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  1. I recently switched my PC to a more modest machine. So I just moved the entire Launchbox folder to the new PC. I'm using now the BigBox on HP Compact PC powered by AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Pro. The system is installed on SSDM2 and Launchbox on an SSD disk. The amount of memory is 8GB When I enter Bigbox mode and the platform-related videos start playing, the system behaves as if I were plugging and unplugging peripherals, emitting standard Windows sounds, and it stays on and on. I believe there may be some incompatibility. Besides that, I am also experiencing poor performance for my settings. Does anyone know how I can reset launchbox settings without losing my collections, lists, themes and folder locations? Thanks in advance!
  2. How do I change the font to something other than originals?
  3. Maravilhoso! Estou apaixonado por seu trabalho. Agradeço o suporte e seus excelentes materiais. Parabéns Lust! Estão fantásticos! Wonderful! I'm in love with your work. Thank you for your support and your excellent materials. Congratulations Lust! They are fantastic!
  4. CityHunter is my favorite theme. I would like to change the font Streamster for Lazer84 Someone could help me do that. Appreciate!
  5. CityHunter is my favorite theme. I would like to change only this font that appears in the titles in red (Streamster), replacing with Lazer84: https://www.behance.net/gallery/31261857/LAZER-84-Free-Font I know the theme uses its own DLL, located in "\ Launchbox \ Themes \ CityHunter 2 \ Plugins". By removing this DLL the whole theme uses the Calibri font, so I believe it is necessary to modify the plugin. Whatever the solution, I wish someone could help me. Someone could help me do that? Appreciate!
    It's a very nice work. Thanks so much NyNy! Please, can you upload the template to create our own missing overlays?
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