. I hope this works for everyone, but if you have any issues, please let me know. One update I still need to make is regarding duplicate images, as @Mr. RetroLust mentioned above. I'm still getting caught up on everything essentially over the last year and a half, but that's one issue I want to tackle sooner rather than later.
  11. Hey gang, I didn't see these messages, sorry for the delay. I'll take a look at Next this weekend and see what I need to do to update it. I also need to go ahead and open source the code on GitHub, I keep meaning to do that. Thanks guys, hope you've all been well!
  12. New version of AddToGamesDb uploaded! I've tested updating an existing game and adding a new game, both are working well. If you run into any issues, please let me know.
  13. Plugin update coming soon, finally able to get back in the saddle. 8.0+ and .Next are looking amazing!
  14. Hi all, I hope to make an update soon. I've started a new position where I'm not working triple-digit hours/week. I'm updating the latest version of LaunchBox now and will look into these issues this evening. Thanks everyone for all your patience, I look forward to getting some good news out soon!
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