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  1. Just purchased a LaunchBox Premium License and dropped it in and all is back. Thanks...
  2. After updating from 11.6 to 11.8. Launchbox errors and gives this error and states to post it on forums. Well here it is. Someone please let me know what I gotta do in order to get my setup back...too much time and effort on setup to lose it and/or to start over. My email is eli0569@gmail.com. Please contact me and let me know what I gotta do to get it back and TIA. Eli Edited by Lordmonkus
  3. Great work so far...I have an old setup that I had downloaded called TATe Vertical using hyperspin...if ya want to take a look at it and see how the creator setup it up and maybe you use it with RL to continue your work...hit me up and let me know if ya want the setup...here is my email: eli517@hotmail.com and I can upload it to MEGA and you can get it from there...
  4. Excellent work and thanks for all your hard work!!!
  5. thank you for the quick response. Here is the list of some of the systems that I am looking for: Sega Dreamcast Indies Sega Dreamcast Homebrew Sega Dreamcast Shumps Sega Ages Phillips Videopac + Phillips Videopac + G7400 NEC PC-8801 and PC-9801 Nintendo MSU-1 NEC PC-FX, Turbo Grafx-16, and Turbo Grafx-CD Entex Adventure Vision Epoch Super Cassette Vision Gulk Video Entertainment System Dendy Bandai Super Vision 8000 3D NES NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx Nintendo WiiWare Wads Sega Tec Toy Sufami Turbo Acorn Electron Apogee BK-01 BBC Microcomputer System Camputers Lynx Dragon 32/64 Lutro Sharp MZ-2500 and X68000 Microsoft MSX Series Some of these are probably going to show up for other users as well. Please no rush on these and I totally understand as per your reply... thanks in advance Eli
    Awesome idea and execution. I look forward to the rest of the systems to be added. thanks for sharing and your great work.
  6. The pics that you have shown in the thread is awesome but have they been added to the original download file or will ya put them on a seperate file label with the computer name or simply a version number? How would you prefer we request systems to add via list/request or one by one? Please let me know cause I have several systems/console/arcade/etc. to request for and thanks for the great work. Eli
  7. eli517

    Best light guns?

    Wait for the new ones coming soon...
  8. These are awesome and thanks for making and sharing. Keep up the great work and look forward to more media from ya!!
  9. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but how do I install these bezels in to Retroarch? I am a bit of a Noob when it comes to installing bezels into Retro. Any help is appreciated. Great work with the bezels. They look great!! Again Thanks Eli
    Love this intro video...Awesome!!!
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