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  1. Thanks, I switched to mame64 and am now up and working.
  2. I am using mameui64 0.193. Not sure if that is considered official but if not what should I use, mame64 0.193? Also to add I did have it working on 10.13. Could see and upload, but I know that doesn't mean it should work in 10.14.
  3. Since the update to the new version 10.14 I am not even seeing the option to display high scores in any game. Logged out of games database and back in and unchecked download scores and upload them and rechecked them, still nothing. Anyone else have the issue?
  4. Hello, Running newest version of LB 10.13. Connected to Cloud DB and have Upload high scores checked. In Big Box I can see the high scores. I beat the high score in Kung Fu Master, put my initials in and then at the title screen exited the game. I also made sure I was playing the US version of the ROM as what was shown for the high scores. Autosave in the MAME.ini is set to 0. Went back and my score is nowhere to be found. What am I missing? I am using MAMEUI64 0.193, would that have anything to do with it? Do I need to be running the regular 32-bit or 64-bit version? Thanks for any
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