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  1. I renamed some folders and get over the problem, thank you for helping me once again.
  2. I'm interested in translating to Turkish but @Jason Carr ignores me since he reads my pm's but doesn't reply.
  3. Thank you again and here's another question. If I rename the parent and sub directories where I store my roms, emulators and stuff will I need to re-import everything from scratch in LB since both my emulators' and roms' parent directory have special character in their original name? Or is there an easy way where I can simply change some letters and get along?
  4. @JoeViking245 Thanks that did the trick! The interesting thing is that only Dolphin Emu has such "special character" problem so I wonder if there is a way to use LB+Dolphin without needing to mess with renaming my folders and I also wonder which one is to blame, LB or Dolphin?
  5. Hello guys I just started using Launchbox recently (and definetely loved it btw), imported roms, set up emulators etc. almost everything seems to be ok but there is a problem launching gamecube/wii isos. The problem is either with launchbox or dolphin.exe which cannot locate my iso files from my directory. I guess special (Turkish) characters in my folders' names causing the problem since it shows them as "?" instead of the character itself in the error window. You may advice me to rename my folders but no I'm not willing to do that because I have tons of stuff organized in an order. Tried those checkboxes in emulator details section but no chance. Launchbox is able to locate and detect every emulator and roms including gamecube and wii, and is able to run other emulators that I imported but not for launchbox + dolphin. PS: I don't have a problem with dolphin running isos independently.
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