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  1. Fantastic! I should be able to finish up my theme and get it uploaded soon then! Thank you much!
  2. Just an example of how my Theme is looking with the Rank based on number of times played. Not looking bad for starting on it yesterday for the first time. So a big Thanks for all the hard work on the Community Theme Creator!
  3. One other suggestion. It would be great if there was a condition for If Value is > or < a certain number to make something hidden or visible. I am adding Rank Icons to my theme based on the number of times a player has played a game but unfortunately I only have the option of "If Value is = to" Which means I have to add a crap ton of conditional statements rather than just one or two. Not really sure if that would be useful in any other situations but it might be.
  4. Ok thanks you were correct. So I changed the priority inside of Launchbox and it worked as intended. BUT.... That really sucks. It means that my Theme is not going to work as intended unless the user also does that. It seems to me that if My theme tells Bigbox to put Fan Art as the Background that it should do that, not just display some random crap I'm not asking it to display. I can always set conditions to make it display something else if the Fan Art does not exist. Such as in my theme if the Fan Art does not exist it is supposed to default to a Screenshot unless I have another condition taking priority.
  5. Sorry If Ive missed the answer to this somewhere in here but I haven't seen it. Bigbox is incorrectly displaying Box Art instead of Fan Art inside of Bigbox on the theme I am creating with this. Inside the Community editor it correctly shows the Fan Art but not inside of Big Box. Everything else seems to work as intended though. Any idea why I'm incorrectly getting Box Art instead? On a side note. For anyone who is having trouble getting the Editor to show you your own media images like I was at first you have to close the editor and restart it after you create your Image folders and have your gifs and png files in them. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was just getting blank options for selecting my folder for images until I closed everything and restarted and then I could select the folder.
  6. Is there a public method of updating the genres for game metadata on Launchbox? The default Genre information it gives when downloading data for new games especially Stream games is woefully inadequate. And I've noticed it doesn't even include tags from Steam. Thus I am having to go through and manually add genre information that is missing. This has been brought up in previous posts I've seen but it should seriously be added. If I or other people could access a public database for all the games and add more tags or genre information to them it would be beneficial to everyone. That way when someone wants to setup genre playlists for launchbox/bigbox in the future it would not be such a gigantic headache and undertaking. I'm assuming that this isnt currently an option since things like Call of Duty dont have FPS as genre and just get lumped in as Shooters. But this is Definitely something that needs to be done for a quality of life improvement.
  7. Guess I screwed it up myself then. But on the other hand I was just expecting launchbox wouldn't download duplicates. But the feature to remove duplicate files saved my bacon
  8. It appears to be working fine now with the Download Metadata and Media But I would still recommend adding an option under tools for Search New Media and Metadata that defaults to not overwriting existing files. It might have been my fault to begin with if that option not to overwrite existing media has been there for a long time. But believe me after that happened I was afraid to touch that one again. On the other hand if that option was NOT there then I'm glad for it now.
  9. On the other hand I am also VERY thankful for the feature that has been added to get rid of duplicate files.. That saved my bacon after the previous nightmare and now everything looks a lot better without double or triple screenshots of everything.
  10. Ok... How? Would be really great if it was an option like. Tools> Search New Media or something simple. But maybe I'm just blind Unless you fixed the Tools>Download Metadata and Media Because last time I used that I ended up with an absolute CRAP TON of duplicate files. It was a nightmare Edit: Looks like you have fixed that. Since I now have the option not to download duplicates. Thank God.
  11. Is there a way to change the image group for a single game instead of All of them? I have a few Steam games like Ai War 2 that only have a steam banner that displays with the box art for everything else and it looks wrong because they are different sizes but some of those games have posters that would look good with the box art of everything else. Changing to the 3D boxes which would then display the poster instead of the banner makes the problem worse with other changes.
  12. Yeah it would be great if you had an option to check for NEW media for games that have already been added to Launchbox and media was added later after you added the game. I have about a gazillion Steam games that movies and such were added later after I added the game to launchbox. let me tell you it is a major pain in the butt going through well over a thousand games and having to do it all manually.
  13. Just a simple question here. Does Bigbox update automatically when you update Launchbox or do you have to update Bigbox separately from Launchbox. I updated Launchbox recently to 10.11 but not sure if I need to do something seperate for Bigbox. And if so how do you update Bigbox? Thanks.
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