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  1. I am using the latest available Mame rom set which is .231 recently. This was not happening before 11.11 I believe. Like I said I came across another person on Reddit with the same issue where the clones are being skipped regardless of the option to not skip clones being selected. It seems that that option is being ignored now and is stuck on skipping clones when more than one rom is being imported unless the clone is the only one being imported at that time. I pick a parent / clone pair when importing an individual game (I usually just want the North America version to be my default) and the
  2. I just posted about this on Reddit when I came across a post with the same issue I am having until I found this one here too. Also in my case my roms are all together in one directory for arcade roms that use Mame and not in seperate folders for each game, so that is not a factor either. Only the chd files are in sub folders using the rom names within that directory as that is how Mame works. I am having the same issue with Mame imports recently. it was working fine before. I found the workaround is to first let it import the parent rom normally (do not select combine matching titles
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