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  1. Hi All! Here's a joke using the Big Couch 😄
  2. Do you still have problems with any of these texts? Could you tell me exactly in which view this occurs? About modifying files, I had to test each change in the alignment values of rows and columns. Some of these values are preset and cannot be modified without touching the code. I'm not a programmer, I didn't know exactly if it would work. I believe it is possible to improve further, however, it would take skill with codes. Adding text scrolling could be much better in some of these sessions and that, unfortunately, I don't know how to do. If anyone else can collaborate, it will be very good!
  3. Thanks a lot @WallyWonka. Are nice! I Got!
  4. Hello everybody! I'm uploading right here, attached to this post. Remember, these changes are not official and need to be tested. Here, so far, they are OK! I recommend a backup of your Views folder before replacing files. Unzip the files in: \ LaunchBox \ Themes \ BigCouch \ Views I wish you good luck! BigCouch_Theme_Update_Custom.zip
  5. Thanks for the comment! I @viking. About the Scanlines: I was not curious to check all the systems. But I already imagined that the scanlines were disabled for some good reason. About the specific videos for each theme, I was referring to the category videos only. These in specific cannot be associated with the theme and must be chosen in the global Launchbox options. Thus, they will be used for all themes, causing incompatibility and disparity. Any idea?
  6. An excellent job. Gratitude to the author. I just think the source code / template could be released for those who want to continue this beautiful work. There are still many videos to be created.
  7. Hi @Wally ! I apologize for the incomplete information. I edited my previous comment. See the added details for better understanding.
  8. Hello everyone! Nostalgia set and BigCouch make my favorite theme. I worked a time trying to fix some things in this beautiful theme. If @viking authorizes and wishes, I give him the modified view files to update the BigCouch theme version. In any case, it is worth testing by more people before releasing. Let's see what I got: Removed "about" content for all category view. Text alignment has been improved: To all platform views, I only kept the year release and manufacturer. Game views contain all data: PlatformWheel4FiltersView: This view has been fixed using the 1.5.2 version file: Increased character limit and best column spacing to all views. All fonts retain their original size. The "Games List" text often clogged has been replaced by discrete static side arrows: Supports database long names titles. Title game fills top rows. Increased characters limit and better spacing for "About" content: This view supports and centralizes very long names: The dark view was also adjusted. Selected game box received a small zoom increase. Note: The NeoGeo MVS game database shows both American and Japanese names. For something like this, I recommend keeping only one version name, to avoid using more than two rows. To do this, you must edit each title separately via Launchbox desktop mode. Below, I only adjusted text and moved the banner position. I didn't like it mixed with the list. The ideal would be to implement automatic scrolling text, so we could put the banner anywhere on the bottom page (but I don't know how to do it. I appreciate if anyone can help) 😞 That's all for now See you later! 😄
  9. Hey @viking , I use the nostalgia set videos and also Colorful. Is there any way to determine in the code which video will be used in the categories? This would solve problems when changing themes. So I could lock specific videos by theme.😃
  10. The resources exist, but the default is disabled. Here's how to enable: 1 - Access directory corresponding to the theme version: \ LaunchBox \ Themes \ Colorful - Dark \ Views \ \ LaunchBox \ Themes \ Colorful - Light \ Views \ 2 - Find and open these files with a text editor: TextGamesView.xaml Wheel2GamesView.xaml WheelGamesView.xaml 3 - Locate and enable the line code, by removing the locks (start and end of line code): BEFORE: AFTER:
  11. @Nyny77 It is always good to have them all together in one place. Thank you very much!!
  12. I think the way of saying it is wrong. You have great talent and have already contributed a lot to the community. You should value yourself more. I know things are more difficult when the work is voluntary. There must be people willing to help. But unfortunately there is nothing to do but wait for help. Man, how I would like to know about programming so I can help you with that. Excuse me! Nostalgia Set is my favorite theme and now Fulcolor. I would love to see both running 100% perfect! I wish health to your family. hug!
  13. Thank you very much for the guidance @viking. Everything is working correctly in color. I just need help to have 1080P videos correctly aligned. These are videos from Nostalgia theme that I use until we have the new ones in place. They are hiding to the right of the screen. Do you have any help for that? Thank you very much in advance!
  14. Thanks for your answer The first CDROM add on for the PC Engine, was released only in Japan and came in a suitcase. Here:
  15. Thanks a lot for you great work in this theme and videos @viking !! I would like to suggest you create videos for Capcom Classics and SNK Classics without CPS or MVS games. It would also be nice to have exclusive arcade videos for Mame and FinalBurn platforms, focusing on different titles outside Capcom and SNK. I would also love to see a PC Engine CD video with original console and its classic interface unit. Please !!🤗
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