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  1. Hey @Headrush69, your solution can be very good as it assumes the default path. Could you share how you configure this relative path? 🙂
  2. Launchbox does not appear in the add and remove programs list. I think it doesn't create entries in the system registry. If your games are already in correct disk, it might work just by moving the entire Launchbox folder and creating a new shortcut for it. If you need to change game paths, the game location paths are in \LaunchBox\Data\Platforms. It might work if you mass-edit all paths with an advanced text editor, replacing all values that point to the current path. But it may be necessary to modify other files as well. I suggest you test with a single platform before assuming it as a definitive solution:
  3. Fantastic!! I'll Got it!
  4. Thanks! Using color codes would be great. With just a few slides all systems would be covered, just like the main Colorful theme currently does. Go ahead my friend!
  5. Hi guys, I did new tests by renaming filenames to match the platform name. This solved the problem. Rename files in LaunchBox\StartupThemes\StartingTheGame-Dark For those with the same problem, just rename both files corresponding to each platform. Example: Nintendo Entertainment System = Nintendo NES Nintendo Entertainment System Shutdown = Nintendo NES Shutdown All good now! Hey @Hazuki, I think we need a white theme version now. What do you think? We also need more platforms. I couldn't find NEC console files. Do you have source files to share?
  6. @faeran, I'm using Pulse theme alongside Colorful. I like the way the transition was implemented in Pulse. The biggest elements always load last. This allows faster browsing, no empty screen and give time for videos to load correctly. I think it would be nice to study this method and implement it in Colorful.
  7. Thanks @Retro808! I haven't taken this test yet. But technically, changing the paths on lines 32 and 33 in axml wouldn't be necessary, as I can point to any file I want. I believe the startup theme is looking for the Nintendo Entertainment System value a step back as the only alternative.
  8. I think the same. I believe this is how the system should work completely. Otherwise, it would be necessary all addons for Launchbox do a search for files, to create compatibility with everything.
  9. @Hazuki, Nice! Clear logo removal worked, ok. I still need to run more tests. But I realized it's not showing platform logos for Playlists. Is this intentional? And, for those who don't use default names platforms, will there be any fixes?
  10. Hi @Hazuki Thank you for your support. It will be great to have one without clear logo game version. About the platform logo, I noticed it works when I have platform default names. In my test, the Nintendo Entertainment System platform was created as Nintendo NES, so it's loading screen shows default BigBox logo. And, about the loading bar, I never see it. The message always appears in text only, even if I launch a PSX game or another ISO game: I tested the default startup theme and what I have is text only and never a status bar. Tested with pure and compressed ISO. Nothing changes .
  11. Hey @Hazuki, this start theme looks really good. But thinking not everyone uses fanart images, would it be possible to disable clear logo to avoid certain redundancies? And, why don't I have the platform name and the loading bar? This theme doesn't work as expected for platforms without default names. That's right?
  12. Nice! Hey @Hazuki, what about game images? Which group of images will the system use by default?
  13. @Mortalis, have you ever used the button to import files instead folders? In the next step you will have to combine it with a file type search via Operating System:
  14. Why so many useless folders? In the image below, only the selected folders are currently in use: I realized it's an old standard that has never changed all these years. All platforms have dozens of folders that will never be used. Have developers thought about having laucnhbox create folders only when needed? Most of them will not even be used by any of the emulated systems. Is there any way to prevent this routine? Thanks in advance!
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