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  1. is it a retroarch core or do i have to run it individually
  2. weird I didn't get a notification that someone answered my question thank you so for example I would put -L "cores\psx_rearmed.dll" do I include the ""? @Lordmonkus
  3. Anyway to make certain games within the same platform auto open with different retroarch cores. I was using my MAME platform but some games run better depending the on the core used in retroarch any way to swap the core used on a per game basis
  4. I want to eventually purchase a gpd win2 but I haven't used the GPD win 1 that I own and think it would need a better home
  5. I was cleaning out my house and I haven't used my Neo Geo X console and am trying to sell it not sure of a price yet but I'd like to be reasonable I have the dock, handheld, joystick and mega pack with rocket cable
  6. I recently built my own arcade cab using a mini pc so I have no need for my old Pi3 but I tricked it out with a case fan heat sink and a 128gb SD running retro pi I'm looking to sell it for 75$ will add pictures once I'm home
  7. late to this thread but amazing I just wanted to know whats the case you have for your surface and for the GPD2 how are the buttons and dpad because I had the GPDwin1 amd I hated the feel of the buttons I wanna know if they feel mushy and inaccurate
  8. any ideas for neo geo pocket emulators that support local multiplayer/ PPSSPP Ad hoc I'm trying to set it up for my arcade rig
  9. I figured it out it was defaulting to open up one of the many tracks in the redream games folder instead of the .gdi file so I just redirected what it was opening
  10. So I checked my redream settings and none of those boxes are checked and it still is doing it is it because the I also set the path in the redream emulator was I not supposed to do that?
  11. Hello I'm trying to make a BB build that is keyboard and mouse free in an arcade build and the only two emulators that are giving me issues are redream and dolphin they both don't start in full screen and redream doesn't even start the game automatically it makes me choose from the list inside the standalone emulator regardless of what game I choose
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