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  1. ClassicGMR

    eXoDOS v4

    Nice! I'm still on V2 from IPT
  2. I use 8bitdo SN30 (the one without the analog sticks). Love these.
  3. Just in case you don't follow the single-board scene or hadn't heard yet: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/ Very happy we didn't have to wait until 202 for a Pi 4. Up to 4GB RAM, USB 3.0 and an updated 1.5 GHz processor. Same GPU but this one is reported to run GLES 3.x drivers so it will be able to do more.
  4. TL;DR - It's not a failing of the front-end it's the file names themselves. I ran into a lot of this when I set up as well. I found that it was the naming convention used in my romsets. My romsets are 10-20 years old in some cases - Atari 2600 come to mind - so the naming conventions have standardized since then (IE: No-Intro sets). Depending on your source you may have to rename the image in the title field or just use a key word from the title, select the LaunchDB title from the dropdown list, click "Search for Metadata" then click "Download Images". You can use tools like clrmamepro and gamebase to rename the actual rom files before you import them but I have never used these tools personally.
  5. ClassicGMR

    Arcade Ambience

    I think I'm missing a setting somewhere. So n00b question time!! Is there a place in the settings to add an mp3 to play while in the menus? I have used GameEx for years and one feature is I can set "Arcade Ambience" to play in the background. (Example I have an mp3 file of this.) When the game launches the mp3 file stops. When the front end reloads the mp3 file starts again. If I can't no big deal. If I can I'd like to know how. Thank you!
  6. '72 here. I understand this is an emulator thread but when I am NOT emulating I am playing on real hardware with loader carts - Harmony cart, Krikzz carts, LTO Flash, etc - on a Sony CRT I found on Craigslist. (Most people say they found them for free but around here no one gives anything away... I paid $20 and it was well worth it.) As for emulators the only reason I use RetroArch is when I am forced to. RetroPie makes RetroArch easy so it is the one I use for the most part on my 3B+. On any PC I use standalone emulators such as FCEUX, Stella and ePSXe. They are what I have always used and what I am used to so I know how to make them do what I want. This is the whole point anyway isn't it? I'm old so I'm getting crotchety and "I like what I like damn it!" 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Nostalgia requires multiple BIOS files to work. I am running Nostalgia 5 on 4 different systems with no trouble. In Nostalgia's home directory I have: - ecs.bin - Entertainment Computer System EXEC-BASIC (1978) (Mattel) [!].bin - exec.bin - Executive ROM, The (1978) (Mattel).bin - GROM, The (1978) (General Instruments) [!].bin - grom.bin - IntelliVoice BIOS (1981) (Mattel).bin - ivoice.bin - MiniExec.bin - MiniGrom.bin - Sears Super Video Arcade BIOS (1978) (Sears) [!].bin Not sure if you need ALL of these but it certainly isn't hurting me any. EDIT : By the way... if you don't have one yet you should take a look at the vision-daptor. I use a Sears controller and a Flashback controller on my PC and it's great. Nothing like using an authentic controller and overlays! Just something to check out.
  8. So this seems to work! I have opened about a dozen Lynx and 2600 games - alternating between the two platforms - and every time focus has returned to Big Box after a few seconds. I'm going to add a few more platforms and I will update again later but this seems to do the trick! Thank you @jayjay! EDIT: I added TG-16 and NeoGeo Pocket Color to Big Box and it's working fine. Watching this execute in LaunchBox it seems you pushed the cursor to the Search box and started a search? Very slick. EDIT2: Final update - I have added roughly 9 more systems to Big Box so far and this works every time. Thank you!
  9. Yes I did try the "Hide all windows" checkbox. I also tried the downloads listed here and here. I saw some modded code in this post but wasn't sure what to do with it so I admit I didn't try that. EDIT: I realized the "modded code" was for the ahk file jayjay posted so I tried them all. Nothing changed unfortunately.
  10. Hi! New to the forums and to LaunchBox. I purchased a subscription based on what I saw from videos online (Thanks ETA!) and I like what I see. Now I am not new to emulation at ALL. Everything I run works fine in Windows 10, GameEx and EmulationStation. Emulators are not the problem. I also know how to search but looking at the forum search for "focus" see a decent amount of recent topics based on Big Box not regaining focus in Windows. People have noted they have to click into it or ALT+TAB to regain focus. Trouble is most of the topics posted have zero replies. So here's my $0.02: - I like what I see and I want this to work. But it doesn't. ☹️ - This is a brand new install as of 3 days ago so I am running the newest version. My registration file is in the directory and I see my name in the upper right corner of LaunchBox so no issue there. - I am running Windows 10 64-bit on an HP EliteBook 2760p with 8GB RAM and an i7 2.8GHz processor. As stated I run GameEx and EmulationStation on this system with zero issues. - When I launch a game from Big Box and return Big Box is "frozen" because it doesn't have focus. I have to click the mouse or ALT+TAB to get functionality back. I have Stella running Atari 2600 and Mednafen for Atari Lynx. Both emulators run fine and when I press ESC they exit to a "stuck" Big Box. I haven't tested anything else yet until I figure this out. Is someone looking into this? It seems to be a known issue but I haven't seen anything that says "Here is the fix" so sorry if I missed it. If there is one point me to it and I'll give it a go! Thank you!
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