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  1. Thanks for this. If you don't mind i'll use it in the Post. PCSX2 doesn't care afaik (FS-UAE does ..) but it's really cleaner this way. I honestly didn't have problems with save folders so far. And been using them a lot. But thanks for the warning. Will keep a lookout. As far as renderers go, i still start with D3D out of habit. But you're probably right that OpenGL is the better default. I'll adjust the post. Thanks.
  2. Introduction After figuring out how to implement PS2 games into my Launchbox library properly i thought i'd share my findings. This is a slightly different approach than the guide by Zombeaver. It has a bit more manual configuration work but it's also more elegant in that it does not require a third party tool or individual command line options. It still features individual configurations (and mem cards) for each game. Step 1 - Setting up your PCSX2 installation: You should be using one of the experimental 1.5.0 builds at this point. The last stable release is 4 yea
  3. Update: The Problem solved itself (kinda) AHK only refuses to load in Launchbox. From BigBox (where i actually need it) it works fine.
  4. So i have been using a simple AHK script to map ESC to one of my controller buttons in order to quit it and return to BigBox/LaunchBox. I apply this script to the AHK section in the Emulator section and for my console emus it works like a charm. Today i tried setting up FS-UAE as an Emulator for Commodore Amiga games and AHK refuses to load. To be specific, the process isn't loaded when running the emu. When i run any other emu and watch my processes in task manager i can see "Autohotkey.exe" pop up as soon as i start it. When i start an amiga game, FS-UAE start
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