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  1. Thanks again! Most of the platform wheel 2 images appear to be working again. Several of the more recently added platforms are showing a green box now, and it doesn’t appear that changing the color codes using the dll still works. Any suggestions?
  2. This is fantastic! Thank you @faeran and @Jason Carr! Do we need to take any steps to apply the fix?
  3. Uh oh! Looks like launchbox 11.14 does still have an issue with the Colorful theme. As before on the 13.x betas, all of the platform wheel 2 themes now have gray boxes next to them when they load. Are we out of luck?
  4. Reverted to 11.2 and it’s working fine! Thank you!
  5. Just a heads up Viking, the Colorful theme platform wheel 2 looks like it broke in the last several days. All of the areas to the left of the main image are gray when they transition in.
  6. I'm honestly still stuck between v1 and v4.2. V1 is great, but I feel like the elements aren't large enough. If it filled more page space, it might be the best. The concept of the white selection highlight extending from the white area on the right is a great design, and it seems even cleaner/simpler than v4.2
  7. I like 4.2 better than 4. It would probably handle weird box shapes better. Red year is a nice touch.
  8. There you go! Dump that color behind the logos in platform 3!
  9. Prefer textgamesview1. Platform4 looking very good.
  10. Still not sure about platform3. Too much going on. Might try removing the background colors from the scroll wheel, and just keeping the grey + clear logo? That would reduce clashing. I like where you were heading with this: If you change the green button to red like in the recent platform4, then maybe remove the duplicate image of the selected console on the right, then replace it with arrows maybe that could work? You could also play with the size of the images in the scroll wheel, make them larger and show less of them in both directions. Just thinking out loud.
  11. This is semi irrelevant, but here’s my current custom build. Feel free to remove this since it isn’t directly to the point of the thread. Only posting because it shows how insanely good this theme looks with a modern, mono-color cabinet around it. One thing I’ve noticed as a possible design rule is: the fewer borders, the higher contrast with the cabinet around it.
  12. I like the proportions of the main image on platform3, but the colors of the side wheel clash with one another. Platform4 fixes the above problem with the white area, so I think it looks good, and better than 3 overall. I have the same criticism of the up/down arrows as zetec, even in the current version of the theme. Those arrows seem to stand out from the theme more than they need to. Very nice work overall. I need to look more closely at the game wheels before commenting. Thank you for all of your work! By far the best theme out there..
  13. These are awesome! Perhaps some color codes as well? Thank you!
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