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  1. @viking Platform wheels #9 and #2 are absolutely gorgeous. The more minimal, and the less clutter, the easer it is for a non-technical user to walk up and make sense of it. It may be completely irrelevant for this group, but I do find Bigbox performance to be a major concern, since most users still cannot keep their Bigbox instance running longer than a day without it stuttering, or being unresponsive. I haven't tested if that issue is related to themes themselves, but I think it's a huge barrier to adoption.
  2. Thank you both for all of your work on this amazing theme! I just downloaded it from the Theme Updater, and did a quick once-over on all the platforms to check for color mismatches. Here’s what I found. Platform video color mismatch: NEO GEO CD Taito Type X Amstrad CPC Commodore Amiga CD32 Mattel Intellivision MSX / MSX2 Nintendo Pokémon Mini Sammy Atomiswave Sega Genesis Sega Naomi I downloaded all of the correct platform videos for this manually from the download page for this theme.
  3. @faeran @viking Thank you both for all of your work. This is still the best theme for Bigbox, and I'm looking forward to all of the tweaks you make from here forward. On the transition timing that your family was too impatient for: How about halving the transition time? I personally think you're spot-on with the design, and even most of the transition details, but you could certainly add speed.
  4. IMG_0796.MOV I may have stumbled onto something regarding the platform wheel transition stuttering that others have mentioned. I don't really have the required technical expertise to be ultra clear, so please bear with me. While switching between platforms using "colorful platform wheel 2" (on 3 different computers, all with different specs), I experience a hanging-up in the background color image while it stretches across rightward to cover the screen. Essentially it stops moving for a moment, then continues on. I noticed that if I change from VLC to Windows Media Player, it clears up the stutter, but replaces it with a quick black-out, followed by a quick image pop-in, seemingly at the exact same point in the transition where it would normally get hung-up using VLC. I'm wondering if someone could test this to determine if the transition stutter is related to the video player, and if so, could we use that to find a way to eliminate the stutter?
  5. It's strange, but I can't seem to get the color code to apply for the newly added platform after modifying both the themer.dll and the colors.dll as usual. All of the syntax seems to line up with everything else. 1. Created the new platform in Launchbox 2. Added the theme video to my theme videos folder (Colorful Light) with the platform name 3. Updated the themer.dll, and the colors.dll 4. Copy/paste .dll files to all 3 versions of Colorful theme just in case Anyone else test this out yet?
  6. @OdinsPlayground These look fantastic! Thank you! Do you happen to have the color codes handy for Atomiswave and Naomi?
  7. Thanks again! Most of the platform wheel 2 images appear to be working again. Several of the more recently added platforms are showing a green box now, and it doesn’t appear that changing the color codes using the dll still works. Any suggestions?
  8. This is fantastic! Thank you @faeran and @Jason Carr! Do we need to take any steps to apply the fix?
  9. Uh oh! Looks like launchbox 11.14 does still have an issue with the Colorful theme. As before on the 13.x betas, all of the platform wheel 2 themes now have gray boxes next to them when they load. Are we out of luck?
  10. Reverted to 11.2 and it’s working fine! Thank you!
  11. Just a heads up Viking, the Colorful theme platform wheel 2 looks like it broke in the last several days. All of the areas to the left of the main image are gray when they transition in.
  12. I'm honestly still stuck between v1 and v4.2. V1 is great, but I feel like the elements aren't large enough. If it filled more page space, it might be the best. The concept of the white selection highlight extending from the white area on the right is a great design, and it seems even cleaner/simpler than v4.2
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