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  1. Ugh! Ok. Well, that's what I was afraid of so I guess I'll keep using RL. Thank you!
  2. Hi All, One thing that RocketLauncher does is provide bezels for emulators that don't normally support them. Can BigBox do that? I'd love to ditch RL completely but I really like the bezels for Dreamcast (Redream) and such. Thank you.
  3. Am I missing the videos for the platform types ... Handhelds, Arcade, Console? Other than that, I absolutely love this theme. Nice Work!!
  4. Is there a way to use RocketLauncher for a system but have the BB fade be displayed? If so, how?
  5. That worked! Thank you so much. Now I’ll have to go see what else changed.
  6. Ok. I did reinstall but issue isn’t fixed. Ugh!
  7. Hi All, I opened Launchbox and was greeted with the lower bar covering the entire window. I have tried using the double-arrow to pull it down and all it does is resize the entire window. I've rebooted the computer too. I am kind of scared of reinstalling, not sure if everything I have done would be lost. I did attach a screenshot. Please help.
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