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  1. Curious, did you try the X-input mode instead on your RRM stick?
  2. Thanks Koroth. Keyboardback did the trick. I had mine set to '21'.
  3. It has been several months since I've needed to make changes to BigBox. Somehow I must have disabled the 'back' button to avoid someone getting into my config by mistake. I can't seem to figure out how to re-enable it. My settings.xml shows it mapped as '2'. However, hitting two (or any button) has no effect. <ControllerContextMenuButton>2</ControllerContextMenuButton Can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. How does one get background music playing on a per game basis?
  5. I figured as much but thought to ask. Thanks for confirming.
  6. When I use MAME as my emulator the Game Startup Themes work fine. When I switched to RocketLauncher they don't. I've check the box to enable them within Launchbox -> Edit Emulators. Has anyone else gotten this to work?
  7. Does BigBox/Launchbox support game themes that are zip files with theme.xml? Or is it only mp4 videos? I've been trying but not successfully in using some of my HS themes for some that I don't have mp4 files.
  8. That worked as well! Is there a way to override the game theme sounds? Example, in hyperspin I had some mp3 files that played. "I wish" By Skee Lo plays when I select NBA Jam (as example). I tried putting the sound files in Music\<Platform> to no avail. Thanks for the help again!
  9. YESSSSS! That is what I was looking for. Thanks for your help. Another noob question. How can I bypass the "Play Game" sub menu? When I click a game on the wheel I want it to automatically play.
  10. Ok, so I was able to alter the view to get the same wheel (thanks!) By selecting "use background video" I am able to get a full screen version of the game themes. However, they are faded since they are being used as a background. Is there anyway to make avoid them being shown as a background (and faded)?
  11. Hello - I've spent countless hours configuring Hyperspin (like many). I have my MAME cab configured exactly the way I like it with HS. However, I wanted to give Launchbox/Big Box a shot for a few reasons. 1) HS is not actively being developed any longer 2) WIth HS, I frequently hit some bugs that frustrate me and crash my front end or force me to reboot my PC. I bit the bullet and bought BigBox. (I really wish there was a BB trial.) I really like the game logos for wheel scrolling and the full screen game themes that I have with HyperSpin. Currently with the Unified Redux and others, the individual game video themes show inside a smaller box. The game titles show with text instead of the clear logos even though I have the PNG files downloaded. I'm also not a fan of box art or marquees (just my preference) so I can live without those. Basically I'm looking to recreate the HS look and feel but take advantage of the BigBox active community, updates and easy config. I really do like the product, I'm just seeking a really simple setup. Any help is much appreciated! BigBox Hyperspin
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