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  1. All observations are valid totally. I liked so much your ideas, especially the logos grayscale. @viking, please reconsider!
  2. My vote to avoid all problems is TextGamesView V1 Hey @viking, WheelGamesView and Wheel2GamesView are very similar. What do you think of unifying the few differences and maintaining only one of them? I think we will have problems with very big names in the "About" area (circled in red). This empty space that seems inevitable (circled in yellow) was also not very aesthetic:
  3. If this view keeps platform colors, my vote is for it : By removing game name below screen solves big titles problem! Consider!
  4. Hi Bro! I liked everything, except for TextGamesView v2. It only makes sense when the box game fills its entire space, which would be impossible with the various existing media measures. Have you ever thought about creating something with a smaller video window in the upper central part of the screen? HorizontalWheel2GamesView can be a success if theme can use its own templates and, if any game did not have an art, use a generic one. Another detail can be considered for the whole theme is to try not to hide the entire scroll menu: Another thing I always thought it shoul
  5. Man, the images I found on the internet. The banner layout at the bottom was a tip from the theme's own author.
  6. Hey all! The best observations have already been made. I didn't like the side images on PlatformWheel3FiltersView. Perhaps using logos may be more intuitive, but the layout itself is not bad. If you adopt images there, a selection rectangle may look good or leave unselected items more opaque. For TextGamesView, I think separating the screen into two parts was very nice idea. It is interesting to think about the disposition of the information in a way that does not get ugly if there is no game box available. HorizontalWheel2GamesView is very beautiful. Just take care of very big nam
  7. I am really enjoying this theme. @faeran, could you tell me where in the code should I modify to move the platform image to the space below?
  8. This is really cool. You took care to create the ideal measurements for each box format. Just rename these files with the exact name of your platform. It Works very well: I imagine I can modify or add other formats here, right? But, it seems that it doesn't work as expected, when we have several platforms together:
  9. This project intends to set a complete theme or is already finished ?
  10. Hi @faeran! Thanks for your time! I don't have an image from video in the game selected view, I just hear his audio. But honestly, I prefer not to have the video there. I liked having only the game box in that area. Is it possible to disable the audio / video completely?
  11. Hi @faeran! Congratulations for another excellent theme! What is expected to appear on this dark background? Do I have to configure something to show an image there?
  12. Hi All! Here's a joke using the Big Couch 😄
  13. Do you still have problems with any of these texts? Could you tell me exactly in which view this occurs? About modifying files, I had to test each change in the alignment values of rows and columns. Some of these values are preset and cannot be modified without touching the code. I'm not a programmer, I didn't know exactly if it would work. I believe it is possible to improve further, however, it would take skill with codes. Adding text scrolling could be much better in some of these sessions and that, unfortunately, I don't know how to do. If anyone else can collaborate, it will b
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