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  1. When I export to Android from the Launchbox PC desktop app I export it to a Western Digital external USB hard drive. The "Android" folder is in the root of that drive. The drive shows up as an SDcard in the Shield. I had already installed Launchbox on the Shield. How does either Launchbox or the Shield know to look at the Android folder on the external USB hard drive? The right way to do it would be to copy the Android folder from the USB drive to the Shield's internal drive but it doesn't have enough space. I'd like Launchbox to recognize the USB drive for all ROM content, including art. I'm also looking to run MAME so it will have the CHD files, lists and all the other good stuff that helps MAME work well. I understand the sideloading of Retroarch 32bit to make this happen. I just want to make sure that the Shield, Launchbox, Retroarch, etc know to look at the USB drive, recognized by the Shield as an SDcard for the content. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm looking to update my mame roms from .207 to .218. I have no problem downloading the full sets and I'd prefer to not download each incremental set from .208 through .218. Going through the update process 10 times sounds like a pita. Can I just copy everything (roms, chd, software list, etc) from the full .218 download to my mame folder or will that cause issues?
  3. I've run into a couple problems getting this theme functioning properly. When I launch Bigbox it does not stay on the scrollable menu, instead it automatically selects the menu item it lands on and drills into it. Same for the next menu level. As I scroll through the options and stop on one it will automatically select it and drill into it, instead of me manually selecting it from the menu. Perhaps this is only a selection in the Bigbox options. I hope it's that simple to resolve. The pictures aren't placing themselves into the comic boxes correctly. They overlap one another stretching outside the box it's intended for. Any help in correcting these issues is appreciated.
  4. That did it, thanks. Now to figure out how to get the controls working properly.
  5. I've loaded FreeIntv in Retroarch and can launch a rom (int) from there. Launchbox will not launch an Intellivision rom and the freeintv_libretro core is not showing up in the Associated Platforms for Retroarch.
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